• Practical exercise heraldic No. 3


    La Fusion


    After your earthly journey in the sub-lunar sphere of small mysteries of the soul and to guide you in your heavenly odyssey to the sup-solar spheres of the great mysteries of the Spirit, the coat of arms features a route mapped out: the rainbow of colors [Figure 1 rainbow].


    1 / Your starting point is the silver color = white Selene [Figure 2 Plain Silver] than the waiting table for your new coat of arms that will reflect all the nuances of your prowess and feats the likings : from your dating your, faces to faces (fess to fess) to your covenants.


    2 / So if you are a man like the volatile [the seer] Air and winged Mercury you will take to the skies in the azure air [blue] of the sphere of Jupiter [Figure 3 sphere of Jupiter] to cross swords with martial and glowing [Gules] Mars which will boil of vigour your blood Until cover you with the bright and radiant brilliant watered coat of the purple [... water is life ...] [purple] of Hermes.


    3 / So if you are a woman you will bewitch the air [azure] of the atmosphere of Jupiter [figure 3 the sphere of Jupiter] with the scents of the dawn and the evening perfumes by dressing you in the deep and soft green color [vert] and floral of goddess's dress […] such the beautiful and charming Venus.


    4 / Pushed by the golden solar winds [yet](now) you always will push farther your adventures until your destination : the sphere of the black [of sand], the Bright and "crystallin" Saturn [the Ebony Glittering like "diamond "] which will plunge you into the bath of the awakening  of the just man, the golden age and of paradisiac times, when reign the peace the innocence and the abundance, to the "good Time" [represent 4 the bows (arcs) of the sky]


    5 / In a next heraldic practical exercise you will get down again "re ash" on earth to come to grips with the riddle of sphinx, that is: to rectify and to fix the Four Elements, to cleanse and to merge Both Natures and to sublimate and to crystallize "Chrystal lily is" Three Principles.

    [Figure 1 Rainbow] …  

    [Figure 2 Plain Silver (fully white)] …

    Exercice pratique héraldique n°3

     Exercice pratique héraldique n°3



    [Figure 3 The sphere of Jupiter] …  


    [Figure 4 The arches of the sky] 

    Exercice pratique héraldique n°3

    Exercice pratique héraldique n°3


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    Practical exercise heraldic No. 3