• Temporal Capsules

    Waves of Time

    Les Vagues du Temps



    The Mysteries of Time


    We often forget that, as Space, Time multidimensional; and like him a length, a height and depth.


    Its duration is its length, its height and its Scope Depth its direction. [Cf. empirically feel of "Out of Time" or "Time is Bounded and which as a Stop Frontier"]


    Utinam Remora


     Utinam remora


    The Time Travel


    Space of time it forms what Orden of Chivalry called "Continuum" or "Time Dutchman" [Ship Temporal equity method of Space Ship] and it is this "Time Space" traveling [Cf. empirically: the printing of different "Lengths of Time" or "Time span Differently, which speeds up or slows down"]


      The "Sas Temporal"


    These are the "Gravitational Time Well" that meet the "Calls Air" of acausalité [convergences qualitative and friendly parties] and the empreintent "Communicating Vases" determinism [opportunity of mutual optimization or Concordance time] [Cf. empirically when two "Space Time" joined: the sensation of "Déjà Vu" where "Premonition"]


    Waves Songs from Above and from Below

    (Les Ondes Cantiques " The Quantum Wave"

    d'An "Year" Haut et d'An "Year" Bas)


    Les Ondes Cantiques d'An Haut et d'An Bas


    Temporal Capsules


    They come to us from all the "lines or strings of Time" before and after, back and front; from the outside and from the inside, and even parallel, by "Sas Temporal" [Cf. empirically: Synchronisité experiences or "Meaningful Coincidence" and even "Intuition"]


    Usually obviously the content of these "Capsules Temporal" is encoded as the "sign" or "signal" used by the "capsule" [language directly perceptible; or indirectly, in this case an "interpretive release" is required as symbolic equivalence or analogy for example]


    The correct interpretation of this kind of "message" is sometimes difficult, even if it helps us, to guide us or we decide - more often than elsewhere generally believed - [and strong "Or ... door ... nu ... magnet "the integration process is frequently" A Conscious ... ":" subconscious "or" Supconscient "according to the mode of" letting go "or" experienced "and" sense ":" Dreamlike ""poetics", "reflective" or "contemplative"]


    But as we get them, we can also make and the "influence" on the course of events; This is also what we do without even realizing it, by "throwing" in the past [remember the process that allows for example to integrate a "passive"] or in the future [voluntary imaginary process that helps us plan a goal]


    Faith that moves mountains

    Tradition transmitted by the elders, the ancestors and elders of the Orden of Chivalry advance even the existence of "Supers Capsules Temporal" we could design and use: as "Time Ships"

     Banneret ondé d'azur et d'argent au Hie de sable

    [comparable to what some have called also "egregores or thought forms"]


    allowing us to "Surfer" on "Waves of Time" [fields of Quantum Waves] and move into their "Spaces" ...


    It would also be possible: to act thus directly on the physical world,


    [we obviously think of all the phenomena called "paranormal" or "miraculous"]


    to control the course of time,


    [certain beings have the reputation of escape "Year ... Taken" Time]


    or also isolate certain regions or cities,


    [like these kingdoms or missing legendary cities, "like" the mythical city of Ys which would have been swallowed up in the "Sea"... off ... Time ! ? ].


    The City of El

    (La Cité...d'El =  The Citadel)


    La Cité...d'El


    If the Legacy of the Past Traditional us offers - generously -


    [Cf. the corpus of all Tales and Fairy]


    This is, without doubt, that we, in our turn, dispose ... sure ... a Beautiful Day ... maybe tomorrow ...


    in the future ... that's for sure !


    Dregs Eras To Ases

    (Lie...les...ères...aux...ases = Dregs the Hares to Hases "and Ases")


    Lie...les...ères aux...ases


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