• The Resistance



     It is not us who find her, it's her who finds us !


    Battle-Ax Trinitarian


    Trinitaire Hache


    Change Nothing !


    Not to succumb, no more, in the influence of the infernal "Powers" [the instinctive and unconscious strengths, and the systems of control primary impulsive and re-instinctual drives], remain yourself, and change nothing !


    On the Personal Plan 

    Keep what you have undertaken, following a "normal" life, and enjoy a happy and harmonious family life, expand your social relationships, rewarding and balanced, and continue your professional activity [or volunteer], exciting and "enriching".


    Because this is indeed this lifestyle, which is one of the best, the most and best shared, and it is a powerful "Crazy guard" which strengthens our "immune system" natural and psychological to protect us against the "crazy about the lodging house," and because this "Outer wall and protective enclosure" is fully self-sufficient, to preserve our balance, and protect us from all forms of "Aliens Possessions " undesirable.


    Also, because all of isolation factors of weakness and imbalance vectors [alcohol, excessive disturbances drugs of any kind] and faulting of "anchoring" and "insemination" conducive to infestation symbiotic "entities of the infra-world."


    So be clear-headed in your direction and your life choices:


    1 / follow a healthy existence;


    2 / structure your personality;


    3 / strengthen your physical, emotional and mental balance;


    4 / stay free, autonomous and independent;


    And more you will lead this lifestyle, everyday; more you will resist !


    The Therapy


    Unfortunately, opportunities and other imbalance temptations are "legions", and gear down in a constantly changing world, and where it is often difficult without fixed points of reference points, to "stabilize".


    And if, you feel, yourselves, insufficiently "Armed"("Equipped") to face "alone" these "traumas" or "cracks", you summits to accompany by the Doctors and Psychologists (or other professionals) who are best trained and equipped [generally] to bring you the necessary tools to solve, yourself, these "tensions" and to strengthen the "weaknesses" of your armor "Psychomotor".


    And because this support will help you succeed, "to face" and "overcome" ultimately your own "Demons", be it by the simple awareness [which is essential!] the origin, nature, source or root cause of these "Evil Beings."


    [It is also, as we report the tradition of the Ancients Orden's Ancestors and Elders of Chivalry, the operative due to the "antique" Christian confession or examination of conscience, which is the "first step" liberator by "verbalization". That same tradition also explains the effectiveness "ancestral" of Meditations, Contemplations and Prayers (Our Father in particular), fasting (for modified diets), hygiene (purification by water, air and salt), fumigation (incense for example), some places called "sacred" (the purifyingin and vigorating waves), etc.] [Cf. eg Entities and Parasites of Energy , A link between body medicine of the mind. Rose and Gilles Gandy. Trajectory editions 2014]


    But above all never give up your "Free Will Choice", do not delegate your responsibility, keep your independence, preserve your independence, keep your freedom; And thus run away first and foremost : "infestations" of fortune tellers, the "contamination" and other ominous birds "marabouts" and all these greedy superstitious, looking for "possessions". 


    On the Functional Plan


    Do the same and stay yourself! Fulfill your obligations with Constance and determination, do reign with measurement, temperance, probity and fairness, there, and wherever you work, and so, you will make back the forces of chaos, of opponent and adversity.


    On unpersonal Plan


    Change nothing, but every day, open up, the Graces of the Faith, and Donations of Baptisms, of the Soul and the Spirit [the Water and Fire] of our Lord Jesus Christ, and serve the code of honor of Chivalry, and you leave his body, to rejoin : The Armed Heart [and the Chorus] of the Resistance.


    Penta - High Mega

    (Le Penta - Haut Mega = Penta - O Mega)


    Le Penta -Heut Mega


    Me, my heart is dead and I'm the idiot, the king of fools. I, who do not know the rest. I, the outcast, the lost. I, who has more enemies and whose death is a friend, I will drive out demons. I, who carries the Cross of the Lord, I will bring you, My Lady, many treasures, and I will be your king ...

    [Angelus Agnus Dei]


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