• Contacted by The Aliens


      "In my Father's House, there are many rooms."  ( Jean 14:2)



    The Mantle of Hennequin


    Le Manteau d'Hennequin


    Cover this "Alien Intelligence and Infra-Terrestrial" that I can not see !


    So far, most ufologists preferred :


    see UFOs in the protests : "Meddling Benevolent" of an "Alien Intelligence and Supermundane"


      especially ignore in parallel during the "Meddling an Alien Intelligence and Infra-Terrestrial," Concurrent and "Malice" with respect to humanity [which is probably too disturbing for their "Comfort Ideological" !]


    The Labyrinth


    Le Labyrinthe


    It is damaging to them because if they applied this simple reading key to the gate of the "UFO Phenomena", they finally find the "Breadcrumb", which would leave them quickly, and dead ends lanes without issues, the "Labyrinth", cleverly maintained by the imbroglio of manipulations "Political-economic-Military" and their Resonances Boxes "media-Scientific-Religious" which tend to them, permanently, of chausse- caltrops and ruts, the better to keep them there !

    Of Astre of Mount






    Everything is better in the Best of Possible Worlds !

    This "dichotomy" in view of the "Alien Interference" [which is double, but also two-way] is, itself, deliberately induced a definition and a representation of the general framework "historical-religious culturello" [a Paradigm] is Mensonger and Deceiver in his appearances in his reading and interpretation.


    I (Ego)




    For indeed, the "Establishment" and its officials [at least until the very recent past] denied the existence of the "Alien" and any form of effective contact with this type of "Intelligence" .dropoff window

    According to the Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, nothing is indeed more wrong!

    Would not it and because, all Traditions of All Nations of the Earth, we are unanimous in reporting, but also to warn us with wisdom, against the difficulties and risks, contacts with beings and entities outside the "Sphère Terrestre."

    Most of the "Optimist UFOlogists" recognize these contacts, but deny or "obscure" obviously up their "negative dimensions", under the pretext that if the "Aliens" were "malicious" to us, and given their "pre-scientific-technological", it was ages ago that they would have taken possession "and control of the Earth ! [More and less, they did not already, at least indirectly?]


    Alexander's Band


    La Bande d'Alexandre


    And there is no "worse" as syllogism trompe l'oeil!

    [Aliens "all powerful" visit us and watch us for a long time in a friendly manner, [without intervention and without invading us] it is proof that they are [well!] Benevolent, since they do ever, exhibited malice towards us, despite their "Omnipotences"!]


    The Seal Mont (The Salmon)

    (Le Sceau du Mont)

    Le Sceau du Mont


    But who says [besides the Orden of Chivalry!] If they are not, actually and continuously prevented by a "Higher Power or equivalent Heavenly" that hinder, slow down and stop them, in most of their many attempts and subversion companies? !


    God is my Salvation

    Dieu est mon Salut !


    [better you understand, then, stealth, speed, most of their "commando operations" and "camouflage mimetic" of these UFOs Aliens; and the wealth of precautions that their "Occupants Polymorphes" take to manifest itself clandestinely to advance to hide and conceal, because they would [also] an interest [vital] to act in this way, to namely to give the maximum "opportunity" to escape, the "Hunters" and "vessels" of "Heavenly" who keep and protect the Earth, and Humans, their predations]



    Les Hydres


    [Regarding the Malignancies Alien, they are in fact plethoras! Among the best known and indisputable include physical and psychological Rape: the Abductions, of Kidnappings and "Visits Room"; or animal and human mutilation, not to mention the numerous disappearances Humans constantly increasing traffic of "Human Flesh" and the frantic Pillage, direct and indirect, of Ecological Resources of the Planet]



    (8 = Huit = Huître = Oyster = 8)




    And if the main "Complex Systems and Industriello-economic-Military" devices "State-Terrestrials" have sought to deny or conceal these contacts Aliens, is that they, of course, too, interest and benefit, to hide [that is, above all, at once, the more intolerable, and less blameless for them!] the 'True Covenants Diabolique "they spent with representatives of this "Mafia Alien" in which they "pay" the "Tithe of Blood" and "Taxation of Gold", part-cons of "profit", "all on" the "Trade and Technology Transfers "with which they hope to ensure Domination, continue to consolidate their power, ensure, if possible, extend their supremacy.


    Call off Flames


    L'Appel des Flammes


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