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    A picture is better than 1000 words.



    The Passkey (Le Passe-Par-Tout = Password By The All)

    The literal antonym of "symbolism" is the "devilish", which divides (from the Greek diaballein, dia- through, and -ballein throw, throw around, that is to say, divide, disperse, by extension to confusing). (See Symbology Wikipedia).

    The diabolical is the deceptive appearance. Which is misleading and makes believe to breakage and is an illusion of the senses, that which divides.

    While the "symbolic" (the word "symbol" comes from the ancient Greek sumbolon [σύμβολον], which is derived from the verb sumbalein [symballein] in "union with", and -ballein, throw) meaning "put together", "join "," compare "," exchange "," meet "," explain ", otherwise-known : It is what moves closer, reconstitutes the unity or the original totality, while revealing of the sense.

    The symbol is thus a key that opens a passage,who throws a bridge between the worlds, it is by meaning, which unites those meaning with to those who mean, and connects them; and so it is in the proper sense, the support and the vector of a sacred act because telling and one religious function because illuminating. (See source wikipedia).


    The skins Clothing

    According to legends certain individuals or entities are able to transform into an animal, after having taken the fur. (see Metamorphosis. Wilkipedia).

    After eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve saw that they were naked and they sewed loincloths fig leaves, God replaced by clothing from animal skins for better cover up.


    The Pannes (Pannes : Fabric [wool, silk, cotton] worked like velvet, the longer and less tight hair is set, and used in the manufacture of clothing or furniture.)

    They are fur (Hermine The Vair, Sable, etc.) that alongside enamels and metals (colors) heraldic "dress" the shields (which reflect the stages of progress and elevation of Being). Besides, the etymology of the word "panne" (with penna, pannus see Wilkipedia) refers both to pen and over weaver and the "panne" (panne it's also a breakdown) of the ship that stops in other words that attaches.



    The hermeneutical exegesis of the name "Adam" (or Primitive Clay Earth) and the name "Eve" (Life) suggests the embodiment of "Prima Materia" in the "Materia Prima" awakening (for the restoration question) and is able to rise (by his quest) by up to God, or go lower than the vegetable or mineral. (cf. Adam.Wilkipedia).

    This capacity for renewal, "change skin", or "Metamorphism", from subtle to thick, indicates the interference of shapeshifters (the skins Carriers) and other polymorphs, which occur in all living kingdoms (stone to mind), and in all the universe.



    The skins holders


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