• The Great Secret


    At Two For God 


    Deux par Dieu


    "And if they could? Do you even lift ...


    [Jean Raspail. The Saints Camp]


     The C.R.I.

    ( The C.R.Y.)


    Le C . R . I .


    "Animals have a strange behavior that suggests an imminent danger!" ...dropoff Window

    [Jean-Claude Carrière. The Alliance Anthem (read the novel that differs from the movie)

    The Cameo ... Léon

    (Le Camée...Léon = The Chameleon = The Cameo ... Lion )



     Cry Tears of A ...


      Tradition of Veterans of the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry warns us against all forms of compromises and alliances with the "Luciferian" Three Worlds "Infra World, the World and the World Supra dropoff window. ["conception" of Ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thinking)], which is joined by the "new quantum paradigm." Cf. Ufo the emergence of a new paradigm - FEA: By Philippe Solal, Associate National Institute of Philosophy of Applied Sciences of Toulouse.

      At all times they have always represented an imminent threat and a major threat to the "Safety Populations", the "Territorial Defence" and "Public Health"; and this is especially true in our time that "Collaboration" took a "World" scale.

    Countless Indeed, in "Modern History" recent and especially "Current" these "mesalliances" different "Governments" land, who hope to make the "Power" by the "Domination".






    Pact with the Devil

    It is primarily a "Compact" "Blood", because the "Tribute" to pay is "Tax Blood" or the "Tithe of Blood" (and their corollaries: those of "the Or ") [With their correspondences in the three worlds: ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thinking)]

    Even if they are relative of "Peacock Feathers", the "False Led Democracy" or the appearance of a "Orthodoxy is Contrôlée", it is easy to recognize these "Empires of Evil," which while being competitors, will be "in Fine" to sow "chaos" and "disorder" that inevitably produce "Clashes murderers" who are the "Blood Sacrifice" demanded by their "Sponsors Sathaniques".



    Run for Armament

    The challenge is of course the "Primacy" Power "Luciferian" all forms "Policy, Financial, Economic, Scientific and Religious."

    But these "New wheeler": "the publicans, the Pharisees and the Sadducees of our Times" aspire to "Playing in the Great Court" and dream of extending their "Empire" beyond the final frontier "Portes" "the time and Space ", only the contributions of" Technology Transfer "can open very quickly; and this is obviously the ulterior purpose and goal concealed their Run for the "Space Conquest".

    [Again we need to expand the concept of "Technology Transfer and High Energy Weapons and Mass Destruction" and the concept of "vessel" of "Égrégore" or "vehicle" to the three spheres: Ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thought) and their corollaries: the variables "adjustment" of the sub-conscious, aware of and on-conscious]

    Hence, it "appreciates" the better because of these military expeditions or not, [and apparent inconsistencies] conducted by these "Thugs and Criminals States," in the countries of "Old spaceports" where "Visitors", to a "Other Time" have "Stored" their "Technology and High Energy Weapons and Mass Destruction"; [see about the "Theory subtly Partisan" supporters of the "Ancient Astronauts" fr.wikipedia.org/wikii/Théorie_des_anciens_astronautes]


    The Thunder Bird



    L'Oiseau Tonnerre


    ... And why the "Predation Pirate": the "Abductions Aliens" [apparently aberrant] ... concenties ... [or not because in reality uncontrolled] ... because they are "negotiated" with the "Thugs and Criminals States" against "Technology Flows which always prove to Lower Interest".


      [So-called Close Encounters [Type I, II, III to VII] with "UFOs or their Occupants" and other "Visits Room," "mutilation" of "Livestock" and Humans, and all the "Missing Out Type" are blatant manifestations of this "Predation Pirate»]




    The Dupes Market


    If this "blood donation" is necessary for the survival of "Deviant" of each of the "Three Worlds" or to "get Embody" or to "get Hybridize" or "to regenerate."


    [Over the years there are more and more people disappear; 150 people per day on average for France in 2012; we are now arrived at an average of 175 people a day in France and 25% that "vanish" is literally [all things considered] at least 12 000 to 15 000 [theoretically: 15 968.75] people we absolutely find not for France, and about 1,286,000 à 1607500 [theoretically: 1711 317.70] people, the planet, in 2014 (Source investigation C R I...)]


