• King ... [Most Christian] ... of the World


    The Kingdom of Araucania


    Le Royaume d'Araucania



    Kingship after the order of "Melchizedek"


    Chivalrous Tradition indicates the existence on Earth of a "Christian Kingdom" mysterious [invisible because] that is the ally "Nature ... El" "Organic because" of the Orden of Chivalry, which is responsible for "Sovereignty" of the "World".

    This "state" is led by a "Sovereign" who exercises, following the Patriarch Abraham:

    Triple "Ministry" "King, Priest and Prophet" established on Earth "Melchizedek or Melki-Tsedeq" and in his "Order". See what we also say "Holy Scriptures":


    "The Lord has sworn in a binding oath: You are a priest [Abraham] for ever after the order of Melchizedek king"

    "Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was a priest of the most high God. He pronounced this blessing: "Blessed be Abraham by God Most High, who created heaven and earth, and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand." And Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. "[Cf.le Book of Genesis]

    "Melchizedek was [according to the Old Testament] a Priest, Prophet and prominent leader who lived after the flood in the days of Abraham. He was called King of Salem (Jerusalem), king of peace, king of righteousness (which is the meaning of Melchizedek in Hebrew) and priest of the Most High (Heb 7: 1-3). Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (Gen. 14: 18-20). Christ was high priest after the order of Melchizedek (Heb 5: 6). "

    In these descriptions the Sovereign thus appears as the representative of the ultimate authority on earth [see Sources and detailed texts on Wilkipedia]



    The Kingdom of "Prester John"


    The Mysterious Sovereign administers a "state or kingdom" that is treated from the twelfth century to that of "Prester John"

     Merciful God


     Dieu Miséricordieux     


    In 1156, Bishop Otto of Freising mentions in his column, a meeting that occurred around 1145 with Hughes, Bishop of Djéblé, Latin East. He would have told him about a Nestorian Christian ruler named Prester John, ruling over a vast country of the East. This sovereign would be willing to help Christians to defend the Holy Land, at a time when the Muslim conquest begins (the city of Edessa just been taken over by Zengi, the father of Nur ad-Din). Otto, critical thinking, appears quite skeptical, noting that if that sovereign exists, it can be very powerful. Yet ten years later, a letter began to circulate throughout Christendom, a supposedly letter written by Jean Priest and will impose his legend :

    ... In an environment of Christian kings, [runs] a Latin letter to the Emperor Manuel I Comnenus in Constantinople Drafted by a "priest John", she describes the existence of a Christian kingdom in the far east :dropoff window

    "Beyond Persia and Armenia, extends a wonderful kingdom ruled by Prester John. This land is crossed by a river from Paradise, carrying emeralds, sapphires and rubies. All Christian values are respected to the letter. Theft, greed, lying is unknown. There are no poor. Certainly not. Prester John, whose windowless palace is lit from within by all the gems he is ready ...

    ... Addressing the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos, the monarch describes his kingdom, emphasizing its wealth and power and describing himself as the ruler of India. The letter, piggybacking on a mode already installed the East by the Crusades, once incredibly popular: it will be reproduced dozens of times, with significant differences although the copyists repeat the same pattern. Ensure that there are over a hundred versions of this letter.

    Italy to Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Prester John continues throughout the thirteenth century to address the various rulers of Christendom. The loss of Jerusalem in 1187, reconquered by Saladin attracts more attention than ever on this legendary ruler potential support of a threatened West. It is the hope of a reverse alliance to destroy the Muslim powers, the same hope that will inspire Christian rulers to attempt to ally with the Mongols. ...dropoff Window

    Christian kings meet the Prester John, and Pope Alexander III (1177) sends himself an ambassador. Over time, we seek to recognize the Jean Priest in historical figures: the king of Georgia, Armenia, and even Genghis Khan. But failure to identify a real ruler with Prester John, and Asia is becoming better known, the myth fades gradually. Joinville, recounting the life of his king and friend Saint Louis, written and Prester John has existed, but it was recently defeated by the "Great Khan of Tartary" (we find the same idea in the dream of the old ... peregrine ... Philippe de Mezieres, written in 1389): the advent of the Mongol Empire makes it impossible to think a strong Christian power in Asia.

