• False Gods

     The Leaves of  Book


     Les Feuilles du Livre


    [Utnapishtim (the Sumerian version of Noah) Gilgamesh reminded that at the end of the ark]



     "[He] offered a sacrifice and poured a libation at the top of the mountain, put up seven plus seven chalices worship it piled on their cane holder, cedar and myrtle ... [the gods] humèrent the smell delicious and came down like flies [such symbionts ethereal ?] on the priest. "


    [The Epic of Gilgamesh]



     The Close Encounters


    The work [on the saga of the planet Nibiru Anunnaki] Zecharia Sitchin have [at least !] Merit and interest to highlight the parallelism of the interference of "False Gods" of antiquity and with that "mafia Alien" which interferes, increasingly, now, with our "Modern World".


    This is particularly visible in the form; by the procedure of close encounters, for example :



    With Abductions :


    That of Adam [First mythical human man!], Which is in fact the first case of abdution of Humanity (so some thousands of years before the Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas in 1957, or the American case of Betty ! and Barney Hille 1961) listen to his testimony :


    "[After our expulsion from paradise, Adam is speaking :] If came to me ... an emissary of God. And I saw a chariot like the wind, its wheels were fired. And I was taken to Paradise Righteous where I saw the Lord sitting. But his face was a blaze that it was not possible to support. " [" Interview with Adam's son Seth "apocryphal biblical version of" Syriac ")


     The First Man

    (The First Home)


    Le Premier Home



    Or, with the kidnapping :


    One of Enoch [great-grandfather of Noah and 7th Biblical patriarch who "Marcha with God"] listen to his testimony :

     "I was in my house alone, crying my eyes and distressing me. As I lay on my bed, sleeping, two Men appeared to me, very large, such as I had never seen on earth: their face was like the sun shining, their eyes like burning lamps, with their mouth fire went out, their clothes were different feathers, and arms were like golden wings beside my bed And they called my name And it came to pass after this, I saw another army tanks, on which were mounted men " (Book of Secrets of Enoch, I Gallimard, 1987); "And they went on the winds from the east and west until noon. We heard the rolling their tanks and when the tumult occurred, the Saints saw in the sky, the column of the earth shook from its base and was heard from one end of heaven to the other during one day. "[and the people saw, and understood how Enoch had been removed] (Book of Enoch, translated from the Ethiopic text by François Martin, Arche, 1975).

    With his testimony Enoch, who was taken "in heaven", twice, by "Celestials" [which have the appearance of men
    , very tall, who pose as "Gods"] describes exactly what the modern ufologists collect the testimony of the victims "Rides Room" and are, too, removed "in heaven" by "Celestials" who, themselves, are no longer happen, for "Gods" [because it is not frankly trend or fashion!] but for what could represent in mythology and modern beliefs, their equivalents, ie the "Extraterrestrials UFO Tutello ... Scientific ... ... Potents "and" necessarily (?) benevolent " 


    Regarding the "motivations" of "False Gods" of antiquity and those of the "Mafia Alien" modern parallel is impressive, and leaves no doubt about one of their main objectives, clearly shared :


    "When the children of men were multiplied in those days, it happened that their daughters were born beautiful and elegant. And when the angels, the children of heaven, the views were, they fall in love; and they said to each other: we choose women's race of men, and have children with them "(Book of Enoch secrets, LXVII).


    Is it necessary to recall that the Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas claimed to have been abducted at the age of 23, by aliens in 1957 [to copulate with a blonde alien entity and red hair system and barking and barking like a dog], here his testimony ? :


    At the time of his alleged abduction [Close Encounter of the 7th Type !] Antônio Villas-Boas was a Brazilian farmer who worked the night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day.



     The Abduction


    October 16, 1957, while he plows his fields near Sao Francisco de Sales, he saw in the night sky, what he describes as a "red star". According to his account, this "star" is closer to where it is located, magnifying make up the appearance of an aerial craft roughly circular or oval, with a red light on the front and a cupola rotating on top. The machine begins its descent, posing in the field on three "legs". Boas takes his legs to his neck.


    Boas first attempts to escape on his tractor, but after traveling a short distance, the engine and headlights stop and he decided to continue on foot. It is then seized by a humanoid 1.50 meters tall wearing a gray suit and a helmet. His eyes are small and blue, and he does not speak a human language, but emits barking and yelping. Three similar beings then join the first to master Boas, dragging it inside their spaceship.


    Once inside the craft, Boas is stripped of his clothes and anointed the feet of the head of an unknown gel humanoids who seem to communicate with each other by means of sound-like vocals and screams of animals. He was then led into a large semi-circular room, breaking a door emblazoned with strange red symbols. (Boas says he could memorize these symbols, he later reproduced at the request of investigators.) In this room, beings take samples of blood to his chin. After that, it is fed into a third part and left alone for about half an hour. Meanwhile, a kind of gas diffuses into the room, making Boas sick as a dog.


    The coupling


    Soon after that Boas claims he is led into the room through another humanoid. This, however, is a female, very attractive and naked. It is the same size as the other beings he met with a "triangular" face and pointed chin small and big blue eyes like those of a cat. Her hair is long and white or platinum blonde, but her armpit hair and pubic are bright red. Boas, who reported being strongly attracted to the female has sex with her. During the act, Boas noted that the female does not embrace it, but rather that it pinches his chin.


    When finished, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upward. Boas sees a sign that she will raise their child in space. The female seems relieved that their "task" is completed, while Boas himself irritated to have been a sort of "Stallion" for humanoids.