    There is also no doubt that "Appetite" of these "super-predators", they are as "good" [rather badly] "Infra-Terrestrial," "Land" or "Extraterrestrials" is clearly more Important that "appetite" their "puppets" that these "Thugs and Criminals States";


    Claws on the World


    Griffes sur le Monde


    because their real goal is the exploitation "and their Direct Only Profits" of all the resources of the Earth.


    [living beings ... including human ... they feed (in every sense) and organic origins substances but also natural as water and minerals such as gold or gems and precious stones; and are as many "Coins" Exchange which is used by "Thugs and Criminals States" for their "Unclean" "Trafficking".]



    Planning of the Conquest


    To ensure the "minimum" Reluctance and "Resistance" potential "All Peoples of the Earth", the "Agents of influence" of the "Invaders" hijacked and recovered "Culture Positive" and "ameliorative "Home of the" other or Host "ie the" Stranger "; in favor of "Ideology amalgamated" the Home of the "Alien Contact" while emphasizing his "profile" Supposed or desired, "Angelica" and erasing up its negative aspect and its "Artifacts" "derogatory" ;dropoff window


    and to ensure the disagreement and the "Earthlings" division between them, and to weaken, this "Fifth Column" constantly stirs the factors disorders, disunity, opposition, rivalry and hatred, as the "Nationalism rogue "Territorial or Ideological, Rivalry" pseudo "Religious and the most stupid racism";


    The Great Secret


    Le Grand Secret


    Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most confusing aspect of the because the more "Machiavellian" of this "takeover of the planet" ... because the less "Identifiable or Dicernable" ... [the least for now] and as resulting "Concerted Action and Information";


    This is the "Assault" and "Offensive" daily to sow "disorder" in the Corps Souls and Spirits.


    We just have to mention: the feelings of insecurities and anxieties that increase from year to year, to realize that "upsets" social, health, political, economic, religious, financial and geo-tectonic and geographical climate are all oriented in the same direction ...


      ... And against - sense of ethics or life ... that is to say ... to Destruction, Death, and "None" ...


      [cf. investigations of C. R. I. which clearly show such as "coincidence" of the "progression" of "natural disasters called" with those "apparitions" of UFOs:


      "Several years ago that the reinsurer Munich prepare an annual review of economic and natural disasters during the past year, this January 7, 2014 it was the 2013 figures were published, nearly 880 disaster events were reported worldwide , which is higher than the average of the last ten years; or 790 per year in 2013. They are the cause of death of over 20,000 people, an increase compared to 2012. The total cost of natural disasters in the world is about $ 160 billion in 2012 says the German insurer Munich ... "


       "... Well, the alert for the Pacific Tsunami Center (PTWC) reported that in 2014, there were a record number of strong earthquakes magnitudes worldwide. Video created by (PTWC) shows the evolution of earthquakes every hour in the world, January to April this year, she reveals that last month, 13 major earthquakes have been recorded , five of which were greater than a magnitude of 7.8 degrees, which causes a Tsunami warning ... "


       "... As for the intensity of" natural disasters ", the parallel appears significantly with average annual observations of the twentieth century UFOs, which are very much lower than years after 2005 ..."


      "... From 2000 to 2005, the average observed UFOs on Earth can be estimated at 10 000 per year, while from 2006 to 2013, is at least 100 000 per year ..."


      "... That is, 10 times UFOs were seen in 2013 than in 2000, which represents at least 450 times more than in wave" invasion "of" Flying Saucers "of 1954, which however, was the largest of the twentieth century ... "


      "... Another" meaningful coincidence "of the same order, the" bombing "of the Earth by the" meteoroids "reveal a significant increase for the same period, from 100 a year we move sharply to 1,000 per year ..."]



    The End of Colonization


    Considering all these things, [and many other facts] observations, it appears increasingly us that ... "illusion" of a "Colonization Protectorate" ... by "Hostiles and Foreign Powers "... to" Humanity "factual situation, which is already accepted and favored by the complicity of" Thugs and Criminals States "is promptly replaced by a" Operating Colonization "and finally to "stand" which is the "Ultimate and Terminal Phase" of all colonization.


    To paraphrase a "one columnist relevant ..." [cf. Roch Sauquere journal Top Secret], even if the "sky will not fall on your head" never forget "Sword of Damocles" ... and always remember ...


    "We Are ... the Heart of the Armed Resistance ! "


    The Resistance


    La Résistance


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