• Invasion or Migration


    The Universal key

    (La Clef Univers...Scelle = The Key Universe...Seal)

    La Clef Univers...scelle



    This is a sure full of admiration point

    The top and the bottom is that the same thing:

    To one in all enclosed world,

    Wonderful effects of adaptation.


    With one has done everything meditation

    And for parents, matrix, and nurse, he is asked,

    Phoebus, Diane, air, and earth, which is based,

    This thing lying all perfection.


    If we moved the earth he has his whole force:

    Separated by great art, but easy,

    The subtle from the gross, and the land of fire.


    It rises from the earth to heaven, and earth,

    It descends from Heaven, receiving little by little,

    The virtues of both that it encircles his belly.


    [The Secretum Secretorum]






    The Clash of Civilizations


    The last fifty years, a powerful intellectually "lobby" managed to impose - against the evidence of UFO facts themselves - the dominant concept [if not the dogma] extraterrestrial contact that can only be positive, ameliorative : for Humanity ; and this, for one simple reason, the moral, and ethical elevation, always go hand in hand with scientific and technological progress.


    [from "the new philosophers" pretext : that to solve - not least that the problems related to the difficulties of interstellar travel - for which "more superior intelligence" would be required ... and given that this intelligence, supreme gasoline, would ipso facto: synonymous with exemplary morality ... we would have absolutely nothing to fear from these "little gray men to" ... in other words, according to them, and if we follow the well, it would, indeed, of evil: to assess the degree of sympathy, or to imagine the level of "good will" towards us]


    [cf. the positions taken by astrophysicist Jean Pierre Petit - which nevertheless shines in many other areas - and arguments "space ... heaven" very "specious" supporters and defenders of the existence of the "Visitors" "homos - Ummites "or" homos "of the planet Ummo and" promotionneurs "of their pseudo model ideal society like" big brother "(oddly revamped 50 years [as the" Observers Hosts Men In Black "] related, no doubt, with their so-called arrival in France, near Mount White Horse [28 March 1950]; I almost, indeed, write 51: as the famous "hot zone"]!


    [evoke briefly about it (for the curious nature!) a significant coincidence: where "UFO mythology" seems to join the "signs ... internal" because, in fact, the apellation of "Area 51" has site designation on the map "Area 51" or "Area 51" or "Era 51", which was named "Paradise Ranch" and "Deamland" (to make it more attractive as the arrival on site professional) and so oddly, if anagram word "Area" or "Area" ("Era") phonetically we get the word "stop" (Aare and Arei), which gives "stop 51" or "Decree 51" and thus also "Age 51" which corresponds to a "number" very particular "5 and 1" (beautiful illustrator as the theory of "signatures"!), and a "significant marker" in analog logic of "geography of the sacred calendar" with the "51th" week of "the sacred year" that says, and points, the end of the year with the winter solstice the "December 21", we understand better and the "craze "rogue, fortunately, and only by a tiny minority of" great ... kill ... heaven "," ... in cults "and ignorant, and emotion (subconscious!) aroused by the date, December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar, which meant not "End of the World", but in reality, the arrival and the emergence of a new "Sun" or a new "era", prefiguring and announcing the date of 21 December 2014, two years later, that is, 730 days + late, because (according to this "science" of "sacred" numbers): 21 is the "glory" of 7, (ie: 21 is the "sacred cube" of the number 7: 7 x 3 = 777 = 21)]



    The most common assumption: logical consequence is of extraterrestrial scientists explorers, motivated by curiosity of discovery, and animated by the study and development of science; which would induce implicitly and necessarily, on their part, with the greatest respect for life in general, and collaboration, particularly, generous and unselfish, especially for all forms of life that would be "smart", like ours.


    The Diaspora


    La Diaspora


    How is such blindness possible ?


    [One hesitates, "Some...times" candid between naivety and passive complicity?] [and if you prefer (in the manner of Rémy Chauvin) the secptique: it is not the one who doubts everything, he it is that unsuspecting!]


    For how : can we ignore - at this point - the deeds and misdeeds of the "intelligent beings," we are yet all ! or to ignore as easily on the lessons of our own history ?