    Boas was invited by humanoids to get dressed and then go around the ship. During the visit, he tries to take an object resembling a watch as proof of meeting, but is surprised by the humanoids that prevent this. Then escorted out of the craft, he attended the launch and from the shiny spaceship thousand lights. Back home, Boas found that four hours have passed. [Cf. Wikipedia]


    And here's another iconic testimony, that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, when "forced Report" is more like rape :


    The Betty and Barney Hill case, which took place in the US in 1961, was the "first" alleged case of abduction by aliens. It is also the first case in which aliens small and gray, or "gray" are mentioned.



    The Encounter


    September 19, 1961, after a week's holiday in Canada, they drive on the road 3 south to go home in Portsmouth (New Hampshire). Shortly after passing the city of Lancaster, 22 to 00, Barney sees in the sky a light that moves erratically. He noted that light to Betty who does not understand either what they may be. Taking advantage of a pause, Barney out of the vehicle and observed the strange light with his binoculars. He sees a discoid object with two short wings terminated by two red lights. He even discern what he thinks portholes. Panicked and noting that the object appears to be closer to them, the couple back into the car and starts with a bang. A strange sound, described by Barney as a "beep" then invades the cabin of the car. The same sound is repeated a second time and Hill find they come to travel more than 55 km without their keep any memory. Moreover, their two watches are stopped.


    When they arrive at their home, they understand that they have two hours behind schedule and no memory may correspond to this period of their journey. Also, Barney discovers many scratches on the leather of his shoes, as if he had been dragged along the ground, and felt a sharp pain in the back. Finally, he discovered that in many places the paint from the body of their car disappeared, leaving bare metal.


    As of September 30, Betty starts to make many nightmares in which she sees herself pursued by "misshapen faces with big cats eyes". It also develops various depressive symptoms: sadness, loss of appetite and anxiety. In spring 1962, after several treatments without success, their family doctor refers them to a psychiatrist from Exeter Academy will eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress on Barney and Betty. This will guide them to the psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Otherwise psychiatrist specializing in hypnotherapy, so he tries a regressive treatment designed to bring a level conscious memories of the trauma. December 14, 1963, Betty and Barney start hypnosis sessions supervised by Dr. Benjamin Simon, who will be spread over seven months and during which the physician recorded over forty hours of audio tapes.


    During these sessions, Betty and Barney, who were always interviewed separately, told after the UFO sighting, Barney tried to escape it and entered a forest road where their vehicle ends up stalling. The UFO landed about sixty meters from the car and a dozen small creatures went down and headed for the couple. Creatures brought up the couple in UFO, separated Betty and Barney and made them undergo what Hill took for a kind of forced and painful medical examination [with retrieval of sperm and egg. Which reminds, annoyingly practices attributed to succubus and incubus and other "polymorphs" and wampires different species!] Betty claimed to have managed to contact one of the creatures who introduced him to what looked like a star map and asked if it were able to locate the Earth on this map. As she answered in the negative, the creature retorted that it will be useless she shows him where she was. The creature walked her out of the UFO Betty, where she found Barney already installed in the car and promised him that she would forget all about the experience.


    Betty and Barney realized numerous drawings of the UFO, creatures and different maps and symbols they could see in this experiment. In 1969, an amateur astronomer named Marjorie Fish said that she had managed to find a match between the drawings of the star map made by Betty Hill and a three-dimensional model of the known constellations, and concludes that the card Betty claimed have represented the views dzeta Reticuli system. [Cf. Wikipedia]


    This could [easily] multiply both the points of convergence and shared procedures set works by these "Space Travelers" and the ancient "Space Travelers" of modern times this implies, of course, a similar identity, and therefore induces a common goal.


    And for those who still doubt the real goals of these "visitors" from the stars,


     The Penta -Alpha


    Le Penta - Alpha


    based directly on the "Reports" dictated and "appointed" by the scribes,


    [the equivalent of the "henchmen" of the "Geipan" and other commissions "Blue Book" and "Condon" of our time !]


    [which, like, the "récentistes" (before the time!) had "rewritten" History [handled] in favor of "False Gods Aliens victors and rulers!", and more, while presenting and portraying falsely, like our "pairs"]



    Zecharia Sitchin :


    we skillfully shows their true nature [which is not divine and angelic] since it demonstrates that their "technology transfer" and all their "cultural contributions" made to Humanity, n 'had only one purpose :


    1 / guarantee them dominion over the earth while the colonizing [plundering of its natural and genetic resources]


    2 / and reduce humanity to slavery


    [and this very easily by posing as "Gods" (and even for God and his angels !) and thus control (for their own survival and exclusive benefit) Humanity, become docile, domesticated and fully dedicated in their service, and operated on all fronts, including and especially what seems the first interest to them, sexually ! (See for example the planned monitoring and selective births or the rites of "marriages" and even called prostitution "sacred"] [quite "socialist" way and "nationalist", the "Homos" Aliens of the planet Mondialo ... Unified Ummite !] [and which confirms (in the Orden of Chivalry, with all Ancient Myths), the hybridization, the Incarnation and "possessions" are good, their major concerns, and their main objectives in these "false gods or aliens" in this class !]


    However, and despite the repeated and attentive care given to the falsification of history continues, some gray areas persisted, particularly some questions remain, but there was no convincing answers :


    [and that "Aliens States scribes" were well-kept, of course, to discuss, clarify or deepen further !]


    Such as :


    1 / These "false gods", are they the only extraterrestrial beings intervened on Earth ?


    2 / Does not exist another power of the "space-time continuum" to oppose their "interventions" or "manipulation" [invasions!] ?


    3 / And why they were suddenly forced, as forced to leave hurriedly [and provisionally !] To other lands ? ... dropoff Window



    [You see : all the answers ...

    are still in good ... Questions !]


     The Last Ship


    The Last Ship

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