• The False Prophets


    The Singing of the Medusa


    Le Chant de la Méduse


     The (True - False) Alien Invasion Plan


    Representatives of the "politico-military-industrial-economic complex" have so far had a "very unfortunate" tendency "blowing hot and cold" on the existence or non-existence of the "UFO Phenomenon" and the fact "Alien" [he associates it elsewhere: knowingly and intentionally, exclusively, and not without "ulterior motives"].


    The Gear






    For example :

    (A) - to indirect or allusion US President Ronald Reagan, September 21, 1987, the Assembly of the UN Génèrale :dropoff window


      "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget the links between all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to put these links into light. I sometimes thought about how differences in this world quickly vanish if we were facing an alien threat to Earth. Although, I ask the question: this foreign force, is not already among us "..." Try to imagine how easy it would be to do things between human beings so suddenly there was a threat to this world? from other species from other planets outside the universe we quickly forget all our small differences "...


    (B) - or directly and conspicuously Anatolyevich Medvedev Dmitri, now president of the government and former president of the Confederation of Russia :


    during his Russian TV interview of 11 December 2012, has accredited the reality of "threats" of Extraterrestrial Origin, indeed, when a reporter asked if the aliens exist he answers :


    "... I tell you for the first and last time. On his arrival in power, the President is issued in addition to the nuclear briefcase, file Special Top Secret. In this file there as info about aliens who came to our planet. To this is added a report on the Ultra-Secret Service that deals with the control of aliens on Earth. At the end of your presidency, you give this information to your successor. If you want more information on this, I suggest you watch the movies "Men in Black" (Russian documentary films that have nothing to do with the famous "parodies" American), however, I do not say how much they are with us because it could cause panic among the population ... "]


    (C) - or in a "spectacular" style :


    as the revelations of the Scottish hacker Gary MacKinnon, who would be fed into the Pentagon's computers, where the names of some of the alien spacecraft US, which came out (under the USSS abbreviation) with the names of their crews complete, and what makes the existence of extraterrestrial spaceships, more credible [See: consciousness of people blogspot.com]


    The Thief

    (Le Vol...Or = Theft Gold)


    Le Vol...Or


    (D) - or, more elegantly, with the statements "high profile" of the Astronaut ["Terro-Lunaire"] American Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 24 July 2008, when astronaut spoke live on British station Kerrang Radio interviewed by Nick Margerrison:


    "I ... was invited in military circles, intelligence circles [intelligence services] which know more than what was shown to the public ... yes, we were visited" ... "there has a bit of contact [with the aliens], which continues "..." and are monitoring progress "..." The United States, European governments, and South America, all have recently started opening their files "..." governments Belgian, French, Brazilian, Mexican, opened their files and therefore admitted they had these documents, "...


    [The Catholic Church admits the existence of aliens on other planets, the 03/07/2013: Father Josè Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory quoted in the Romano Newspaper: "If we consider that human creatures are our brothers and sisters, why do not we talk about our extraterrestrial brothers? "... Monsignor Corrado Balducci, exorcist, theologian and member of the Vatican Curia is apparru several times on Italian television to declare that extraterrestrial life is not only possible, but that aliens have already interacted with the Earth and the Vatican leaders know this. At a forum on the appearance of a huge UFO in Mexico, Balducci said: "I always wanted to be the spokesman for those people who are part of the stars of the glory of God and continue to seek the attention of the Holy Mother Church on this subject. "(See conscience-du-peuple.blogspot.com /.../ the-vatican-in-the-means-plus -...)]


