• Knightly Combat



    (L'Arme = The Weapon)




    Knight [Completed] of Orden leads to both Combat Secular and Regular, in this "World" [visible] and in the "Other World" [invisible] [this is the true nobility Sword and Gown] :


    The Mercy


    La Miséricorde


     Saint Bernard of Clairvaux points out in his prologue to the Knights :

    "The nature of the Double Combat is against" flesh and blood "... but also against" beings of wicked spirits "[spread on the land as in heaven]

    ... A new kind of militia was born, say, on earth, in the same country as the Rising Sun came to visit from the heavens, so that even where it dispersed, his powerful arm ... [dark princes, the sword of the brave militia soon shall destroy the satellites, I mean children of infidelity. It will buy back the people of God, and will push for us the horn of salvation in the house of David his son (Luke. I, passim). Yes, it is a militia of a new kind, unknown to the past centuries to combat relentlessly double battle against flesh and blood, against the spirits of wickedness spread in the air ...] "... [Book Saint Bernard Knights of the Temple Praise their New Militia]


    The Rotunda of Temple


    La Rotonde du Temple


    [also recall that the commitment of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary of Jerusalem goes beyond Death]


     Cross Teutonic                              Flared Cross of Sable


     Croix Teutonique    

    Croix pattée de sable




    ... And that "... In Globe" All Other Worlds [Totality of the plurality of worlds "Manned"].

    For, indeed, Tradition Chivalrous reveals the existence of the "World" of "Infra World" and "Supra World" which occur in all dimensions of the "Khronos" of the "Kairos" and "Kosmos" and accessed via the "Arcs in Heaven."

    This is the representation Heraldic Coat:

    the "All" on the "All of Everything"



    Écusson de gueules sur le tout d’or ; le tout sur le tout d’argent.

    The Knight is committed in the three forms of war that correspond to each of the "Multiple" Spheres of the Universe, they:

    ... Small Holy War

    [commitment to Silver Sword Apprentice Knight Physics on map]

    ... Great Holy War

    [commitment to Golden Sword Knight Companion on the Semantic Map]

    ... And Holy War

    [commitment to the Sword of Gueules (the Gueules = Red Heraldry) Master Knight Theurgical on the map]


    D’azur à trois épées posées en Chrisme, la première en barre aiguisée en pointe d’argent, la deuxième en bande aiguisée en chef d’or brochant ; et la troisième posée en pal aiguisée en chef de gueules ; sur-brochant.




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