• The chivalric tournament

    Training for Vessels

    (La Formation des Vaisseaux = The Formation of Sheaf-Binders)


    La Formation des Vaisseaux


    The Knights Tournament

    "The trumpets sounded, the barriers are lowered. Hundred knights rush from both ends of the lists, and meet in the middle. The lances are shattered; foreheads against the horses collide and fall. "


    [François-René de Chateaubriand, The Genius of Christianity. 2, 1803, p. 493]


    This is the "Carousel" their "Rides" in the Strings [Hallways] Time and their "Cross Magnet ..." in Space [Shock Smashing], a "From El ... "[Meeting of Heraldry]

    ... And one score emblazoned is one of the most faithful representations :

    Gironné and "By ... Being" Rear Girona.

    For the "Design", the four-piece Girona, is to identify the three axes of the time, that grow in front of and behind [Quantitative time] at noon and at midnight [Qualitative Time], the rising and ponant [Parallel Time], and make us spin [on Earth], in the sense dextrorotatory and around "hubs":

    of the Abyss ... between before and after,

    Heart ... between the top and bottom,

    and Central ... between right and left,

    ... Who are the "Mutations or Tournaments" of "Portes du Soleil".


    The First Wheel

    This first wheel of the Microcosm, is that of the World, which swirls around the tree Horizontal Axis Ground, North Pole / South Time :


    Banneret gironné d’or et d’argent de 4 pièces

    Second Wheel

    In Girona Against four parts, Crest, himself Girona four parts:

    [Brochant]: marrying, [From the One in the Other] : against in point [From the Other One In]: and reciprocity, Girona Dextrorotatory :

    Reverse rotates in the direction Senestrogyre.

    This is the second wheel of the Macrocosm, that of "Kingdom ... to", which spins around the tree [the heavens ...] Vertical Axis CELESTRE Poles Zenith / Nadir of space : 

    Banneret contre-gironné d’or et d’argent de 4 pièces

    Tournament Magnet ...

    This representation is so remarkable that it is essential to observe different perspectives.

    Both wheels intersect at 90 ° and are intermingled in one party against the other in "In their" "Mi ... Tans" [cf. B.A - BA Heraldry David Gattegno - Pardes].

    This is the banneret "At All" ... On ... "The Most Of All".

    In other words, it is the heraldic device of the Two Concentric Wheels, Vision of the Prophet and tetramorphs Ready Ezekiel [in 593 before J. C. Chaldeans by the river Chebar (current Shatt-al-Hillah). (Source Wilkipedia)];

    and if you prefer, the "Seat Perilous" Round Table of King Arthur :


    The Three Kingdoms


    Les trois royaumes

    and also:

    Whirling Castles

    In the Quest for the Holy Grail, the Chateaux ["Tournaments"] [the "Joyeuse Garde Fisher King"], are the choke points [cf. l es "Nine Bridges" the "Lost Bridge" Bridge As or In Water "or" Sword Bridge "; and other "Arcs in Heaven"] to access the "Other Worlds" [cf.le "Crystal Castle" of the Lady of the Lake of the fairy Viviane or "the Valley of No Return" of the Fairy Morgan].

     The Walkyrie

    La Walkyrie


    The "Rais ... Partitions" of the "Places" passage are in our World of "Time" to "No wise ..."; (no wise = pas sage = passage = passing)





    ... And are still marked with the "Girona", from the liturgical calendar and Traditional, and which we find the imprint in the famous festivals of "Fols" or "Saints", the "Saturnalia", or for example, of "Samhain"

    [The day of Samhain is (according to our modern calendar) on 1 November. The festival itself actually lasts a full week, three days before and three days after. For the Celts this period is in brackets in the year; it belongs neither to the one that ends nor the date to begin. It is an autonomous term timeless "non-time interval." (Source Wilkipedia)].

    This is what Tradition Chivalrous called "the Induced Doors" or "The Gates of Time"

    [where ... Time ... Is Folded ...].

    It is "Holes of Time" [borrowed by "Masters of Time"] to travel in "Space Sidereal" and access to other spheres "Inhabited" of the universe ...




    Blason de gueules au tourteau d’azur écartelé au carreau de sable et écartelé au sautoir de 4 lys d’argents brochant et écartelé à la croix de 4 lys d’or sur-brochant


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