    At the time of the Crusades, Prester John myth grows. It could become a potential support of Europe against Muslims. In the last crusades, some writers consider its existence as certain.

    Marco Polo in his memoirs, dictated between 1296 and 1299 to some Rusta Pisa while incarcerated in Genoa, mentions the existence of Nestorian Christian communities in many parts of China, ... Jean de Joinville is convinced that the kingdom Prester John has existed.

    Thereafter, the Ottoman conquests including the fall of Constantinople in 1453 gave the Europeans feel besieged. The prospect of a Christian land beyond the Muslim lands possible to consider taking the infidels in a pincer movement. The research of this kingdom pushed Europeans to move to India to find a confident Christian support.


    [See Sources and detailed texts on Wilkipedia]



    Vincunt Evocati Novi


    Vincvnt Evocati Novi


    The Quest Navigator or "Seekers of Paradise"


    The "legendary" Kingdom of Prester John is associated with the "Mythical Land of Paradise" will become the majority of Explorers and Navigators subject "principal" of their Queste;

    because this is the true "Subject" [sometimes barely concealed] their businesses.

    The Portuguese in particular will constantly look for the :

    In 1323, in his Mirabilia, Jordanus identifies the priest Jean Negus Emperor of Ethiopia.

    Towards the end of the fifteenth century, the Portuguese missions reach the distant Christian Ethiopia. Among the members of these expeditions is particularly Pêro da Covilha happens in Ethiopia in 1490 and presents the "Negus Negest" Christian emperor, a letter from the King of Portugal addressed to Prester John.

    We should also mention, among the best known :

    Henry the Navigator was born March 4 1394 Prince of Portugal, brother of the king, who had a passion for marine shipments, he led the organization and conduct of investigations. With his fortune, he was arming ships paid captains and surrounded cartographers

    Ferdinand Magellan (Fernando de Magalhães in Portuguese), in 1519, who undertook the first trip around the world and discovered between the southern end of America and Tierra del Fuego, the strait that now bears his name.

    Vasgo Gama was a Portuguese nobleman who also knew astronomy. In 1497, King Manuel I given command of the maritime expedition, following the route around Africa, as it had been opened by Diaz in 1487, was to reach India.

    Vasco da Gama reaches Calicut [city in the state of Kerala in India] in twenty-seven days, May 20, 1498. In 1502 Vasco da Gama made a second trip to India allowing him to return to Portugal in 1503 already named "Admiral of India", in 1524 he received the title of Viceroy of India.

    Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo in Italian) was an Italian navigator in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century in the service of Spanish Catholics monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.

    Between 1492 and 1504 he made four trips to the "West Indies" [America] he "discovers re ..." at that time. [see text and detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    Another Road for "Paradise"


    The Garden of  the Pëchers


    Le Jardin des Pêchers


    Christians, Bible readers, placed the Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia, if not farther East. It also put him in the top of a mountain. Thomas Aquinas speculated at the place of the earthly paradise. With travel great navigators, we thought he perceived in blissful islands bathed in light, located more towards the south.

    Yet it is to the north and in the sixth century, an Irish monk Saint Brendan of Clonfert confert or Bréanainn, born around 484 and died in 571, sought Paradise.

    He was a pious monk that Christianity flourished in Ireland for the time Merovingian unorthodox as it assimilated many features - and gods - Celtic religion, inheriting his taste for the marvelous and it is best known as "Brendan the Navigator. "It was a savvy sailor. His journey is a classic Irish gesture.

    Tradition has it that little already, Brendan dreamed of Heaven and prayed to God to show him. One day, while he was praying in his abbey of Clonvert, he received a visit from a holy man who told him beheld the wonders of the sea, beyond the horizon. Immediately rebuked his dream.

    A new sign of God in the person of a holy angel, having recruited fourteen companions built a curragh (local fishing boat, unbridged, makes ox hides stretched on a wooden frame), it left one day summer of the Dingle Peninsula, in search of the wonders of the island which, for him, was bound to be the earthly Paradise.

