• The Lunatic Fringe

     "I feel that humans appear to be mere tenants of the planet, but they probably never will know what kind of rent they pay !"


      [The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces ? Jean Sider]


     Water Tears and Blood


    De l'Eau des Larmes et du Sang



    The cleaning of the Intelligent Sorting


    As recalled [has his way !] Jean Claude Sidoun (see Area 51 alien threats? Sidoun Jean Claude Le Temps Present 2014)

     Weakness [guilty !] Scientific Methodology adopted, followed and applied by most official commissions "studies" of UFOs, gender Blue Book Condon, GEPAN, Geipan and other "wasp's nest"

     [constituting itself (and this time!) the real "Lunatic Fringe", that is to say the Fringe Lunar or "Vision Polarized" which reflects a partial lighting or partisan orientation ! ]

     was to cover up the "Forest of UFO events" behind "Tree" of a "prism", distorting and reductive :

     the investigative field observation or direct drive, which is that of astronomy.

      [because, in these "objects",  definitely you didn't have to talk about the study of the field of historical perspectives, religious or experimental, which were blithely ignored and removed at the same time !]

       The worst consequences of this classification methodology in astronomy is that it has led, automatically sorting a UFO events and a more simplistic approach that UFO phenomena : 


     1 / in the confining and to hold them in place with force into a narrow straitjacket, inappropriate and outdated in nature :

    is the famous classification of Close Encounters of I, II and III Types of Professor Josef Allen Hynek


    2 / and while strongly suggesting [ostentatiously and also hypocritically allusive !] Thesis of nature [only !] Extraterrestrial UFOs [based directly and simply, on the appearance of facts and observations thus retained and selected]


    [and this at the end of the 40s, for example, with the Roswell case, which was not used only as a screen and screen "other events", as Jean Claude believes Sidoun (cf. . Roswell, making a myth ABM Publishing Present Time 2014) but also and especially because it helped [and serves always!] to experience "live" to refine handling techniques information, and the takeover of public opinion orchestrated by the services of the "big ears" !]

    (about this, never forget, and do not underestimate especially not [the "works" of] "the eminent and amiable" Professor Hynek [and many others!] which has always been a very "amiable correspondent" CIA infiltrated the Blue Book Committee from 1951 to 1969 without obliterating either, the pursuit of "career" in the middle of private ufology !)

     All this has inevitably contributed to direct research [and minds] to an origin [mainly if not exclusively] extraterrestrial UFOs and priority (aggravating circumstance !) To the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis in First Degrees like "sheet steel and bolts ".

     [extraterrestrial thesis that makes obviously only partially account of reality and all of the events alleged UFO]

     [that "knowingly biased classification Hynek" and deliberately oriented, was, however, and fortunately since expanded, until seventh type, mainly through surveys, analyzes, studies and publications of UFO Researchers Private's work, volunteer and opinionated !]

     It was, however, for over half a century [and still is] a very clever manipulation, and a very sneaky maneuver to "drown the doll with her dirty water !".


    In other words :

     In the form [with the false and inadequate Hynek classification], and on the bottom [with the prevailing hypothesis of Alien Visitors "sheet and Bolts"]: the plurality of origins, alien and non-alien ufology events, was [gradually and almost completely] evacuated, focusing their studies, and the general opinion, to a truncated vision of their miscellaneous real natures, real interference, and permanent presence in the terrestrial sphere.


     Towards a new classification of UFO phenomena


    It imposes itself because there is not ONE but several "UFO phenomena" that can differentiate or discriminate easily in the following three categories :


    1/ On-Natural, 2 / Natural and 3 / Artificial.


    Betwen Two  Here It Is !

    (Entre Deux Là C'est ! = Interlaced )


    Entre Deux Là C'est !


    Again, it is of the private UFO research, free and independent, that progress came.

    [while official commissions, are still (supposedly!) to ask that kind of question : Does really UFO phenomenon exist ? Is there a potential risk ? Is it of any interest in science ! (Who was "Moc" is it ? = A joke on you ?)]

    And it is from, of course, surveys of these ufologists, we may consider different explanations because they show well: several types of interferences "Alien", ongoing and of different types.

    And most effective for identifying these "Interventions Aliens" [each of the categories 1/On-Natural 2/Natural and 3/Artificial] is to differentiate their motivations, from their actions.


