• The Earth is Flat and the Centre of the Universe

     Foot of Lion


    Le Pied de Lion


    Creature or "Beast" of God


    To the ancients, the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry: Man does not need to evolve as he reached the summit from the start of its evolution in time that "being embodied" created "perfect" from the beginning by God, with a physical body, a sensitive soul and a spirit intelligible. And if God "allowed" "evil" is that it is just and right, as he offered his "human beings" created in his image [or likeness] his "free will" : his freedom and that of his individual choice. He is free to regress to the status of "animal-human" [or worse that of "golem" or "cyborg"]; or to rise to its full state "andros-kairos" or "man-angelic".


    [In other words since its "egocentric" fall [the wrong choice] man, always within reach, the right thing to do, with a "great room" progress, since God does not want the "death" of "fisherman "but his" resurrection "] and," If he Wants "Hic et Nunc, [here and now] it can" ... all the days "to the" choice "of" Bis-A ": 1 + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3 = (1 new) A].


    The Symbolic Language


    This is one of the High Master and Lord Christ speaking in parables or images; and it is also that of the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry which uses very often in the form of metaphor, allegory or understatement, and it is here, like Nicodemus, "he need to be smart and discernment ", looking good" sense "of what is said or shown:


    Such as with the famous' Number of the Beast 666 ", which is also the figure of the" Perfection of Man ", of course, provided to read in the" common sense "[common sense is the meaning of cons -direction and vice versa! cf. On The Trace of the Golden Owl Michel Becker and Max Valentin www.lachouette.net/], see for yourself:



    (L' Epis...Cycle = Cob...Cycle )




    Indeed spiral three branches, blue and silver colors [sinister], consists of the merger [tune] three "6" [2x3 or "Binary multiplied" polluted, corrupt and lowered by defects in "cube "]: [butt 666 ; 666 contained the 6 directions of Chrism in the 3 Worlds], together with their "points" [heraldic sense], or "low" "bellies", which is the number of the "beast" ("binary" only body and Soul without the Spirit): [for their sense of gyration (involution) them away from the Source of Life, as it is veering and centrifugal: that is to say facing the shadow to "c is born ... "[sinister] the shield].


    The Dextrorotatory Focal


    La Focale Dextrogyre


    While the spiral with three branches, colored foods and or [dexter], consists of the merger [Harmonic] three "9" [3 Eggs Philosophers, Philosophical and Philosopher] : [999 butted: the 999 contained the 6 directions of the Chrism "Added together," in the 3 worlds, those of 3 ("Donations" of the Purification of the Rectication and Sublimation received) of the Holy Trinity], united by their "leaders" [heraldic sense], or high "head"


    [where appear the "numinous Horns" from "Bel ... Is it ...", like those of Moses at Mount Sinai, the "Beast ... Lovers", "Deviants" and other "In-Worship" have "Demonised" and amalgamated with horned representations and known under the name of "Baphomet" which actually meant for the Templars: The "Sophia": ie, the representation of the "Brill Head" or "Holy Face" of the Lord, such as it appears, in fact, on: the Mandylion or Image of Edessa, the St. Veronica and the Shroud of Christ]


    which is the figure of the "Perfection of Man" [Body, Soul and Spirit] : [because their sense of gyration brings the Source (evolutionary) Life, since it is centripetal and sénestrogyre : c 'ie is directed towards the source of the "light scope" by the ECU (reflected in higher angle "of beings ..." [dexter] the chief or right corner and the top of the ECU)].


    The  Senestrogure Focal


    La Focale Sénestrogyre


    The "fusion Meeting" 6 + 6 + 6 and 9 + 9 + 9 [chief and top of the shield] is the "Flight of the Holy Spirit" [shown here under the "graph" of an ideological gram, and point out that science uses Heraldry, too, the ideo-phonogram], which trains and educates the [Fine] "Flower of Chivalry" ; one that is "Trinitaire" [Body, Soul and Spirit].






    ["So can we speak of heavenly things from earthly things", "[and] thus spake Jesus" to his disciples, "Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which was born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again. The Wind blows where it wills ... He is with everyone who is born of the Spirit ... Nicodemus saith unto him, How can these things be? Jesus answered him, Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things? (John 3: 1-21)]




    The Land of the Incarnation and the Resurrection


    Yes : if indeed for "Ancient Man" the "Earth was much Plate" in this vision [Self-Centered] in the ontological sense, it is much more, and [also] even more, for the "'Modern Man, "with its future prospects limited to the" flatness "of a limited horizon [Weaving the wire frame of the Profane] because" ultra attached materialist "...


    and it is also true [and "Very Stable ..."] ... that "Man Traditional" - which opens to the Light Revealed of the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Christ [the Most Holy and true Apocalypse]: see its "Top Song ... Reason", expand to infinity, with immediate verticality of the direct link [Woven Wire to Religious Channel] since the "Loving" and "Pupil" in the Heart of the Universe and the Re center, the Immutable Axis of "All the Whole" Lord Deus.


    Ultima Verba


    Ultima Verba

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