    The story-mell between legend and reality. The trip lasted seven years. Storm, calm, seas, the vagaries of weather are all steps. Sometimes Brendan and his companions have more food and thirst torture; sometimes Brendan, relying on God, let their skiff adrift, holding the bar with one hand and the cross on the other. They are prodigious encounters. Here, amid cliffs, a wonderful castle where they will find a table loaded with food and precious plush beds.

    Moreover terrifying sea monsters. In the midst of these dangers, a "Light Man" the guide, who appeared from time to time, indicates their direction and sometimes brings them food. During Passover, they approach a small barren island, landed there to prepare the Passover lamb. Las! Suddenly the island starts to shake, and fled: they had cooked the Passover lamb on the back of a whale.

    Probably even carried by the wind, they made of twists and turns, returning here or there. One day they saw in the mist a high wall and a church spire; are pending on the shore, a venerable monk approaches them: the monastery of silence, but in the church resonate crystal voice.

    Another time they are at the gates of hell dark clouds and smoke swirling above them, hot ash and incandescent rocks fall into the sea And here shortly after they met Judas, atoning for his betrayal riveted on a rock. isolated where he suffers for eternity fire and storms.

    Navigating in the ice. They meet the hermit Paul, who said to come from Ireland and have been there for ninety years, miraculously fed by an otter.

    Pushing, incitement of Man of Light, they begin their last step towards the Promised Land. It has an ice wall surrounding an incomparable earth green meadows, leaping rivers, heavy foliage laden with fruit, precious treasures and gold. Man of the expected light, but at the end of forty days they said he must go. God gives them to guide a bird. The return trip was made in three months.

    [Excerpts: see text Liliane Crete, detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    The Ire...land





    Discovery of an "unknown land" likened to the Garden of Eden, Voyage of Saint Brendan undeniably evokes the "Quest for the Knights of the Round Table," but in its Maritime Shape [which includes "Two Ways" (the most practiced) exactly as the two pathways "or dryer Wet" Alchemists, or "Ground and Maritime Routes" pilgrimage of the Way of the Stars Santiago to Cape Finisterre (Cabro Fisterre). [Galician Here ... where "If the Earth completes"]

    If the existence of a "United Mythical" [or Paradise Earth] has been the subject of many Questes ...

    ... Many others are also called, or made reference or allusion, such as  :

    Charlemagne [the Emperor in "Barbe Fleurie" ... no. "Double language"]

    And whose "Teach Arms" is already by itself "Talking" [I am based in King Lun (Lys) the King of Kings (Eagle) symbol of "Imperium" or "Forces continuum " of Christ] :


    Of Empire and of  the Kingdom


    D'empire et du royaume


    and which, according to the chronicles, was in contact via the Baltic Sea, with the representatives of this mysterious "Empire" or [Civilization "Mother" or "Sea"]: The "All Saints" ["Those of the apart "(" out of those ... Two ")]

    ... Or as "the future"

    "Duc King" William the Conqueror :



    (Normandy = North...Man...God)




    whose "Admiral Spaceship" [offered by his wife Matilda of Flanders, daughter of Baudouin V Count of Flanders] during his conquest in 1066 of the "Kingdom of Logres or Logrie or Kingdom of King Arthur" [England]

    ... Called the "Mora" in reference to the Enthronement Stone Norse Kings [Cf. the "Crystal Throne and Reef" Red "]

    ... And was decked with the Papal flag of Alexander II Sigillum Christi


    D'argent à la croix cantonnée de 4 besants le tout d'or, à la bordure cianée


    whose island weapons of "Normand Empire" became themselves "Mythical" with Three Leopards "Blood and Gold" [Leopard = = Lion passant Paradis, ie the 'Three Cats', which Heraldry affiliation refers us to the famous Chimera "Dragon" ("the Thunder Bird" or "the Storm Bird" lion-headed, which armed the bow of "Drakkar" Nornands) and "Panther" (Panthée = "Supreme Deity "Pán of" = All or Globality "of the Earth Sphere)] 


    Banneret de gueules aux 3 léopards d’or armés et lampassés d’azur.


    The Heart of the Kingdom


    The Cities "Golden" or "El ... dor ... rafts" are considered the representations of:

      "Spiritual Center or Omphalos of the World" as "Heart of the Kingdom."

