• Practical exercise heraldic No. 4


    Steel of Sages (La Scie...des Sages = L' Assy des Sages) 


    La Scie des Sages

    Before you go further and take your flight to infinity [and his beyond] we need to solve our own coat of arms and answer to enigmatic the famous question of the sphinge :

    What is the being that walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening ?

    Four bearers of the Good News we tend, again, their arms [legs or wings].

    Listen to them, because they have the right answer :

    You must learn to walk straight, straighten you, to raise you up to Vivant.

      [Figure 1 the 4 living]

    In other words, if we well follow


    We must:


    The first phase

    We rectified, that is to say subdue the wild hydra of our survival instincts of demonization and possession, put under the yoke the furious bull of our personal appetites and our individualities, tame our wild and unconscious nature that controls us capillarization, and trace the path of our harmonious existence in lucid and fraternal solidarity of the living.  Become reconciled with oneself and communing to others: it is the bodily works of the sulfur to black of brute prima materia, That of the philosophers and of Taurus.


    In the second phase

    Wash with plenty of water our stables by impregnation with philosophical washings to evacuate and dissolve our residuals scorias, and gradually cover us from our brilliant new clothes of pura prima materia, by walking towards the most subtle areas of the being, and receive the wet radical of soul Immaculate,  and will soon fix with the Eagle: celestial gold of spirit: It is the work philosophic mercurielle to the white.


    In the third phase

    To bathe us in the regenerative water of fire, to distil, refine and volatilize our metallic water in the invigorating heat and in the scarlet flame of her maw [red] of the big Lion "Eve ... Floor (touch/brush)" The Lion is also the symbol of the Resurrection because it awakens in the life its stillborn youngs by roaring out] by absorption: it is the work Philosophical saline to the red.


    In the fourth stage

    Multiply, in quality and in quantity, our materia sublima and transmute her in pyroxène of sinople [so noble ...] crystalline, warm and radiant, vitalized by the spraying of breath renovator of the Verb Celestial ...  of Purpura of the blower and elixir of youth [Figure 2 the Purpura]

    We have "benefaction" to listen to them and hear them, because with the infancy of the art of heraldry and this woman's work with shield in the bath of the four elements of tinctures: earth, water, fire and air we have realized the fusion of the three bodies: sulfur, mercury and salt, and we have managed to marry the two opposite and complementary natures.

    In a next heraldic exercise, we shall change approach and we shall get acquainted with these new friends and partners of road, our chimeras, which will guide us on our way of the Milky Way stars; as have just done : The Winged Bull, the Griffon and the sphinx, That we have just met.

    [Figure 1 The 4 living]  

    Practical exercise heraldic No. 4


    [Figure 2 the Purpura]

    Practical exercise heraldic No. 4