• Practical exercise heraldic No. 2




    It's more easy to use a Card for undertaking a journey, we will set the scene directing the geography of the Sacred Field of coat of arms, that will be very helpful for us in exploration of the infinite universe of heraldry.


    1 / View the square banner as the projection of the world map of our universe on a flat surface as well as the map is strictly speaking the plane projection of the terrestrial planisphere.


    2 / To orient properly and give meaning to our journey we have a Sacred Compass which is that of the Carbuncle point [Figure (1) of the point Carbuncle].


    3 / The horizontal and vertical branches define our position at the center of creation and at worlds's crossroads.


    4 / Diagonal branches indicate the direction to follow and connect the dots to complete our journey.


    5 / The starting point of our journey is at the north / east of our position that is the rising star of our first age of childhood life.


    6 / The starting azimuth of our star is the point south / east of our position in the birth of teen life.


    7 / The starting point of the radiation of the maturity of our being is south / west of our position.


    8 / The end point of our queste is north / west of our position that is at bedtime our star in the last age of old age, that of fulfilling our life.


    9 / The purpose of our trip was the eclipse of our individual light and our rebirth in the right ascension of the Star Polar [the Northern Kingdom] where manifests the fullness of the Light of the Chrism [Figure (2) Chi-Rho emblem] that of Sol invictus [horizontal North / South axis represents the polar axis must be rotated 90 ° toward you to form an axial point at the heart of the ring, thus drawing the hieroglyph of pointed circle that is the traditional symbol of the Sun, in the heart of Chrism, which is the sign of Victory of Truth, the Resurrection and Life over death].


    10 / "Congratulations !" ... Following the middle path you just do your Earthly Pilgrimage.


    11 / In an upcoming heraldic practical exercise you will realize, by the same voice: your Heavenly Pilgrimage ... but on colored fields of the stars.


    Figure (1rays of the carbuncle

    Figure (2Chi-Rho emblem

    Practical exercise heraldic No. 2

    Practical exercise heraldic No. 2