• War of the Worlds


    "Seven riders left the city at dusk by the western gate was not guarded" ... [Jean Raspail]  


    Penn ar bed


    These "men" [and "Hosts"] who believe "Gods"

    Chivalrous Tradition tells us about a Combat LORD.

    It is the conflict of "Man" Promethean [Terran or No]

    [Ancient Greek "Prometheus" means "Anticipating" ie "Calculator" or the "Great Computer" from the "Spirit of the Beehive"]

    ... Against the "Son of the Divine" [Earthlings or No]

    This is the War "Gods", that of "Men" who, like the ancient Greeks, claim it is the men who created all "gods" and not the reverse

    [ie the "Men" who think they are "God"]

    ... And it's also the war conducted by

    the "Luciferian" [Lucifer = Lightbringer]

      those who carry the Light that shines only in the Outer Darkness [in Thick]

    Fruit of the Light "Tree borescence ..."

    [... Beautiful Tree ... By Essence ...] of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (horizontal linear dialectical materialist in Binary Human)


    Larbre de la Connaissance


    External is the Light that shines only by reflecting that of the "Moon" ...

    ... Versus

    ... Of the Flame Bearers



    Blason du Verbe


     those who are the "doors" of the flame that shines in the Darkness Inside [the subtle]

    This is the Fire of Fruit "Tree borescence ..." [Tree ... Beautiful ... By Essence ...] of Life (the vertical development ... spiral in the Divine Breath Trinitarian)


    Larbre de la Connaissance


    it is also the Solar Internal Flame shining every "Eclipse" Lunar Light


    Viat Viatores


    This war, which began with the "Night Time" and end the "Last Day of Revelation" [this is what John of Patmos called "Apocalypse"]

    Its "Land Transaction" the "totality of the Universe and the Worlds"

    and is present on Earth as in the immensity of spaces of Heaven


    L'Amour Est la Force


    War of the Worlds

    But there is another dimension to this conflict, and our "Myths" that make [Reveal enlighten and] our "History" evidenced, too, as many stories and legends in all Traditions Peoples of the Earth.

    It is that of the Invasion of Creatures "Infra World" [and it is this that "Under behind" all the others and that is the Root of Evil Modern]

    They have been known since forever, and in ancient times were called "Tarascan" as "Manticore" mentioned by Pliny quoting Ctesias in his Natural History;

    it is a "Monster Hybrid"

    "... With a triple row of teeth that mesh comb, face and human ears, glaucous eyes, color of blood, a lion's body, tail armed with a dart like a scorpion, a high speed and a taste for human flesh ... "[cf. Wilkipedia ... Note on Tarasque Robert Dumont]

    This kind of mythical creature disturbingly reminiscent of the modern new creatures that come, more and more, our "Modern Visitors" [not only] "Celestial" [not only] aliens and invading with the "UFO" our "Vital Space "like the famous:


    The Chupacabra (for "goat sucker" in Spanish) is a creature that is described by witnesses as having red eyes, two holes for nostrils, a mouth with protruding teeth up and down and would be covered black hair. According to some it looks like a bat or alleged alien Roswell;

    [property named "Little Grey" by Jimmy Guieu saying:

    "If you see a UFO ... Camp Get out! "" Or [and if you can] The Shoot! "]dropoff window

    it is part of popular culture throughout Latin America. The animal would feed by sucking the blood of farm animals such as goats or cows by perfectly circular holes in the neck to the cerebellum killing the animal causing no pain. [cf. Wilkipedia]

    or as famous:

    "Zombies" Albino with red eyes, more known as MIB or WIB for "Men in Black" and "Women in Black", which are actually creatures "polymorphs" and that have nothing to envy "Antiques Tarascs" [and other Incubus Succubus and and "Men Butterflies" (instead of "Night")] and accompanying "Apparitions" of "Flying Saucers".

    Tradition transmitted by the "Elders, Ancestors and Elders" of the Orden of Chivalry recalls those "Nightmare Creatures"

    and precise origin "Commune" with those who populate "Infra World", and that the ancient Greeks called "The Hell" and "Invade" Our World [see about investigative journalism of John. A Keel "The Mothman Prophecies" 1975].

