• The Procession of the Holy Grail


    Cross of St. Andrew


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    The Procession of the Holy Grail


    "Perceval or the story [or Count = Companion] Grail"


    (after Chretien de Troyes twelfth century)

    A woman who lost her husband and two of her son hiding in a forest [the Waste Forest] with her last child "Perceval"

    (or "Peredur" that would come from parator "(the one) who ensures that puts in order that restores" Philippe Jouët, Celtic Dawn in mythology, epic and traditions, Yoran Embanner Fouesnant 2007 , p.261)

      ... And tries to preserve and protect it, to raise him away from civilization, in complete ignorance of the world and of Chivalry, which it considers too deadly.

    Despite all the precautions of his Mother, spring, Percival meets one day for the first time, a group of knights in shining armor it takes to "Angels" 

    It is very curious, and amount of questions, each more naive than each other. He is so excited that he immediately left the shelter and his mother despite the pleas of it that did not want to lose him.

    He went to the court of King Arthur where a girl predicted a great future.

    Perceval encounters a prudhomme [his Godfather in Chivalry] which not only offers him hospitality, but also continuing education that his mother gave him to be worthy of his condition, and initiates the use of arms, and the fact Chevalier :

    "With this sword that I give you, I give you the Order of Knight who suffers no meanness"

    [This first sword symbolizes the Orden of Chivalry in its Secular form]

    After many adventures and adventure one evening he was looking for a house, Perceval is received by the "Fisher King" who offered him hospitality for the night;

    Perceval and the Fisher King receives an Extraordinary Sword (there are only three identical copies)

    [Evocation of the Three Knights "Pres ... Destiny" to the High Quest for the Grail: Gilead, Perceval and Bors]


              O L'AIDE DIEV                        CRVX CHRYSTI                        PENOS PENAC  

    D’argent à la croix de gueules    De pourpre semé de croisettes d'or   D'hermine aux trois bandes de gueules

                    GALAAD                                  PERCEVAL                                BOHORT 


    [This second sword symbolizes the Orden of Chivalry in its regular or Religious form]

      Valets [servants] the scarlet dress, and introducing a large square room in the center of which lies, half lying on a bed, a man dressed in sable [breakdowns or furs are the traditional attributes of the kingship]

      While Perceval talks to him, he witnesses a strange sight: a servant holding a "Lance" shining whiteness advances :

      "At the tip of the iron spear dripped a drop of blood to the hand and the valet ran this ruddy drop"

    Two other servants follow with Candlestick Or. Then comes a beautiful girl richly adorned. She wears a "holy grail" of pure gold decorated with Gems.

    Chrétien de Troyes points :

      "He then came a great clarity the candles lost theirs as the stars when the Sun or the Moon rises"

    Another girl carries a tray abacus or Silver.

    The strange procession goes from one room to another while we prepare a splendid supper. In each dish, the procession returns to the Grail without assistants seem to care. Shocked and intrigued against by Perceval asks :

      "Who is the Holy Grail of Service? "But a prisoner of his education and good meeting" who orders him to think before you speak and not to ask intrusive questions "

    "He dares to ask"

    After the meal, the squire, a mysterious evil seems gnaw, is wearing his room by four servants.

    [four servants are the four "Barons" or "bannerets" surrounding the "Flag" King]

    Perceval falls asleep in his turn. At dawn, waking up, he found the empty castle. Powered by invisible hands, the drawbridge is lowered before him.

    Perceval hit the road, but he is determined to solve the mystery and especially to one day find the Grail.

      Perceval continues its Queste but abandoned religion and is dedicated exclusively to the Knighthood and became a talented Chevalier.

    Until the day Friday where he met pilgrims who remind her duties as a Christian, he decided to repent of their sins, and goes to a hermit to confess that ultimately proves to be his uncle and father King Fisherman;

    and he also told him what the Grail:

    "The Host which feeds the Fisher King"


    Du chef au St Esprit, du cœur à la Ste Ostie d’argent, de la pointe au St Calice d’or chargé de 5 pierres de pourpre de sinople de gueules d'azur et de sable, au  champ cianné


    And by revealing its origin, Perceval becoming aware of his lineage and his "homework" in continuity "Lessons of his Mother and his Godfather in Chivalry."