    This is the "City of the Sun" [Sun ... which is Christ] [and that is elusive and inaccessible to violence to lawlessness] "the Agarttha" [cf. City of "The King of the World" book of Rene Guenon appeared in 1927] which is located "underground" or "under the ice," as the "Legendary City of Ys"






    The Visitors


    ... Some even claimed to have had access, such as:

    ... Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen during a sea voyage to the North and two-year stay with his father, the "center" of the Earth [cf.The Smoky God (1908) Willis Emerson]

    ... Or as:

    Richard Evelyn Byrd (born October 25, 1888 and died on 11 March 1957), which is a polar explorer and American aviator in the US Navy with the rank of Admiral against [two geographical points received its name: Mount Byrd on Ross Island in Antarctica, and the lunar crater Byrd, and two ships of the US Navy were also named in his honor, the cargo ship USNS Richard E. Byrd and the USS Richard E. Byrd]

    ... And these are the very surprising excerpts from his diary :


    Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd


    Notes of his diary during the fourth polar expedition, including the following extracts in which he reveals how he had acquired an extraordinary awareness on both a global human reality, through his contact with Higher Civilizations.

    "I have to keep this newspaper in secret and in the utmost secrecy. It concerns my Antarctic flight 19 February 1947. A time will come when the rationality of human beings will dissolve into nothingness, where the inevitability of the Truth will then be accepted. I do not have the freedom to disseminate the following documentation; Perhaps she did never see the light; however, I must do my duty: the report here with the hope that one day everyone can read it, in a world where selfishness and greed of some human beings will not be able to put the light under a bushel .dropoff window

    (...) On stretches of ice and snow below us, we notice yellowish discoloration linear drawings. The cruising speed is slowed to a better examination of these colorful configurations. One also notes of violet and pink colors.

    (...) Both the magnetic compass as the gyro start rotating and oscillating; it is not possible to maintain our way with the instruments. We note the direction the sun compass; everything still seems to be in order. Controls seem slow to respond and function; however, we do not report to freezing indication.

    (...) 29 minutes flight have passed since the first registration mountains. No, it is not a hallucination: A small mountain stands there; ever before, we had noticed.

    "Beyond the mountains, a valley seems to be shaped by a small river - or stream - flowing to the central part. No green valley should be here, below us! Certainly, there is something strange and abnormal here! We should fly as snow and ice! On the left, the mountain slopes are adorned with large forests. Our navigation instruments oscillate like crazy.

    I limit the altitude at 1,400 feet, then I execute a turn at low altitude, 180 ° to the right in order to better examine the valley below. Foam and fine grass give it a green color. Here, the light seems different. I can no longer see the sun. I turn again, this time on the left, to make a second round. We see a huge animal that looks like an elephant! No! It is a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet it is indeed the case! We descend to 1,000 feet above sea level; I use the binoculars to better observe the animal. I can confirm that it is indeed an animal similar to a mammoth.

      (...) We meet other green hills. The outside temperature gauge mark 24 degrees centigrade. We are on track. Now, flight instruments seem to react normally. I remain puzzled about their reactions. I try to contact the base. The radio does not work!

    (...) "The surrounding landscape seems leveled and normal. Before us, we spot a city ... !!! This is impossible!

    The plane seems lightweight and float. The controls refuse to respond! My God !!! To our right and our left, devices of a strange kind escorting us. They approach: something throbs of these devices. Now they are close enough to allow us to see their coat of arms. This is a strange symbol. Where are we? What has happened? Once again, I pull the levers decisively. The controls do not respond! We are firmly secured by a sort of invisible steel vise.


    Blue at Capel


    D'azur au Capel d'acier


    (...) Our radio crackles: A voice comes to us, speaking in English with a German accent, or rather Nordic! The message is:

    "Welcome to our territory, Admiral. We will land exactly by seven minutes. Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands. "

    I realize that the engines of our aircraft are off. The unit is a strange control; Now, it turns itself.

    (...) We get another radio message. We are about to begin the landing procedure; quickly, the plane vibrates slightly; it starts to go down, as supported by a huge and invisible elevator.

