• The Monad UFOs

    "Incline your ear and come to Me, hear, and your soul Will live" [Isaiah 55]


    The Angel...is...Lux





    "The 4 Elements, 3 Principles and 2 Natures" [with 4 came 1 !]


    When God Play Dice !


    Quand Dieu Joue aux Dés ! 

     [Key Pax 681]


    [The Victory Day of the Son of Thunder that God Helps]



    The Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry talks about the three constituent body of living in the Three Worlds: Physical, Psychic and Spiritual


      This model consists of: Body-Hardware, Body-psychic and Body-Mind, perceives "carnal" in humans, and also more "subtle" in creation.


      To better identify these "worlds", the safest medium to achieve this, is probably to consider the links that connect them through their "codes" specific and characterizing :


      A / The "reports" of geometry is visibly Prime "Bridge or Travel" is the materialized Plan [physical]


      B / Second "Bridge or Travel" is the sensitive perceptions [affect]


      C / conceptual and trade [intellect] is the third "Bridge or travel."


    The Talk Center

    (Le Centre...Y...Cause ! San Ty Koz !)


    Le Centre...Y...Cause ! 


    The Monad


    These links, aligned [purified, ground and sublimated] allow "Crystallize" the "Viaticum"


    [of the Latin viaticum = "provisions of the journey" = Eucharist (from the Greek eukharistia = "act of thanksgiving") for the journey of earthly life to heavenly life]


    that initializes the nomadic to the Monad principle of "Unity Unique" Life.


    The Monade


    La Monade


    Organic Vessels


      In "scanning" the actions of the "Hardware" Ufology, whether a "sheet and Bolts" aspect or pure "Energy Light" some "Iinvariants" eventually appear in his behavior, which manifests shows and reports , in particular:



    1 / A "Intelligent and Cognitive" activity, which is the mark of "intelligible concepts" [For example its willingness to evade or hide]



    2 / reactivity as the expression of a "sensitivity Affectivity and a" making it close and familiar [eg the "game of cat and mouse" or procedures "not accidental avoidance" in cases cover or "chase"]



    3 / A "Physics and Dynamics" interactivity with the environment in a relationship that seems "normative, intimate, even carnal" with nature and its elements [eg perfect mastery of navigation or exploration, occupation and colonization of air space, the terrestrial sphere or the aquatic environment]




     This behavioral specificity of UFOs,


    [with its "Pathos" his sense perceptions, emotional, attentive and intellective reactions, cognitive and memory]


      is not only:


    characteristic of "Organic Beings ... Logically structured," as we know, of course, and the best !


    but above and in addition, it is absolutely not for us "Alien"


    [that is to say neither strange or foreign]


    because we share it, ourselves, with our environment "Organic" proximity, and members of our "Big Family", which are all beings that are Gifs, too, for a Soul or a Spirit.


    The Forbidden Fruit



    Le Fruit Défendu


    In other words: "UFOs are alive"

      or [to the lowest bidders and thinking!]

    they reflect the fruit, or the manifestation of Life:

    the one that bears the Seal of the Monad, "United and Only" with which the ancients, the Ancestors and Elders of Chivalry, always :

    Release, Traded, Shared and communion.


    Door of Happiness

    (La Porte de la Bonne...Heure = The Door of Good...Time)


    La Porte de la Bonne...Heure

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