    The hermit advised :

    "Love God, believe in God and love"

    "Prudhomme and Prudefemme honors"

    "If a girl calls you for help, a widow or an orphan, Help it"

    To do penance, Perceval's two days in the hermit until Easter, and from soul in peace from the Fisher King.

    The "Continuations" to "Perceval or the story of the Grail" (Chretien de Troyes) tells us: a girl hideous reproaches Perceval his silence in the Fisher King;

    "Your Silence us was a great misfortune, we had to ask the question"

    and she accuses of all evils, "the king is" Méhaigne "[injured] and the land is barren and gaste, crops will not grow, and women can not give birth and lose their husbands, the kingdom became completely sterile, as king and kingdom are closely related; All these evils come from you here. "

    [This is to heal the wounded king (between the hips and legs) and restore fertility to the land.] [Source: Quest Perceval Catholic and Free]

      Therefore, Perceval's goal is to solve the mystery of the Grail.

      ... No punishment he will spare time until he finally knows what man eats the Grail, what is this bleeding lance and also know why it bleeds ... [Wikipedia source and summary Elisabeth Kennel]


    The Answer is in the "Quest for ... Lion"


    The Quest for Adventurous Perceval is first of its own identity.

    Perceval is perfect but the naive innocence is also its strength [The origin of the Grail by Stephanie Vincent]

    This is what allows him to excel by delivering "While Question" and to free himself from his family and personal chains [certainties convictions beliefs] while judgment and balance; reach maturity autonomy and independence for its ...


    "Personal Alarm" [Father ... Sonne El ...]


      Then it's his commitment to the free Orden of Chivalry [that will connect it to the Liber Mundi], and the release of the group of his century, and its societal barriers, and give it access to the "Kingdom of King Arthur" with delivery of its first sword in his Adoubement the Orden of Chivalry Secular ...


    is ... 'Awakening Functional "[Function ... El]


      Finally, with the awareness of his parentage ...

    [Filem his / Fisher King is actually his "Parent" (or similar)]

    it is his detachment of-way of the world that remains to be done ...


    "Wonder of the Impersonal" [the One ... Father ... Sonne El ...]


    ... With the College of the Order of Service Pontificate, integrating Orden of Chivalry Regular or Religious ...

    and thus contribute to the restoration and integration of the "world" to the "Universe" of "Alive"


    This explains the "abacus Silver"

    [Plain Silver Waiting Table of the ECU]

    Which advises us to "Cut and Slice" over the two "Swords illuminating"

    the "Detachment" and "Discernment"

    ... And the "Holy Lance" ...

    ... Invites us ["A ... Quickly"] to "drill" the mist and fog of our human pale gleams, to allow filtering and receive in the "Sacred Chalice of our Heart"

    [the "Heart of the Heart" (The Patch), which is in the "abyss" of the Shield of Arms]

    the "Light Burning" [the "Blood Vermilion" Life]

    and thus reflect ...

    the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ

    which is :

    "The Way, the Truth, the Life and the Victory"


    At the "... Looks like Lance" Perceval, we can find the "gap" that leads to the "World to the Other" and "Other Worlds".

    "Perce ... Val", is it not the one who cracked the secret of the Valley? [The Secret of the Sacred Vase].

    He who knew obey the counsel of the mysterious "Fisher King", in which he visits the castle of the Grail:

      "Climb along this breach, he said, which is carved into the rock, and when you arrive there, you will see before you, in a valley, a house where I live ..."

    "In the rock, symbol of density, a gap opens up: this is the Way. Do you even lift ...

    [Source: Quest Perceval Catholic and Free]


    D’azur à deux épées posées en sautoir, l’une en barre d’argent aiguisée en pointe et l’autre en bande d’or aiguisée en chef brochant, à la lance de gueules en pal sur-brochant


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