• The Thanatonauts

    If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit that dwells in you. " (Rom 8, 11)



    The spurs



    The Light Tunnels


    Reached the threshold of death, millions of people tell have temporarily left their bodies and visited other worlds.


    Called NDE (Near Death Experience) or EMI (in french, Expérience de Mort Imminente), the story of the afterlife reported by a person back from a deep coma, comparable to a death is not clinique.Ce a new phenomenon since history is full of such stories. For about 25 years, EMI studies have multiplied and we realized that these experiences were more common than previously thought.


    Des EMI ont été rapportées de tous les pays du monde, et ce par des milliers de personnes, indépendamment de leur culture ou religion. D'ailleurs, au début des années 1980, une enquête statistique révélait que 8 millions d'américains auraient vécus une EMI.


    People who almost died after of an accident, a heart attack or a delicate operation often express the same visions. Generally, in a classic NDE, the dying leaves his body and flies. It then enters a dark tunnel at the end of which is a white light. He sees his life flash before him. Then it enters the area of light and is then wrapped in a feeling of peace, often associated with the appearance of a "being of light".


    Other rarer cases, are less idyllic: it shows a scary and negative (vision of hell?). But most people who have experienced an NDE talk of a barrier, obstacle they have not crossed to be permanently dead. (www.mysteresdumonde.fr/categ/paranormal/100-emi-nde.html)



    Mona Lisa


    The Light Holes 


    A wormhole (in English: wormhole) is in physics, a hypothetical object linking two separate layers or two distinct regions of space-time and manifest one side, like a black hole, and the the other side, like a white hole.


    Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm (1885-1964) is sometimes presented as the first to propose, in 1916, the existence of wormholes. But the community agrees to consider that their existence has been suggested in 1935 by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen with "Einstein-Rosen bridges."

    Wormholes owe their name to Charles W. Misner and John A. Wheeler and who appoints them so in 1975.

    A wormhole would form a shortcut through space-time. To represent more simply, we can represent the space-time not in four dimensions, but two-dimensional, like a rug or a sheet of paper. The surface of this sheet is folded on itself in a three dimensional space.


    Use the shortcut "wormhole" would travel from point A to point B directly in a time significantly reduced compared to the time it would take to travel the distance between these two points linearly on the surface of the sheet. Visually, we must not imagine traveling on the surface of the paper, but through the wormhole; the sheet is folded on itself allows the point A to directly reach point B. The encounter of the two points would be the wormhole.

    The use of a wormhole would travel from one point in space to another (travel in space), travel from one point to another time (travel through time) and the journey of a point in space-time to another (travel through space and simultaneously through time). (fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trou_de_ver)


    The Roaming Souls 


    It should not be William of Saint Clair or Albert Einstein to realize of obviousness parallelism between the theory of "Tunnels of space-time" and experience "Light Tunnel".


    And if as we taught the tradition of the elders, ancestors and elders of the Orden of Chivalry, the Universe comes well in the three worlds: physical (Soma or hardware), energy (Ether or astral) and mental (Sema or dream), it would appear therefore admissible to explore the universe via one of three "vessels" or bodies: physical, energy and mind of man.


     This ability to explain it-alone luxury "precautions" surrounding the rituals of "passage to the other world" at time of death, and practice "universal" mummification of bodies ;


    and she especially merit underline or put forward, to warn and to remind us, the actual reality of migration, invasion, or the incarnation of the creatures of infra- world (lower astral or hell), and those beings of the supra-world (high astral or celestial) in our world.


    inter...laced !


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