• The decoy in the decoy

     "Snakes, Vipers race ! how can ye escape the damnation of Gehenna ? Therefore I send you prophets, sages and scribes of "[Matthew 23-33.34]


    The Scribe


    Le Scribe


    Why, the Spokespersons "official authorities" regularly with the right hand, encouraged the belief in extraterrestrial visitors, and the left hand, denied their existence ?

    [Cf. eg "Roswell manufacture of a Myth" Jean-Claude Sidoun: History and Surveys 2013]

    [for exactly the same reasons that these officials "state religion" and false "religious officials" who use the Faith, real, deep and founded the Faithful, to better exploit but systematically shout to the scandals, and took off like a scalded dog, when it comes to miracles or religious apparitions!]


    Peace of Fatima


    La Paix de Fatima


      This is because, this tactic has proven, for the performance of their dark designs, and that it can better hide  "the Truth" :


    1 /. By absolving and discarding, if necessary, on the practical coverage of the "window" of ET and other UFOs to hide some of their projects or experiments, achievements and shameful actions

    [Gender innovations or experiences, manipulation, evaluations and operations exercises "Live" on the "guinea pigs" human]

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    2 /. Discrediting the reality of these "visits Aliens", on which they have no real control

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    3 /. By guaranteeing immunity, with this double 'screen'

    on the real contacts and "covenants" with some "aliens intelligences", which are "evil" nature and conducted "sathaniques" [and that they are desperate and foremost "hide"]

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    [first decoy: a real (fake) hiding the truth, which masks the false (true): Second decoy]


    The Mark of Evil



    Its Smell of Dirt "The Black Pope and Caput of Nest ... Grey"

    Secret of Fatima


    Son Odeur de Saleté " le Pape Noir et Caput Nid...Gris" du Secret de Fatima


    These servants of dissimulation, lying, and other "wish retention or mental Jesuit restriction" bear the signature of those who govern them, and have them because they are all marked with the same seal, the entities [aliens or not !], who embody the "evil" and who, like them, make use of the screen aliens and UFOs, to trick better, abuse and dominate, humans, who, themselves, have them forget prefer to ignore, doubt, again, of their existence, or, conversely, a pact and traded with them :


    The Harpe...Udder

    (La Harpe...Pis)


    La Harpe...Pis


    The Harpies, Ghouls, the Tarasco, the Lamia, the Bodachs, les Tulpas, the Succubus, the Incubus, the Hydra, the Lemurians, the Strigoi, Gnomes, the Wampires, Hybrids, Mutants, Avatars, and other symbionts, which haunt the clouds, fire, air, water and earth, which are the "guardians bitches" extremely voracious, vicious and purveyors of "hell" [interior and those outside]

    and that we report, in turn, Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry,

    while stating clearly that: only the "Son of Boreas" [Terrans or Earthlings Extra]

    that is to say the "Children of Spiritus" [who received the Baptism of the Spirit]

    have the power to drive them efficiently.


    Xristi Silligum


    Xristi Sigillum



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