    (...) On foot, some men approach the unit. They are great; their hair is blond. In the distance, a large city sparkles; it vibrates the colors of the rainbow sky. I do not know what will happen now. However, I did not notice any trace of weapons on those approaching us. I hear a voice, calling me by my name, ordered me to open the door. I am running.

    After these notes, taken from his "Diary" Admiral also notes what happened next:

    (...) "From there, I describe the events by calling on my memory. Facts graze the imagination; their description could be required to be within the madness if they had not actually occurred. Once extracted from the device, my mechanic and I were greeted cordial manner. Then we were on board a small transport aircraft similar to a platform, but without wheels! He led us at high speed towards the glittering city. As we approach the town appeared made of crystal. In no time, we came to a large building, of a kind never seen before. It seemed out of Frank Lloyd Wright drawings or, perhaps more accurately, a scene Buck Regers!

    A hot drink to the unknown flavor was offered to us. It was delicious. About 10 minutes later, two of our amazing guests entered our cabin. They invited me to follow them. I had no choice but to obey. I let my mechanic radios. We walked up to what seemed to me a lift. We went down for a few moments, then the elevator stopped; the door slid silently up. We went along a corridor lit by a pink light that seemed to emanate from the walls! One of the beings dwell waved us in front of a large door, surmounted by a sign that I was not able to read. The large door disappeared without noise. I was invited to move me. One of the guests said:

    "Have no fear, Admiral, you'll have a talk with the Master."

    I entered. My eyes slowly adapted themselves to the wonderful color that seemed to completely fill the room. So I began to perceive my surroundings. Which met my eyes was the extraordinary vision of my life. She was too beautiful to be described. It was wonderful. I do not think that there are human terms able to describe accurately in every detail.

    My thoughts were interrupted by a gently warm and melodious voice:

    "Welcome to our territory, Admiral!"

    I saw a man with delicate features, wearing on his face the signs of aging. He was sitting at a large table. He invited me to sit on a chair. As soon as I sat down, he unites the ends of his fingers, then smiled. He spoke again gently:

    "We have let you enter here because you are of noble character, and because you are well known in the world of the surface, Admiral!"

    "World of the surface"! I remained breathless!

    Yes - said the Master with a smile - you are on the territory of the Aryans: the world flooded the Earth. I will not delay your time mission; safely, you will be escorted when you return to the surface, and even a little further. Now, Admiral, I will let you know the reason for your call here. Our interest began immediately after the explosion of the first atomic bombs dropped by your race, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. In this worrying time we sent our flying machines, the "Flugelrads" on your surface world to investigate what your race had done. Clearly, this is an old story, Admiral; However, let me continue. You see, ever, we intervened before the time in wars and cruelties of your race. Yet now we are forced to do so, since you have to handle a type of energy, atomic, that is not made for humans. Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world. They do not get worried. You have been chosen to be witness here that our world exists. You see, our culture and science have thousands of years ahead of yours, Admiral. "



    The Aureole

    (L'Or...Eole = The Gold...Eole)



    I interrupted

    "But what has all this to do with me, Lord!"

    The eyes of the Master seemed to deeply penetrate my mind after I studied a little, he replied:

    "Your race has reached the point of no return, because some among you destroy your entire world rather than relinquish power as they know it ...

    I nodded. The Master continued:

    "Since 1945, we have tried to contact your race, our efforts have been met with hostility: we shot our Flugelrads. Yes, they were even continued with aggression and animosity by your fighter planes. Also, can I tell you, my son, a great storm on the horizon of your world: a black fury that will not run for years. Your weapons will not be used in any way to your defense; Your science will guarantee any security. This storm will rage as long as any flower of your culture has not been trampled dispersed throughout human creation into chaos. For your race, the recent war was only the prelude to what is yet to occur. Here, we can realize more clearly every hour ... Do you think I'm wrong? "
    "Non I answered - this has already occurred in the past; the dark years will come; they will last five hundred years. ""

    "Yes, my son - said the Master - the dark years to come for your race will cover the Earth like a blanket. However, I think some will survive the storm, I know nothing! We see in the distant future, the ruins of your race, the emergence of a new world in search of his lost legendary treasures; they will be safe, my son here in our possession. When the time comes, we will move forward again to help your culture and your race to live. "

    "So may have you learned the futility of war and its struggles ... Therefore, a part of your culture and your science will be returned so that your race can resume its evolution. You, my son, you must return to the World of Surface, bearer of this message ... "

    These last words seemed to have concluded our interview. For a moment I felt like a dream ... But I knew it was good of reality. For some strange reason I bowed slightly; I do not know if it was out of respect or humility. Suddenly, I realized that the two amazing hosts who had brought me here were again at my side

    "This way, Admiral," showed me one of them

    Before leaving, I turned back once again; I looked at the Master. A sweet smile loomed over her delicate old face.