    [that is] ... "related, I think, with the declassification of documents from the British government. This does not represent the most sensitive documents, but it is when the same documents declassified "..." public knowledge increases, public acceptance is increasing. Misinformation, omerta, hedging attempts [Blackout] seem to dissipate. I think we get to a real revelation from the serious organizations working in this direction "..." even if [the] people do not know: the ins and outs of the story, they know - or accept the fact - that there have been visits, UFO events in the sky, all the time, that look like gears ET. : Only all, are not. I have the feeling that some of them are made with us. I feel that over the past six years at least, there has been talk of reverse engineering, and creating this type of gear, but it's still not as sophisticated as what have visitors. "[have] ..." Nothing hostile, it is clear that if their intentions were hostile, we would not be here now, we could not be there. We would have no defense if their intentions were hostile. "


    In another document, entitled "Out of the Blue" directed by James Fox in 2002, Edgar Mitchell said: "There had UFO crash and recovery of bodies and equipment [...] The reason for this cover [hiding] by the government is that we were not able to say to people if these beings were hostile or not, and whether we could protect ourselves. "[Cf.www.youtube..com / watch ? v = 8TgmODKX014] [Cf. The Alien Scam Blue Beam project and Aliens Come from Hell]


    The Light of Shade


    La Lumière de l'Ombre


    (E) - or on a more "cynical" with Dr. Carol Rosin, US military and industrial strategist, who unveiled at the beginning of the XXI century [only?]: Confidential reports on the control plane of a planetary government, they would have received in 1974 by Dr. Wernher Von Braun (1912 - 1977) [Nazi defector Nasa] and would be specifically handling [or fiction] is told everyone to justify the militarization of space, and based primarily on the "wrong" progressive threats




    Le Palladium


    that would, they :


    1 - the evil empire of Russia


    2 - terrorists


    3 - the third world countries


    4 - asteroids


    5 - and aliens




    [which, however, with hindsight, might well appear to us as quite "like" with the past history and current events; even if they are "re-interpreted" by what St. John the Evangelist Patmos called "False Prophet": that is to say, the "re-formatted" exercised by the "fourth" media]




    [Von Braun says:] "you will see an acceleration in order to find an enemy against which we must build a space-based weapons, and now we have to expect that acceleration" ...


    "[All this] is based on a lie" ... and no [course] a smokescreen [smoke and mirrors] used [àprès of the "supporters" Von Braun] in the "project Blue Beam" and other "Black Programs" (fake UFO simulations, false kidnapping and abduction, false appearances of aliens, and religious and false mutilation of cattle, etc.) [Cf. Dr. Geer] [Cf. The Sting Alien Blue Beam Project unveiled "First" by journalist Serge Monast survey of Quebecers (1945 - 1996)] [See Vincent LC henrymakow source]


    [If we follow the Wernher Von Braun assertions, Carol Rosin, Serge Monast and other "conspiracy", supporting the thesis of "The Sting Alien" and other "projects" like "Blue Beam", it should be recognized that the phenomenon "UFO / Alien" is the creation of "political-military-industrial-economic complex" and that UFOs and Extraterrestrials would only emerged in the second half of the twentieth century (or shortly before) unfortunately for them, Myths and Traditions, the Sacred Scriptures, the Historical Facts: all the Peoples of the Earth, and the Archaeological Discoveries come fully and abundantly contradict them, proving the opposite! (Cf. Theory of Ancient Astronauts and RMC files discoveries eg www. Youtube. Com / watch? V = 6vlgCUbPyTw)]




    The Blue Beam Project




    All these statements [of those "eminent": "Poly ... Tick" Frame "Super ... Laughing", Doc ... Killer, "Ex ... Father" and other "Intel revels ... .. .Tue El ... "] come support, opportunely and about, followers of the words of the" Thought Artificial Diffuse "Blue Beam project, which announced the creation of three main lures :




    1 - alien invasion, above, each major city of the world


    [including nuclear power plants!]




