• Prophecy of the Popes ... (and Anti-Popes)

     «Nil lupus insidiis cauto subducit ouili, te pastore sacro peruigilante gregem

    [Poem dedicated to Igidius, Bishop of Reims].

    [The watchful Wolf does not take anything to the fold is on guard when it is you, Holy Pastor, who guard the flock]


    Of Step





    The Tree of Life


    According to Wikipedia, the prophecy of St. Malachy prophecy of the popes or is an esoteric text prophetic and eschatological such a popular tradition attributes to the bishop of Ireland Saint Malachy [Friend and confidant of St. Bernard of Clairvaux ] .


    The Benedictine monk Arnold Wion claims to have discovered in 1590 a prophecy he attributed to St. Malachy and is supposed to appoint the next Popes. He brings to the cardinals during the conclave of October 1590 and had it published for the first time in 1595 in a five-page document.


    This esoteric text, which is not used by the Church, gives rise to many interpretations and redone periodically surfaced in the media in each conclave.


    Arnold Wion published in 1595 a voluminous work entitled Lignum vitae, Ornamentum and disappointed Ecclesiae, one of the passages referred prophetia S. Malachiæ, Archiepiscopi of Summis Pontificibus, is the prophecy of the popes. In the sixteenth century, the passage of the text was submitted to the comments of the Dominican Alphonse Ciaconi, life specialist popes and ecclesiastical heraldry. He tries to operate the first connections between currencies, prophecy and some elements concerning the popes as their surnames, their arms or their places of birth.


    This list can be divided into two groups: the first group of 74 popes and anti-popes who reigned before the publication of prophecies about 1590, and for which the relationship between the pope and the currency associated with it is relatively clear. The second group consists of 38 currencies associated with popes who reigned since 1590. To this list, the relationship between the pope and the currency associated with it is sometimes more difficult to grasp.


    The Holy Pontiff Benedict XVI arrives at number 111 and carries the motto "111. olivae gloria (glory of the olive / olive)". Benedict XVI (2005-2014) [since it is still alive and therefore in charge of the Pontificate to this day !].


    Agony in the Garden of Olives, or simply Agony in the garden or even prayer in the garden, is an episode in the life of Christ, an event of his Passion placed immediately after the Entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper and before arrested in the same garden after its denunciation by Judas. The term agony is relative in the Greek sense of "last struggle of nature against death" of the direction given by the Judaism of "imminent death and encouragement to repentance" (which does not make sense here ) the "battle of the soul." [What is reflection, the image of the Apostolate of the Holy Father Benedict XVI].


    Agony in the Garden (1610-1612) is the title of a painting by El Greco, visible in the Museum of Fine Arts, where Jesus is depicted praying at night in a garden that is known to be that of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem; three of his disciples, Peter, John and Jacques le Mineur, accompanying asleep nearby. Angels, present before Christ praying, offer him a chalice to drink (in acceptance of his destiny). The presence in the distant backdrop of views of the city walls of Jerusalem specifically remember the place. [Cf. Wikipedia].


    Benedict XVI, tranmis borne by the Temporal Church to his successor [the Silver Clef] on 28 February 2013, but retained and reserved its Spiritual load [The Golden Key].


    The Keys


    Les Clefs


    His successor at the Temporal load of the Church, was elected March 13, 2013, as Bishop of Rome, under the title of Pope Francis.


    This Pope, according to the text of the "prophecy attributed to Saint Malachy" should be the motto :


    "112. Caput Nigris (Black Head and Black Head Black or Chapter)" [from a Popular Tradition, this motto was "scratched" and thus removed from the original document] [Prior to his election, several, announced or hoped, the the advent of a "Black Pope", they interpreted a little too quickly or literally, as "Pope" of African origin; but others thought, obviously, the famous "Black Pope" of the Jesuits, and not disappoint them, note that the new Pope is well, or Arms Coat of their Order !].


    Then the list of currencies concludes with a text :


    In [psecutione] Extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Rom. which pascet ovals in multis tribulationibus: quibus Transactis, civitas septicollis diruëtur and Judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. FINIS.

    Some, most, literally translated, roughly like this :

    During the final persecution of the SRE (Sancta Romana Ecclesia: Holy Roman Church) sitting Pierre Rom. (Peter the Roman), which shall feed the ewes among many tribulations; they are completed, the city of seven hills will be destroyed; and the fearsome Judge will judge his people. END [Author: Jean-Paul Coudeyrette compilhistoire.pagesperso-orange.fr/prophetieMalachie.html.]



    The Secret of Fatima


    However, the tradition of the Orden of Chivalry teaches us to interpret [and see] from a different angle, the shields [also need to decode in reverse: turning!], And read [and translated] text, otherwise than in the direct and literal sense. [Cf. the blog article of the Orden of Chivalry entitled. "The Speaking The Hiding The Meaning."].


    IHS                                       SHIT


    IHS         SHIT



    If we apply here this year, we could easily discern this, in addition, an astrological / astronomical metaphor that will allow us to better understand the correct meaning of the text, see earlier :


    In psecutione [persecutione ou prosecutione, that is to say, at the same time and following] extrema [and end to end or] (SRE = Sancta Romana Ecclesia : Holy Roman Church). sedebit Petrus Rom. : The reign of Petrus Rom. [one who occupies the throne of the Holy Roman Church of [Saint] Peter's] qui pascet oves [the ewes = an allegorical expression, denoting astrology star signs, which are compared to "white sheep herds (star clusters) grazing in the fields of the sky "] [that is to say: during (zodiac signs) in multis tribulationibus: his reign (which it will); [and which will be the cause] many tribulations or insults] quibus transactis [after] civitas septicollis diruëtur, [the city of seven hills (allegory of the Church of Rome) will be (to evil and) low or low] and Judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. [And frightening and formidable Judge, who scares and inspires fear, that is to say, "the Son of Thunder" will judge him and his people = 'supporters' of the "Black Pope" (Caput Nigris) which occupy at that time, (effectively) the throne (official) of the Holy Roman Church] Finis = End : [and he will precipitate and complete end].



    (Le Nautonier)


    Le Nautonier


    In other words :


     After the advent: the Holy Father and Maximus Pontifex [the Spiritual Church of Christ] Benedict XVI (De gloria olivae) [! And concomitantly] will be elected at the head of the Holy Roman Church [the head of the 'Temporal Church] : the Bishop of Rome (Caput Nigris) [the "Black Pope" Francis: that is "Defined and Designated" himself, as the Bishop of Rome] and during his reign will "no" down the temporal Church of Rome [by denaturing it, and by diverting it totally from Christ], and at the end [of his reign] will come, the "Sons of Thunder" [Judge who is 'Humilis Pecator] (see the article in the blog Orden of Chivalry : "The Call" and see the comments on the article "The Monad UFOs"), which [the] judge, he and [his people] his supporters and his henchmen, and the action which it will end, it will stop or end, intervening. [That is: Punishment and the True Secret, not revealed (at least not directly), and officially by the Temporal Church, yet announced in 1917 by Our Lady at Fatima].


    Our Lady of Fatima


    Notre Dame de Fatima

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