    Le Bort


    Weapon of Massive Invasion

    Here are excerpts of a text of 16/10/2009 on "Predators" which joins the design is that of our tradition:

    "... The consciousness of man is constantly violated by foreign energy incursions be called inorganic humoral changes perceived as more or less powerful, this dark entity is able to substitute his consciousness to ours, to exacerbate the worst ... [and] to feed its fatal effects ... "

    "... [They] operate on a normal man while he believe act on its own will. Man, aware of the furtive presence of foreign energy, captures, but retains his own will. do you even lift

    "... It is our whole world would be infected, disconnected from the creative source and manipulated ... [and] oppressed insane, immersed in an earthly hell ... [by] cursed and dark spirits ... [which also have their disposal of weapons of mass destruction capable of causing "disturbances" of the fragile balance "Climate tectonic geo"] ... "

    ... Creation is based on predation and parasitism. Behavior and consciences are invested by fear and survival instinct. It is neither man nor nature that must be challenged, it is a foreign symbiote would have infected our minds and manipulates reality so that it becomes a hell. ...dropoff Window

    ... These demons devouring worlds sinking ... lead us to reflect on the assumption that the human soul is really noisy, it would be manipulated by a hidden and mysterious power that would prove to be our curse. These parasitic entities have infiltrated us and have given our mind its routine hand, repetitive, obsessive, fearful, greedy, violent, and calculating ... [and] are the culprits of our existential alienation ... [that is to combat the Holy Apostolic Roman Inquisition was created before Being in turn the victim]

    These are sometimes called alien predators Tricksters ... Lizards Demon or Arkontaï in Greek. The Toltecs describe them as heavy creatures, dark and elusive. The most common names that are assigned their 'Creatures of the Shadow, Simulacra' '[spirits Malins Liars and Cheats].

    Le Cerveau Reptilien


    It is they who are pushed humanity to show a greater propensity for aggressive behavior, territorial, imperialistic, cold, forcing the man to live always in fear of an attack or a threat.

    These are the traits [of these "parasites"] they would have given man mimicking his conquering and carnivorous strength of territorial expansion and its genocidal doctrine of eliminating the less fit ...

    ... The human psyche is so noisy, and this invasion is primarily mental and psychological nature, it may be that we're also physically assaulted ...

    ... These predatory entities are known to sometimes remove the souls night [they] cause deadly panic which paralyzes the body, then they appear in threes, the usual tactic of those fleeting shadows is first paralyze and then d infiltrate the mind of the human subject. This is an accurate descriptions of modern kidnappings by sleep paralysis Aliens [the usernames Occupants Abductions by UFOs through "Missing Times" and "Missing Spaces"] ...

      ... The men of old had realized that if they opposed the mind parasites ... [by] their mind a kind of empty silence of the mind, the foreign settlement disappeared after years of effort and controls, confirming the origin of this external intrusion. The hidden entity, the worst predator of the universe, we ready, without our knowledge, his conscience for us to do acts to exacerbate our self-contemplation, which will generate our Energy Bursts which will feed Entity ...

    ... In other words, the awareness that a foreign spirit can operate a stranglehold on our mind becomes perfectly clear and certain that when the intrusion has been identified, unmasked and expelled ...

    To cope with the immense complexity of the intrusion, clarity and concentration are indispensable assets. Human resistance to their intrusion depends on the inner attitude and mental discipline is sobriety Warrior ... [the Propugnator (one who defends, supports and protects) the Fighter, the Bellator, the Strong and Knight]

    ... Human traits attributed to this deviation, by a foreign implantation, are envy, lust, jealousy, hatred, vanity and arrogance are considered the main characteristics of the infection [infestation or contamination possession] ...

    [... Cf.Wikipédia novusordoseclorum.discutforum.com/t3714p3-enquete-sur-les-enlevement alien]


      In light of this text, and given that these "Inorganic and Symbiotic Creatures" grow and feed on the "emotions" of the Human Psyche or Animale, we understand why and how "Mass Extinctions" the "War of Extermination and Disasters and Conflicts Bloody Murderers", the "Genocide", the "Holocausts" and "mutilation and the Sacrifices Sacrifices Rituals" are generated by "Beings Diabolique"!



    De sable, au chappé-chaussé, accosté en pointe d'un chaussé, le tout courbé d'or

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