• Canon Fodder and soul to the Devil

    "Where, Lord ?". He replied, "Where there is a body, there also will gather Vultures". [Luke 17.37]


    The Space Ships

    (Les V...Sceaux)


    Les V...Sceaux 



    The scavengers


    Some ufologists as Bonvin [Cf. UFOs Agents of Change. The Present Time - 2014] became aware of the connection from the famous Wave UFO Crises and Conflicts Military and Political or Social severe disorders on Earth include prolific author:


    "History has shown that the UFO appearances usually occur in waves. Include the main Waves UFO: 1947 (USA), 1952 (USA), 1954 (France, Italy), 1957 (United States, Brazil, Japan) 1966 (USA, Brazil), 1973 / 1974 (USA, Australia, France, Italy), 1978 (South America, Australia, Italy), 1989 (Russia, Canada), 1990 (Belgium, France), 1998 (Chile), 2001 (Argentina)


    Careful observers note that these concentrations UFO occur during transition periods, marked by serious international tension. Especially during the Cold War, these crises have exacerbated the instability of international relations and increased the risk of a nuclear conflict. Here are some pointers:


    The great wave affecting Europe in 1954, particularly France and Italy then proceeds this year represents the "maximum safe year" of a Russian nuclear attack, as evidenced by a directive from the National Council security (NSC-68) drafted by Paul Nitze, a leading expert in nuclear strategy.


    In 1957, a wave of UFO affects the United States while the USSR proceeds in the Pacific to successful tests intercontinental missile launches and October 4, 1957, the first artificial satellite, "Sputnik"


    [sputnik = tureen, it sounds like a call "to the soup!" right? see the end of this article to appreciate all the sulfur salt and flavor of this condiment "con ... says ... ing"]


    The wave of 1973 comes as Egyptian troops crossed the Suez Canal on 6 October 1973. Meanwhile, the Syrian army, with the help of Iraqi units, enters the Israeli occupation of the Golan area. International tension was at its peak.


    The waves of impressive UFO 1989-1991, affecting Belgium, Russia, Canada, and parts of the United States coincided with a critical period of history, rich in turmoil. He will be remembered for the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. The dismantling of the USSR shake the chessboard many countries policy, including Romania who will assist in the overthrow and the execution of its president, Nicolae Ceausescu in December 1989. While public opinion in disbelief attends these events, the United States invaded Panama before intervening in Iraq in early 1991. rarely have so many crises have focused on a short period, coinciding with intense manifestations of UFO from one continent to another.


    Note that the end of the Cold War did not change the parameters of the UFO Interventionism. Crises, ecological threats and tensions remain. For example, observations of UFOs and cattle mutilations are multiplying in Argentina since the country is in deep political and economic crisis that broke out in 1998. "


    Fabrice Bonvin undeniably because there is indeed a relationship between UFOs and "Crises and tensions," but there, where he is wrong is in critical interpretation, it makes this link :


    While, like other ufologists who are blind with their bias Aliens "Angelic" [double syndrome : the tree that hides the forest, or rather the "Jungle", accompanied and aggravated, of the Stockholm !], Bonvin seeks to "convince us" that the observed UFOs are actually sent by the Intelligence Supermundane "Gaya" to "control" and monitor our actions, and all this; supposedly only for educational purposes and to arouse his worst "children," as we are, we humans, decision-saving awareness of the risks we run to the Earth and to the general life .dropoff window


    The Ufology 






    [very attractive and not totally unfounded vision, because although it is true in part, and partly also with the phenomenon known as the "Crop Circles", it is also contradicted by other UFO events, such as the actions of malicious "Men in Black ", mutilation or torture of humans, and disappearances and catches of military aircraft and civilian, by UFOs, this theory is therefore wrong in its exclusivity, and she especially" unpleasant "consequence and major drawback to serve the distorting prism UFO appearances, masking the reality of their events, which is much less caring and friendly, against humanity, which would have us believe Bonvin]


    Since if, obviously, monitoring closely the "UFO" dramatic events "of our history", is very lively, it is certainly not a "morbid voyeurism educational nickname" but by interest immediate and vital reason.


    Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, reveal, in fact the existence of "Polymorphic Entities" [which can take any shape and be in any appearance] and also explain their motivation real, which is the direct predation.


    In fact, "Conflicts and Tensions" generate strong 'emotional smell' that act on these "Entities"; as "suction pumps" inflame and attract them, and they feed and delight, like vultures and hyenas, which are magnetized by the smell of blood.


    It is, moreover, the typical behavior, Harpies, Ghouls, Tarascan, the Strigoi, the Succubus, the Incubus, the Tulpas, Lemurian, the Bodachs, Hydras, Gnomes, Wampires, Hybrids, Mutants, of Lamia, Avatars, and other similar symbionts.


    [note in passing that the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry appoints, too, "Crabs of Venus" and "Mars Rats", which reminds some other connections, such as concurrency, the proximity of the planet Mars, the Earth, with the appearance of these waves of UFOs, and which also sheds light on the bad reputation attributed formerly to the appearance of "Comets" (and other "cars" or supposed! ) as a herald (or signs of alarm and warning of disasters, disturbances, dead or "the stars ...") and "vectors" of the coming of this kind of "Pests Aliens"!]

    The Comet 

    (La Come...Êtres)


    La Come...Etres


    Black masses


    This "Predation Current" is obviously not new, "foreign" because, in reality, parallel and concurrent "moth cocoon ... haunting ..." these gruesome acts, these mass crimes [wars, holocausts, humanitarian and ecological disasters] these practices and barbaric and murderous torture "of another era" [yet more and more prevalent in our!]



    and, for such sacrifices [and rape] of humans and animals, these false "or Anti-Religion" practiced and performed by demonic degenerate, which [had expected] and expect [again and again] with these "Black Mass "attract these" Entities "[Terrestrial and Aliens], for their help, get their support, and benefit from their occult powers.


     The Toads 

    (Les Crabes...Beaux)


    Les Crabes...Beaux


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