    2 - to convince Christians that wonderful event will occur in the form of a beneficial extraterrestrial intervention


    [even if the plan potentially encompass all other faiths: why special "Christians"]


    The Continuum


    Le Continuum


    3 - Global use of all means, which can use all modern communication systems to broadcast "waves" to psychologically destabilize populations, with individual and collective hallucinations


    [these techniques have been, or are already widely used and have happily shown their limits!] [the best way to resist these "waves" is to oppose structuring mentally! ]dropoff window


      4 - to achieve [username] "Night of a Thousand Stars", where the world's population would [finally] ready to welcome a new Messiah in the flesh, to be [one] able to restore order after the chaos [previously artificially spread], at the cost of removal of all personal liberties tyranny of a new "world religion" to control all inhabitants,


    [ie after "Blue Beam" means the "Done" Religious and the coming of Christ would (or will) the embodiment of "Evil" ...!]


    5 - and impunity to exploit all the resources of the planet.


    [if it is not already!]



    The Show to better hide !


    [but these "lures" are they not themselves "sham" by hiding (with this rude smokescreen!) which is important not to see. (this is the tree that hides the forest or the train, hides another!)]


    [this has everything, a real maneuver "intoxication" (at "Russian Doll"!) to better deny this, and in anticipation, the facts (by adjusting their probabilities and similarities) and for the "subtraction" (apparent) and concealment (illusionist) planning an invasion or takeover of populations by "powers" hostile "foreign" to the Earth (and better hide ) attribute "false" (because "only) to" political-economic-military-industrial complex ", which is itself a puppet (facade and cover), in the hands of true puppeteers pulling the strings (of the "Great Puppets" from the "de Hait ... ... ... A False"), and, at the same time, the average of "discréminer" intervention "Providence ... Heaven", the "Heavenly Host" and "Force Continuum", which could well (effectively) oppose it] :


    [that's ultimately what is attempted here: influence, direct and control the "opinion" in the sense most favorable to that company's takeover of "domination and possession," for the "Thought Poly Ticks ... ... Ment" correct, by suggestion, manipulation, camouflage and concealment.]



    Acknowledge [too!] That the disclosure of the plan "has at least the merit" and the benefit [for these "apostles and Princes" Machiavelli] neutralize :



    1 - all forms of "suspicions" about possible extraterrestrial real threat [and who would, therefore, according to "the Leaders" unfounded ?]


    [and "and nip in the bud," all the reasons or occasions for mobilization and resistance in the face of what would eventually [and from "Blue Beam"] a sham?]



    2 - and for "vital interest" for these "new prophets of misfortune" [and opponents of Freedom and Truth], what they consider [them] as religious superstition, and, in particular, that which remains [from the beginning] [for them] their "target" paramount, and "objective" main : evacuate, once for all, the "Disclusure" that is to say, the "Revelation" or single "Apocalypse" and "Resurrection" of Christ !


     The Song of The Sign

    (Le Chant du Signe = The Swan Song)


    Le Chant du Signe


    To identify and appoint a "Tree" ... without the risk of being wrong ... is not it better to look always first: his "Fruits" ... So ... who can well enjoy this kind of manipulation? ... dropoff Window


    [that some are still asking!] ...


    A in Three


    Un en Trois


    We Come in Peace ... ... Always !


    And if, "by sheer chance" and, in spite of all, the aliens would show [or have] to us,

    [This is confirmed, moreover, yet in their own way, soldiers and scientists (in prévilégiant origin reasonably extraterrestrial UFOs) as Jean-Jacques Velasco (see his books) former member of the National Centre for studies and Director of the Aerospace Phenomena study Group Unidentified and expert service for reentry Atmospheric Phenomena, and as General of the French air Force: Denis Letty, who chaired the report on UFO Cometa (Committee of Advanced Studies) [the UFO and Defense: What should we prepare?] (in which Jean-Jacques Velasco "collaborated" in 1999)]


    [even! "Heads or Evil Lure Double Fasce"] we would [and did] nothing to fear from them since, and all the ways:


    [except, perhaps, a tiny minority of "bad apples" Aliens who no doubt once again [and turn] have been lost, blinded and abused (the poor! ) by vindictiveness, stupidity and religious obscurantism?]


