• Practical exercise heraldic No. 1



    Universal Clef du Tetramorph opens all doors ; apply it to the Coats of Arms, which are also singular and partial facets and reflections of the Archetypal Man perfectly balanced and harmonized or fully accomplished [Integration "plenary" of the cortex or "reptilian mammalian brains, and homidien angelien"] and you will very easily and gradually the intelligence of the Science of Arms and Art of coat of arms.


    1/ consider the shield of arms in the form of a square banner.


    2/ divide the square into four equal parts, or quarters, quartered crosswise.


    3/ each quarter then returns to a constituent part of human psychology [psychology as theology and cosmology is a constituent of metaphysics].


    4 / the first chief dexter quarter [of the Angel in 1] is the lucid analytical and indirect rational consciousness [which is the sphere of male spiritual functionality].


    5 / third quarter chief sinister [3 Eagle] is the synthetic and direct immediate intuitive subconscious [which is the sphere of women's spiritual functionality].


    6 / fourth quarter dexter area [4 Taurus] is the extra-sensory perceptions of science [which is the sphere of physical functionality].


    7 / second quarter tip sinister [2 Lion] is the science of intra-emotional perceptions [which is the sphere of psychic functionality].


    By practicing and applying this approach to other parts ornaments scores figures fur furniture and color matching universal analog traditional symbols you will be able to deepen yourself and immediately metaphysical knowledge through hieroglyphic writing [or Sacred Scripture] of Chivalry.



    Practical exercise heraldic No. 1