• Gog and Magog


    "Devil The main trick is to make us believe that he does not exist !"

    Charles Baudelaire 


    The Bottleneck

    (Le Goût de l'Eau = Water's Taste)


    Le Goût...l'Eau


    The Metamorphosis


    According Bonvin: "Since [more than] half a century, the states [land] suffer the actions of UFOs that violate their airspace unexpectedly sow the intercepting aircraft and monitor complex [?] military-industrial "... [and set impunity threaten their territorial security and flout their national defense] ...


      the intolerable situation, and especially shameful, would have required [and only just!?] those States to play the card of misinformation, from the late 40s to the general public and scientists to maintain control. [Cf. UFOs change agents. The Present Time - 2014. Fabrice Bonvin]


    However, again according Bonvin, who apparently supports the conclusions of a group of American secret studies "Flying Saucers" by the end of 1948 to mid 1952:


    "It's not about aliens visitors, but something else. On A Fleeting Intelligence, Elusive, able to act with impunity. "[Cf. UFOs change agents. The Present Time. 2014. Fabrice Bonvin]


    Unconsciously, Fabrice Bonvin joined [but only in part, with his model of "Intelligence Supermundane"], the Orden of Chivalry, which itself:


    [its difference, as against the current of the many other "Ovnilogues" that are "deniers" to look better "positivists"] :

      1 - "do not throw the doll with her Dirty Water"

      2 - is not exclusive,

      3 - and does not ostracized, and any specifically:

      regarding the origins [and dimensions] Land Phenomena "called" UFOs, which undoubtedly present [according Orden "nature" and] Aliens Concomitant sources;

      or with the Lighting of Wisdom Religious and Traditional Knowledge data.


    [the latter being "taboo" or "personae non grata" in ufology] and as easily as most of the other ufologists, ignore them completely [in every sense!]; or they reject them as quickly, a "backhand" and much faster than the time required, their compulsive reflex sneer requires; probably to mask these materials their "culture", which is usually inversely proportional to the preconceptions of their stereotypes and prejudices of their premises.


    The Doors Teathers

    (Les Portes...Plume)


    Les Portes...Plume


     And obviously blinded [also] by :


      1 - Firstly: the principle of economy: who wants the simplest hypothesis (in terms of elements that explain the facts) more likely,


      Bonvin reduced [to excess!] And limits the scope of the "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, able to act with Impunity" to that of the terrestrial sphere, [sort of nervous system defense of Planet Earth, or "super-brain"] [Cf. fr.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabrice Bonvin]


      2 - and appears "UFO ... Bullé" by his vision that would exist; at work, a One and Only "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, able to act with Impunity" = "Gaia"


      and would [essentially] "ameliorative" through the UFO phenomena, used as "a sophisticated means of communication" in order to effect change among the human species, with some individuals predisposed (?), which are favorable to its life conservation objective; [Cf. fr.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabrice Bonvin]


      3 - and secondly, because it removes, and seems to ignore completely, which is, however, sponsor logic, the idea that there is "The Other" "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, capable of act with impunity ";


      and she, in contrast, is "derogatory" and at work, not "exclusively" in the earthly sphere, but in the whole of the Universe [exactly as is "ameliorative"], and whose goal [for simplicity]: Predation is the Life, while opposing "perpetually" on first.


    Myths explain history


    [and not the reverse, since the shows !]



    This is its "Land Battles"


    [between "Infras and Land Supras" assimilated at a rate to "Aliens", but wrongly, as not purely and exclusively original "Alien" in the modern sense of the word!]


    and its "Meetings and Confrontations Invasive"


    [regardless of their classification number "Types"]


    which tell us: Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry when we pleased, for example:


    the legendary battle of 'Ragnarok Nordic "


    At the Dawn of the Seventh Day

    (A l'Aube du 7ème Jour)


    A l'Aube du 7ième Jour


    where, after three winters without sun [or three days without light, winter] of the World reborn "deluges meta-phoric" [under Greek etymological] water and fire;


    By Fire and Water


    Par le Feu et l'Eau


    [like after the sign [or Miracle] Three Days and Three Nights of Jonah ; and our Lord Jesus Christ. [Cf. Mathieu XII. 38.39.40]


    The Sign of Jonas


    Le Signe de Jonas


    and the Eschatological clash, which takes place in all the "Pluri-to" or "Multi-Vers"


    [Cf. the Infras - Worlds and Supras and Quantum Theory]


    led all physical "Entities" or meta-physical, occupying them, and live,



      and the "Holy War", which is widely described and depicted by St. John of Patmos in his Gospel


    [Ancient Greek euggélion = "good news"]


    in the form of a "metalanguage"


    [interactive semantic language because spéculatil and operational: say "symbolic"]


    to mean :


    Alpha and Omega, the Metamorphosis, which is the revelation : the Apocalypse and the Resurrection of Christ;



    The etHer...Nel




    Which, here are a few excerpts that look like this news, which could well [passing] foreshadow its future :


    Gog and Magog


    Gog et Magog


    "They gathered them together to the place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon [Hill of Megiddo] ...


    And there were lightnings, and voices, and thunders and a great earthquake, such as there had never been like that since men were upon the earth ...


    Gog and Magog [will be gathered] to war; ...dropoff Window


    They went over the entire surface of the earth and they surrounded the Saints Camp and the City Beloved ...


    But fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them "...


    [from the Apocalypse of Saint John XVI and XX.7.8.9 16.17.18]




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