• The Grail

    Du chef au St Esprit, du cœur à la Ste Ostie d’argent, de la pointe au St Calice d’or chargé de 5 pierres pourpre sinople gueules azur et de sable, au champ cianné

    The Quest for the Grail 

    Formerly, there is for a very very long time !!! The Queste of the very Holy Grail tells us: " the Grail was worn by three tables : a round, a square, a rectangular " let us meditate.

    Formerly, there is for a very very long time !!! The formula of consecration in the Mass spoke of "The Cup Hi, the Chalice of Light and Blessing Ark" Regeneration from Above! ... Formerly ... there was a very long time ....

    Formerly, there is for a very very long time !!! Around the Round Table !! Lancelot, Perceval, Gaalad around King Arthur! The Holy Grail "burning fire" was central to the Round Table. "Igne Renovatur integra natura". Formerly? and now ??


    The chevaucheur (rider) of twilight

    There is a long, long time, a Knight of the Round Table which pursued his queste wandered exhausted on the edge of the sea. Night was falling; he looked that night that was falling, and in the night he saw a light that spoke to him: "Look at the stars and be penetrated with the insignificance of the human things ... listen to the silence of the sea ... believe in me ... I AM ... Our Lady is, and the Holy Grail Is ..."

    He fell asleep and the next morning at first light up, he took his route to the Holy Grail ...

    There is a very long time ... now ... and again ...


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