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    The Science and Art of Heraldry Blason

    The Arms are the sum of external ornaments secular functions of the hierarchy ... (progress in steps or increments in up and down alternately) ... what are the attributes (media, advocates, supporters, necklaces, helmets , crests, valances, currency, weapons, shouting, etc.) of the ECU who accompany or have the ...

    ... And ornaments (the "Or ... do ... ing") Interior regular functions of the spiral elevation (spiro = breath of "Spirit" ... growth in networks and in "Network .. .N ... Ance ") ... which are the figures that fill the mutable Blason (objects plants animals etc) and immutable ... Heraldic pieces (fasces, pals, bars, strip, cross, necklaces, etc. ) that structure ... and Vetures (chappes wearing breeches flanked kiss mantled papelonnés etc) that load] ...

    The Heraldic pieces [we speak of Science Heraldry] belong to the order of geometric science ...

    ... and the figures of the Coat [we speak of Art Blason] to the aesthetic and stylistic [cf. B.A - BA Heraldry David Gattegno - Pardes]


    The two that are one

    The Eagle [see the King of ... Top] is the emblem of the Emperor

    [the Imperator of one who commands that orders and directs]

    It is the symbol of the "Power".


           Blason d'azur à une aigle éployée d'or                                   Blason d'azur à une aigle éployée d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    Leo [King of animals (animaux = animent...mots = animate...Words)] is the symbol of Christ [which is the Word made flesh]

    [since the Lion symbolizes the Resurrection as it comes to life's little stillborn roaring]


            Blason d'azur à un lion d'or                                  Blason d'azur à un lion d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    These two figures are considered Blason figures "Meadows Emblem" as built on a "geometric trigram"; and "archi ... texture" identical is based on that of the Fleur de Lys they "Absorbent" [Fleur de Lys, which itself is a reflection of Chrism]


            Blason d'azur à un lys d'or                                  Blason d'azur à un lys d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    Now the fleur de Lys [which is the Flower of Life Tree of Paradise] is the emblem of royalty;

    [Lys = King in the ancient Greek phonetic]

    It is the symbol of "the Authority".

    And "association" and the "fusion" of the Lion and the Eagle is a figure ... "Chimeric and Fabulous" the "Griffon"

    Banneret d'azur à un griffon d'or

    [The Griffon is a bird of prey or the Hieracosphinx Grype of grifo (grifan = grab, capture) is an imaginary animal with a lion's body a head and wings of an eagle talons ...

    (hence the Brand of the "Three Claws of Lyon / Eagle" which is the "Sigillum Christi or Seal of Christ" affixed to his Champions as "points" and "... the tree bore" the "Coat of Arms best Knight of the World "Lancelot of the lake) ...

    ... And ears "horse related ..."]



    Blason d'argent à trois bandes de gueules



    In other words, the "Griffon" [the 'Claws ... who do ...]

    is the symbol of the Harmonic Synthesis :

    "Power [Ground] and the Authority [Celeste]"

    Christ [the "King of King"] ... [in his "Sovereignty and Majesty"]

    So is the "Image" [or Figuration] "Alliance"

    the "Forces of the Service Continuum of Christ" which are those:

    1 / Militia of Chivalry Ground

    [the Chief of Order is Saint Georges]


    2 / Militia of the Celestial Chivalry

    [the Head of Saint Michael's College and Archon Archistratege Celestial Militia] ...



    Blason de gueules à l'Archange St Michel




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