• The vigil of arms




    "Without Vigil ... Not Knight"

    Before receiving 'dubbing' of Chivalry

    Aspirant to the Orden to receive :

    "Overshadowing" Three Circles Ancestors of Veterans and Seniors :


    The XXIV Lightning


    Les XXIV Foudres


     Trained in the "Ethics" [to life] of Chivalry under the tutelage of his Godfather, such as:

    "Tristan ... [who] learned to ride, to respect the rules of chivalry, jump, swim, run, throw the stone, handle the shield and spear, the various kinds of arts and fencing, the art of venery and falconry, all honest antics recommended to flee idleness, the mother of vices, and simultaneously uses the courtesy and virtues required in frank man: honor, loyalty, courage, gentleness, great scramble largesse, speak with moderation, blame no one lightly, avoid crazy and serve the ladies. "[Tristan and Iseult. Source Wilkipedia]


    The Aspiring to Chivalry must finally submit :

    "A Night Full" to the ultimate test "of the vigil of arms" so he has to go out alone and Victorious or abandon forever the Orden.


    His Godfather Chapter Expertly :

    "My Son


    [This Place is Terrible, Extra Ordinary and Fabulous ...]

    "tonight, you regagneras the" Dutchman "and thou passest :

    to "... like spear" from that of Jacob [who crossed the ford of the Jabbok], which was left alone to fight against an unknown until daybreak ...


     Reminds you :

    [Jacob] ... left alone. Someone wrestled with him until daybreak. Seeing that he did not master, he touched the hollow of his thigh, and Jacob's hip was dislocated as he wrestled with him. He said: Let me go, for the day is lifted, but he said, I will not leave thee, thou bless me. He asked him, What is thy name? - Jacob ... he replied.

    He replied: It is thou shalt be called no more Jacob, but Israel, for you have been strong against God and against all men, and have prevailed. Jacob made this request: Reveal to me your name, I pray thee, but he said: Why do you ask my name? and there he blessed him.

    Jacob called the place the name of Peniel, for he said, I have seen God face to face and I had survived. At sunrise, he spent Penuel, limping hip. "[Genesis 32, 24-32. Wikipedia]


    The Angel




    The Angels


    Les Anges


    "My Son


    the sun is about to set,


    have you kissed your parents,


    did you do your "... to God" with your friends,


    and thou hast well recommended thy Soul to Heaven ?



    And when you see the last rays of Sunset, when the door of the "Dutchman" will close on you like closes Tombstone ... "


    "My Son

    Do not forget this:

    you no longer will belong to the Night ...

    and Night ... It belongs only ... "Angels"



    The Vigil of Arms


     La veillée d'armes


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