• The War to the Religion


     The Alliance




    The Only Religion

    According to the "Ancient Ancestors and Elders" of the Orden of Chivalry ... there is one and only one :

    "Revealed Religion"

    [Religion comes from the Latin "Religare" = "Connect" after St. Augustine ... "what connects and unites," "what Connects to God alone"]


    [from the Latin "Unus Versus" = "Shot in [and to] One who is the All which is God ...]

    that of "the Church"

    [Church in Greek ekklesia = = Assembly of the Faithful]


    of The Christ

    La Sainte Face du Saint Suaire du Christ


    in other words the Assembly of those who remained faithful to Christ

    [and whose Sphere Sovereignty is not limited to that of Globe but "Includes" Totality of "Our Universe" and "Other Universe"].

    Other "schools of thought" that is as "religious" / or claim to be "Religions"

    are the worst "Heresies or apostasy" and "least worst" of "Ethical or Metaphysical Movements"

    [addressing issues raised by the philosophy of psychology ontology cosmology and theology in an attempt to arrive at answers to how they bypassed or diverted]

    but when they openly use a "Front" and "Religious Appearance"

    [organized around a "syncretism" Arab-Hebrew beliefs or complicated oriental uses docétismes and Arianism]

    it becomes clear that it is for "better" satisfy their ambitions and "bullet" "sit" hegemony of


    [on souls and minds and hearts]

    and "consolidate"

    an "Empire" or "Possession" or "Power"

    "Politico Economy"

    [Unduly Religious and Lay Falsely because Snatchers]


    The other Infidels New Religion

    See what already said St. Bernard in his time:

    [Referring to Other infidels who come in multiple forms]

    "... This must be added today Philosophies Sectarian, Atheists Materialists, do not hesitate to treat them as much Vain elements Dividers ...".

    These "Dialecticians Materialists" even with a new weapon is "secret", adopting a "true religion Cartesian" atheist and positivist: the "Sacro Saint Dogma" Scientific Theories;

    [theories must nevertheless be constantly Revised not to become too quickly Obsolete]

    and inseparable corollary: the "belief" to "Wonderful" their "Miracles Technology".

    [which very often a tendency to "transmute" fatally terrible "Curses"]

    This "New Religion" of modern times, however, becoming more and more "followers".

    No wonder that, in an era of "bankruptcy" and "credit loss" of "fact" religious, political, and economic.

    [desert and where we "fast" churches polling stations, and where we also quickly empty the boxes and bank accounts]

    "Enthusiasts" "or Disciples Servile" which will therefore be "faith" blindly to the new "Priest";

    [self-proclaimed expert or recognized as such by his peers]

    and this more easily when it is in a "varnish" pseudo-scientific.

    Thus the "Sciences" Men have become the last bastion ... [the general disruption]


    Crusade Anti Religion

    This ideology "Invasive and Dominant" seems to almost unanimously to propose "Hypothesis" of existence, not of God but of "Gods" that would be the "real" creators of civilization, and even of humanity, as "Super Scientists" an extraterrestrial origin.


     Alias Extraterrestrial  Otherworldliness


    Le pseudo angélisme extraterrestre


    [these new "mages", a very exotic kind would also be responsible (for reasons deeply "Obscure" and for once, very "Occult") of all the wonders and "decoys", including false appearances celestial or terrestrial, whether in the form of "flying saucer" in appearance "religious" or others]

    ... As long as this new "paradigm Religious Scientifico" materializes on the occasion of an "official contact", some call for all their "vows" and consider, already now, as inevitable and this in the future very close;

    [about this, and for the record, here Dmitry Medvedev, former President and current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, along with many other "experts" and "authorities" of political and military and scientific worlds and even religious at its Russian TV interview of December 11, 2012 has accredited the reality of "threats" Extra Terrestrial Origin, indeed, when a reporter asked if the aliens exist he answers :

    "... I tell you for the first and last time. On his arrival in power, the President is issued in addition to the nuclear briefcase, file Special Top Secret. In this file there as info about aliens who came to our planet. To this is added a report on the Ultra-Secret Service that deals with the control of aliens on Earth. At the end of your presidency, you give this information to your successor. If you want more information on this, I suggest you watch the movies "Men in Black" (Russian documentary films that have nothing to do with the famous "parodies" US). however, I will not tell you how much they are among us, because it may cause panic among the population ... "].




    Les Luminaires


    [and For the proponents or "supporters" of the thesis of these pseudo-angelic aliens] the "plague" of "religious superstition" would be finally and definitively eradicated ...]

    [of the Earth's surface and even the Totality of the Universe!?]

    And really, it should not be a very big "Cleric" to realize and finally understand that the "anti religion war" is not about to end, and that she has a "bright future" [at least it is the wish of his supporters] whatever, on earth , Alien, or Infra-Terrestrial ...


    War of the Worlds


    La Guerre des Mondes

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