    Indeed, [especially modern] history shows always abundantly, and proved clearly :

    1 ... that "scientific intelligence" is not, by far, a "guarantee" of integrity and ethical evolution.


    The example of Robert Oppenheimer: American physicist [kneaded ambition] who distinguished himself in theoretical physics, then as scientific director of the Manhattan Project, and is considered, because of its leading role as the "father of the atomic bomb, "is, as such, sufficiently instructive and revealing emblematic ... or as that of the other" Child of the Devil "(as does not believe - surely - so say Jean Pierre Petit): Wernher von Braun American naturalized German engineer in 1955 ; and who, before becoming one of the main responsible for the space agency NASA, where he is considered a "genius" and pioneer in aerospace, and the "father" of the Saturn V rocket and lunar program Apollo; was previously, and from 1937, member of the Nazi party, and technical director of the test center Peenemünde: where he developed weapons of Nazi reprisals, like the famous Space Missile V2, 4000 copies were launched mainly in England, the Netherlands and Belgium in 1944 and 1945 [cf.Wilkiédia]


    And how not to remember ? :


    2 ... as in "Civilizations Shock" proponents: the "superiority" of science or technology, have a tendency to colonize see "génocider" those who hold a "lower" rank, such as consistently show "wars "colonial Protectorate, Operating or stand of the Americas, the Pacific, Africa [and elsewhere]


    On The  Sea Earth  as in Heaven


    Sur la Mer...Terre comme au Ciel


    Forgetting the Past : Ignore is the Future


    Now then, since there: alien migration, we can at least try to understand the "spring" powerful and the "mechanisms" in activity that underlie them, analyzing them first - those - which are best known to us, namely: Land migration; As there is true, it is always better and profitable to start with what is known, to try to understand, and to consider, more reasonable, which is unknown.


    Concerning the Earth and since time immemorial, it is undeniable that all living species migrate: plants, animals and men, and it is always, to ensure the survival of individuals of their species:


    by the acquisition of resources, to escape a "predatory" invasive, or to ensure a "living space".


    It is logical, and more than likely, that this rule of life and the law of "Secure - Life" are "Universal" and they apply to all species whether Infra - Extra - and land


    [cf. see, among others, the existence of "Multi-Worlds"; the works of Janine and Jacques Vallée, Mary Magdalene and Peter Berthault, Jean Sider and work and "experiments" GABRIEL Jeanne and Jean Giraud, of Hepta and Observatory parasciences that "hypothétisent" links of these "worlds" and parallel "problem ... my ... theme" UFOs]


    And to validate this "question", we turn now to the Tradition transmitted by the Orden of Chivalry, which gives us, once again, its relevant lighting, and we still offer his help: advising us of up the "Current" [Time] - like salmon - until his "Source".


    Let us imitate the "People of the Star", and "Périgrinons" as the "Children of the ball" up "Myth Founder": the "Sons Twin" of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel :


    The Scriptures indicate us that the first: Cain, who was sedentary [Farmer] is "substituted" the second Abel, which he said was Itinerant [breeder] Indeed, after the murder of his brother Abel


    [after giving up his vocation through excessive jealousy, ie vanity Abuse]


    The Scimitar

    (Le Cîme...Terre = Top...Earth)


    Le Cîme...Terre


    Cain was condemned by God to Nomadism :


    ["You will be a Wandering browsing the Earth"; Genesis I, 12]


    [The Lord said to him, If anyone kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any found not to kill him. Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod (Hebrew root "wandering"), on the east of Eden. (Genesis IV, 16) ... "To the east of Eden, James what else ?]


    Would it not, rather, in fact: the most probable attitude and "bad profile" of: "Those of Heaven" [aliens] who "Dropped" ... and who are openly in rebellion [by pride] with Universal Order of the Living,


    by taking: impunity - at first - for "Gods" [following their Master "Lucifer"] and assuming the "right" of Life and Death ...


    and that [the example of Cain] would now be "doomed" - in a second time - to roam, Worlds in Worlds [of Planets Planets, or if you prefer, of Lands Lands] to survive ?


    The Assault




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