    "Farewell, my son," he said, sketching a very sweet gesture of her frail hand in a gesture of peace.

    Thus ended our meeting. We went slowly through the front door of the room where the Master was held, then we went back into the elevator. The door silently lowered; once the elevator rose.

    One of my hosts spoke again:

    "Now we need to hurry, Admiral; Indeed, the Master does not want to further delay your program; you must return from your race with His message. "

    I did not answer. All this was unthinkable. Stopping the lift interrupted my thoughts. I entered the room where radio was still holding my mechanic. Anxiety marked his face. I walked over to him and said,

    "All right, Howie, all is well."

    The two beings made us a sign showing the unit to standby. We went out to quickly regain our aircraft. The engines were idling; we embarked immediately. A state of emergency was hovering in the atmosphere. As soon as the door closed, an invisible force plane transported upward to an altitude of 2,700 feet. Two of their devices escorted us to a safe distance. They took us sailing on the way back. I must emphasize that the speedometer showed nothing, although we moved at high speed. "

    (...) We received a radio message:

    "Now we're going to leave you, Admiral; your controls are free.

    Wiedersehen !!!. "


    The Round Dance of the Battle-axes


    La Ronde des Haches


    One moment, we followed the gaze Flugelrads, until they disappear in a blue sky glacier. The plane seemed caught by a rising current. Immediately, we resumed our control, we were silent for a while; each of us {two} was immersed in his own thoughts.

    (...) Again, we flew over stretches of ice and snow, about 27 minutes from our base. We sent a radio message. One answered us. We told normal ... normal. The base camp expressed great relief when contact was again restored.

    (...) We landed gently on the base. I had a mission to accomplish.

    (...) March 11, 1947. I just had an interview with the General Staff of the Pentagon. I fully reported my discovery and the message of the Master. Everything has been carefully recorded. The President was briefed. For hours (6 hours and 39 minutes exactly), I was subject to question. Top Security Forces, assisted by a medical team led a very thorough examination. What a nightmare !!! The forces of National Security of the United States of America placed me under strict control. He was reminded that I had as a military obligation to obey orders.


    The last note


    (...) Last rating: 30 December 1956. All the years that have elapsed since 1947 have not been good ... Hence my last note in the diary.

    I conclude by saying that, in all these years, I have scrupulously kept this under the seal of secrecy, as he was commanded. I had to do it against my moral integrity principles.

    Now I feel great night approaching; this secret will not die with me; like any truth, he will triumph! This is the only hope for mankind. I saw the Truth; It has strengthened my mind giving me freedom! I have done my duty with respect to the monstrous military industrial complex. The long night begins to fall; however, there will be an epilogue. Following the example of the long Antarctic night ends, the resplendent Sun of Truth will rise again, and those belonging to the darkness perish in His Light ...

    Because I've seen "this land beyond the Pole, the center of the Great Unknown '." ... [View openyoureyes.over-blog.ch/article-la-terre-creuse-le-journal-de-l -amiral -... and detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    ... Access to "Land of the Creuse Middle Kingdom" or passing through "a kingdom of Unknown Land"? [the "Cones" ancient and modern Volcanic are also the "artifacts" of the visible "Passage tunnels" between the "Parallel Universe"]


    The Malström


    Le Maelstrom


    ... "In all these scenarios," [same metaphorical or allegorical]

    ... This is akin to greatly reveals the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry, which is particularly clear and precise regarding its mission:

    "Keep, Protect and Defend" Earth [the Holy Land of the Holy Kingdom] against all threats of "Powers" "Internal or External" and hostile to the Planet!



    D'argent aux bâtons de bourgogne





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