    they [already] almost unanimously, their "benevolent" attentions and friendly [to us], and according to our "experts" "ufologists" and "Ovnilogues" [and other followers this new "worldliness Alien"]: from [it is true] of all the "circles" and horizons


    "Private" [as the "university geostrategist" Denis Roger Denocla and last "high priest" of "Homos" of the planet Ummo]


    or "scientific" [as astrophysicist "idealistic" Jean Pierre Petit]


    or political and military [as the former defense minister Paul Hellyer Canada]


    representatives and even "religious", as Pope "1" "False Confession without Saint" Francis, who is ready to baptize [himself!], too, "Martians"


    His or as astronomers and astrophysicists "Jesuits" of the Vatican Observatory [ultramodern], aptly named "Lucifer" [Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research] on Mount Graham in Arizona in the United States,


    where they "observe" UFOs and look for exoplanets "inhabited" since they "undermine ... Priests" to welcome the aliens, who are [according to them!] future "Saviors" (?!) of Humanity [see pleinsfeux.org/exo-vaticana] ...


    [Like, think, indeed, the "blessed and faithful" current News Ages, who imagine [innocently] that all so-called "legions" of "Extraterrestrial Entities", with which they are in contact , and links through "cannaux shamanic" and "channeling" are their "Elder Brothers of Space", and gender [necessarily] "Love and Peace"]


    Stations of the Cross


    Le Chemin de Croix


    [again, we seem to hear ringing and echoing the words of Order : ... On Everything Not Resist ! ... And the word [or Hotels] Password : Collaborate More Early in]


    Wyvern or Die

    (Wouivre ou Mourir = Live or Die) 


    Vouivre ou Mourir


     All is Quiet Quiet ... Sleep ... People Braves !


    And reassure you ... for the latest news ... :


    1 - if the destroyer USS Donald Cook, equipped with the latest generation of powerful system of combat : Aegis missile launcher, which are the fundamental weapon Tomawak 56 cruise missiles and missiles capable of delivering 96 to 2500 km of nuclear warheads, was made literally deaf and blind, with all its systems: radar "paralyzed" and electronic "frozen" when a Russian bomber fighter Su-24 flew on April 12, 2014, in the Black Sea, and who was armed [it] not that of a single nacelle mounted under the fuselage: Russian electronic warfare system called Jibiny ;


    Lightning of War

    (Le Foudre de Guerre) 


    Le Foudre de Guerre


    This is surely not through reverse engineering transfers, which could béniéficier "Lamb White" and former KGBiste: Wladymir Putin by extraterrestrials who "naturally" or do not exist or may be, it is impossible, since they are anyway: unconditionally "anti-military" and basically "peaceful"



    2 - and if at that date [18.11.2014], and from October 2014 to ostensibly, to "mysterious drones" [The Drovnis ! = Ufo-Drones !]


    [some of which have the appearance of metal flying torpedo 2 and 6 meters, equipped with a powerful white headlight and red and white marker lamps and changing night in absolute silence, even under rain and a storm, or a strong wind "Mistral Maritime"]


    Cigar of Clouds

    (Le Cigare des Nuées)


    Le Cigare des Nuées


    ... continue to fly over the sites of the French nuclear power plants


    [threatening (at any time) to deprive Europe, power, annihilating their processors]


    it probably is not, either, "New Secret Weapons" Russians, [the claim (and "sinister") Adolphe [also] as expected and hoped !], and even less, of course, hypothetical UFOs aliens !


    [since, you understand, "the State...Blitz...Ment" [almost] successful : to persuade the world that UFOs are lures [90% of them ] and to convince the "UFO" that [all] the aliens [almost] are [also 90%] : our friends]


    Canis Lupus


    Canis Lupus


     "Beware of False Prophets. They come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly, they are Kidnappers Wolves " [or Abductors!] [Matthew 7: 15]


    Ego Sum In Vos


    Ego Sum In Vos


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