• Double Conspiracy Theory


    The Numinous


    Les Numineux



    "God is frequently out of darkness of the night to the light of day" [Saint John of the Cross]


    Crux Circle


    Crux Circle


    The Conspiracy Theory Negative


    To summarize: a government of "enlightened" globalist coalition manipulates devices Earthen States, with the aim of exploiting the Earth and its resources, enslave humanity, lowering it, and "predate" all Forces of the Living;


    [The Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry tells us that this "secret government" is in the service of "Occult" - precisely - whether Land, Extraterrestrials or Infra -Terrestres]


    This "coalition of Shadows" also uses the "advanced" technology [such as HAARP network or micro waves]


    and other "transfers" inverted says "occultists" [such practices "or shamanic magic" errant] to "turn off their hunger";


    and which, it is easy to count the manipulations in the information or derogatory behavior, mafia and criminal geo-political, financial, economic and religious; also without forgetting the "experimental" dimension whose statement is obvious in various sites of "test bench" or application such as:


    in France, "The Mysteries of the Col de Vence" (see Pierre Beake and Col Association Vence.com) [The aptly named by the Ancients "Plateau of Idols, or Plateau Devil"!] or "manifest" all "outfits" of phenomenology: UFO, para-psychological, para-religious and "Cursed Facts" [so dear to Charles Fort, who wrote about them: "A procession of the damned. For the damned, I hear the excluded. We will hold a procession of all the data that science has seen fit to exclude "cf. "The Book of the Damned" 1919] etc.


    or other programs of "testing laboratories" and in the region of the "South West" of England with the gradual annual occurrence since the early 1980s, the "Phenomenon" says the "Crop Circles", or the true and the false, the natural and the artificial (not to mention the fireworks) "intertwine" and are well-orchestrated and used or recovered by some active minorities [themselves instrumentalized] for dark "drawings ".


    Crops Crux


    Crops Crux


    [just like the "apparitions" of "ufonauts" and UFOs, ovnies, osnis, onani, ove, efo, ovex, afo, ufos, trafficking, foo-fighters (foo-fithers) mocs, Atias, hnos, ozns, djias, nlos, nifos, panis, pans, tanks and celestial shields, airships, ghost ships and aircraft, cigars, light and flying discs and other flying saucers, who obviously do not have any, "no-fault law!" - the origin, nature, a cause, action and mission - the same, unique and common]




    Positive Theory of Conspiracy


    Saying negative words as positive! No shadow without light. Because one can not exist without the other. This is what we say, and show the rest, all the Traditions, Myths, Religions and even their ways, History and Science.


    This Plot Positive Orden of Chivalry teaches us that it is the work of a College in both physical and meta-physical [as well as the negative Plot] and whose members "Numinous" Veterans are the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden that are present in all the Worlds [Infra, Extra and Earth] and who are united to the forces of "Continuum" to act in the ameliorative and oppose the various actions of "Confederates" [in gangs and interdependent] of Conspiracy Negative of "Dark".


    Since the "Time of the Night", each of the two "camps" and confronts another; each action of one corresponds a proportionate and appropriate reaction, from each other, and according to the same or similar conditions.


    [which inevitably generates a confusion of "register" and discrimination, especially as the "wolves in sheep's often disguise" to better "predate"]


    [recall in passing that the technique of "mimicry or camouflage" is used both by the predator, and the predated only by the hunter!].


    Dagger Is

    (Dague...Est = Daguet = Brocket)




    The objective of the artisans of Conspiracy Positive is to protect, defend and "raise" Humanity and Life in general.

    [as was the case for example with the fall of the "comet" in Siberia in 1908:

    (The event is the Tunguska explosion June 30, 1908 at 7 h 13 in central Siberia, in the Russian Empire. The shock wave equivalent to several hundred times that generated Whom bomb of Hiroshima 37 years later, destroyed the forest on a 20 kilometer radius and caused damage to a hundred kilometers cf. Wikipedia) or "drones" of the planet protection network intervened to intercept and destroy time [by fragmenting the atmosphere] this "comet"


    Isti Stella Mirant


    Isti Stella Mirant


    [According to the Russian investigator Valery Uvarov, head of the science department, technical and research on UFOs based in St. Petersburg, the gigantic meteorite has crashed into the earth, for it was destroyed at high altitude, not by entering our atmosphere, but because it was intercepted by a technology that would and generated electromagnetic energy and produced huge "balls of light". [out among other lakes and heading on the comet with the visual evidence of the time to support] [in fact] a missile [or more] would have destroyed a meteorite that was going on land. As for the missile, it would have originally a secret facility several hundred kilometers north of Tunguska and which one does not know the origin. On the other hand, there is the assumption of Yuri Lavbin, leader of the expedition in 2004 working for 12 years on the mystery of Tunguska, which claims that a comet heading towards the earth [was] disintegrated voluntarily travel before hitting the ground with a "mysterious flying machine" that would have made the cost of the operation. He even said: "we have been saved by a superior civilization," cf. UFO - Live. com / toungouska.html]


    The XIII Lights in the Sky of the New Sun



    Les XIII Lumières dans le Ciel du Nouveau Soleil


    or yet another time when "the aggression and instead attack" by a meteor, which was - without doubt - focused on the Russian Mayak nuclear complex near Ozyorsk in northern region Chelyabinsk oblast, on the morning of 15 February 2013 that triggered the Russian warning network defense system of the planet against all forms of alien aggression: the "Citadel" network]


    [The meteor Chelyabinsk designated supercar Chelyabinsk is a meteor or fireball (or meteoroid) that was observed in the sky of the southern Urals, above Oblast Chelyabinsk, on the morning of 15 February 2013 at about 9:20 local (3:20 UTC).


    With a diameter of 15-17 m and an estimated mass of 7 000 to 10 000 tonnes, the fireball was partially disintegrated in the atmosphere, about 20 km altitude. The phenomenon has freed an estimated energy to 440 kilotons of TNT (about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, or about 30 times less than the Tunguska event), creating a shock wave that brought down a wall and a factory roof, destroyed thousands of windows and windows and injured at least 1,613 people, mainly in Chelyabinsk. Fragments of the object created impact craters near Chebarkul and Zlatoous.


    It is also remarkable that the meteor path was filmed by numerous witnesses, including the images prove valuable to scientists]


    gold on some of these images [see www .yutube or Daylimotion] (but also other similar facts) can clearly be distinguished intervention UFO taking the meteor hunting for "neutralize"; and before the first explosion and fragmentation in the atmosphere.


    At the end there should be only Caïn !

    (At the end there should be Only One !)


    A la faim il ne doit en rester Caïn !


    Double Conspiracy Theory


    So if we apply the "prism" of the Double Conspiracy Theory, to all the myths and ancient and modern historical events, it is undoubtedly faces that the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry called War eschatological:


    [whose fighting is taking place not only to the dimensions of space but also in time lines]


    Sons of Darkness (the Moon): followers of Chaos Theory, according to which the order (destiny) is born of involutive dynamics, the apparent disorder (or fate)


    against the Sons of Light (the Sun): proponents of Theory of Revelation, where the Order of Christ is the goal,


    [and Insurance calm to every creature, to be in his place and occupy in Harmony functions, the latter arising from the balanced Concorde various parts of the Whole, which is: Justice]


    and its implementation by the Ministry of Action of the Chivalrous Synergy and Religious Synarchie at the Service of Evolutionary Life.



    (Patrie...Arche = Homeland...Arche)





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