• The Cephalophore


    Anti - Matter




    The Knighting

    Having passed the ultimate test of the Vigil of Arms, the Aspirant to the Orden of Chivalry is invited by his godfather to Accolade Ceremony which will be presented with its obligations and expenses:




    Protect the Church, which is all the Faithful in Christ; defend the Widow and Orphan; help those who are "No Power" in this land; and ensure that foreign-language if it is not ungodly, being molested without reason or justice.


    After his commitment ["... In Pawn ... Magnet"] Godfather gave him the weapons with which he can fulfill his charges :



    The Sword :

    Word of the symbol of God and his teaching over which it will have to decide in conflicts for justice to be done, he will brandish, use it with Justice, never take no reason and give it to the sheath, always with honor !


    The Sword of the Word


    L'Epée du Verbe


    Spurs :

    signs of obedience and docility to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it to temper the steed of Pride and Courage rides and in order to act quickly and accurately!


    The Cavalcade


    La Cavalcade


    The "Collée"

    with a firm punch given with sliced his hand on the neck to the sinister side in an ample and vigorous arm movement, with which his godfather gives her the right to wear the sword and to Justice as a valiant height of the Force of God !


     The Neck Cut

    (Le Tranché de la Collée)


    Le Tranché de la Collée


    The Sword :

    It is the Divine Word that Knight should hear, provided the extract, the "Hard Stone of his Skull," which is the seat of his "Luciferian thought" it must "crack" as once did the King Arthur and thus clave the "Rock" ...


    Sword Battle - Axe


     L'Epée Hache


    ["Like" the valiant and Fearless, nephew of Charlemagne, and Earl of Brittany's March, Roland with his sword "Durandal"]

    ... And that "Tira" of "the Anvil" whose very name evokes what's enclosure, fled or deeply entrenched; in order to bring out another "Voice" by the "Size and sliced" in the Sword, detachment and discernment, thus promoting "Sound" gush.


    The Fountain


    La Fontaine


    Spurs :

    Refer to the tips of the spur wheels with six spokes, dextral and sinistral, which are constantly turning movement, ie the twelve knightly virtues of Courage, the Power of Sharing, Generation, Sovereignty, Creativity, the balance, the firmness of the will, Perseverance of Altruism and empathy with which the Knight "was rammed" and on which it constantly relies for its elevation and its progression.






    The "Collée" or Cephalophore :

    The "Collée" received sinister side of the ear ...

    [sinister Latin sinister = "who is on the left," and that approximates "Sinopia" and "Sinope" to the color "Green Verde or" in heraldry: the "If ... Noble" that is ie the Emerald, in which was "Carved" "Holy Cup" Grail ["Santo Greal" or "Sang Real and Royal"], the "Val [or Vase] Verde" [receiving the "Holy Blood" the Lord], Precious Stones [Near ... of ... Eyes] was wearing on the forehead "The Light Bearer" as "Third Eye" (likened to the "pineal gland" or "Third Brain" of Man allowing him to hear and see otherwise "Host ... Do Ment ...") and which originally meant the color "Red" with "Sinopia = red pigment"]


    The Senestrogires


    Les Senestrogyres


    ... Clearly indicates the "Way" track and the "Voice" to hear, that which is "Red" and "that is left", namely that of the "Heart";

    it is that which is "The Middle" [the Way of "A Thousand Eyes ..."], that is, which is Tetramorph of the Centre, "Abyss" in Sein Holy Mandorle, which is the Immaculate home of the love of Christ.

    ... Clearly indicates the "Way" track and the "Voice" to hear, that which is "Red" "is left", namely that of the "Heart" is one that is "In The Middle" [the way of "A Thousand Eyes ..."], that is, which is Tetramorph of the Centre, "Abyss" in Sein Holy Mandorla which is the Immaculate House of the love of Christ.


    In other words, with the "Kick Sword" to "sliced" in the "Main" of Collée, we must "lose the head" to better find her ...


    As these Cephalophores "head bearers" [beheaded characters who come and take their head in their hands before they start] or craniphores as Saint Clair ...


    [honored Saint Clair sur Epte (Clair was his real name whose real name was William whose etymology comes from "will" to "will" and "helm" for "or protects helmet head or chief") and whose killers one day in November 884 cut their head. The legend says that fateful moment the executioner would have trembled, so that instead of cutting off the head, the sword cut out the skull. Renewing the miracle of Saint Denis, Clair would have picked up the bloody part on the ground, would calmly washed in the water of a fountain before going to drop it in a chapel marking the place of his burial. It is also said that a blind man healed on his grave, and he performed many miracles, always in relation to the view. Saint Clair is also invoked to cure or relieve sore eyes and "Blindness."


    ... And finally ["or at the end"] cover the "True Light of Life" that which is granted to the Orden of Chivalry who takes part in the royal functions delegated to him by the King of Heaven: the Christ and his Earthly Lieutenant.


    The Horse is Here

    (Le Cheval...Y ...Est = The Knight)


    Le Che...Val...Y...Est


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