    1 / Predation Survivalists :


     It is physical and biological nature [eg human and animal mutilations] but also psychic [vampirism vital and energetic forces]


     A / The Scavengers of the Three Worlds (infra-and supra-terrestrial)


     For example :

     The investigation of John Keel, published in 1975 under the title "The Mothman Prophecies" (The Mothman Prophecies whose film The Prophecy of Shadows Mark Pellington was inspired in 2002) relates the events around the city Point Pleasant, West Virginia, until 15 December 1967, the tragic day the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed, killing 46 people, is exemplary because it is part of the wave of occurrence of UFOs 1966-1967 and where many witnesses claimed to have seen a humanoid creature with large red eyes blazing lapping around the town of Point Pleasant, which was dubbed Mothman [by journalists] instead of Batman as being too resemblance to this "super hero" would undermined the reputation of the TV series of the time. Humanoid type of flying creature more than two meters which was [as pictured] and described with large red eyes of a large animal and bat wings that disappeared after the disaster of the Silver Bridge Point Pleasant, appeared in conjunction with a set of all UFO and paranormal occurrences [mutilation and death of animals, flying discs and humanoid combinations, obsessions phenomena poltergeist, Men in Black, etc] [Cf. The Mothman Prophecies, The True Story - [Cf. La Prophétie des Ombres, la Vraie Histoire - Mindshado wwww.mindshadow.fr /histoire-vraie-the-mothman/ ]

     [To clarify the true nature of the famous "Men and Women in black" it is enough to reproduce "adventure" came to Colin Perks in 2000, who was looking for the grave of the famous King Arthur in the vicinity of the abbey Glastonbury in England : Around 21 hours on a Saturday night in early November 2000 Perks returning home from the town of Barth on a particularly long stretch of tree-lined road. Strangely, since it was a weekend night on the outskirts of a dynamic city, Perks said to have seen absolutely no cars on the road. But he saw something. Suddenly he found himself in front of what looked like a very imposing man standing in the middle of the road, straddling the central white line. When Perks slows to a snail's pace, he was terrified to see that "man" was nothing of the sort.

     The pale skin, he had arms and skinny legs and fastened to his chest, was a pair of huge like appendages covered with leather - wings, in other words - a kind distinctly bat. While the vehicle lights bathed the animal to a flood of light, Perks saw him coming out of the bones of his legs, which seemed almost hollow. But more terrifying than all was the head of the monster without hair and with two pointy ears, his fiery eyes burned a hole in the soul of Perks. A malicious grin split his face hooked nose while a pair of seemingly lethal fangs descended from a gaping mouth.

     Perks had the presence of mind not to stop. In fact, it was just the opposite: he thrust the accelerator and sped directly on the beast. But such a spectrum rattling chains out of a gothic novel of the nineteenth century, he disappeared in an instant. A shaken Perks came home and reached the safety of his bed For a week, everything was normal. But in the early hours of November 14, 2000, he was violently awakened from his sleep by the vision of demonic beast, this time directly overlooking silhouette frozen with fear. She suddenly leaned forward, grabbed her wrists and shouted words that Perksest is sure to remember a hundred percent, "We told you that I would come."

     Perks understood in this terrifying moment, it was the second visit Sarah Key (a woman in black !) against which he had carefully and specifically been warned. While Perks stared the beast, seized of the largest terror, a telepathic message thundered in his ears. This status the same as that of the woman in black: Stay away from anything related to Arthur. And at that moment, the beast suddenly disappeared. And, for a moment at least, it was the same thing for Perks's research .] [Cf. The real Men in Black Nick Redfern Original Discovery 2012]

     We can not really evaluate these events, which are nevertheless typical, if not inherent in or associated with the reality of the UFO phenomena, only when surveys are as complete as possible, and especially when they are not "redacted" by a kind of self-censorship that ufologists themselves are needed, and sometimes recommend (?) [like Hynek, Joël Mesnard or certain blogs or forum] for so-called do not complicate or discredit "UFO facts" or "nice aliens" !

     [There is, despite censorship, the other well-known cases of this kind (sufficiently investigated and "investigated") among the most recognized and iconic include: those manifestations of the 'Col de Vence' in France (Cf. mysteries of the Col de Vence 30 years of investigations and Collectif Pierre Beake 2009) and the farm of the Sutton family, 21 to 22 August 1955 between the cities of Kelly and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which was besieged a during night by "aliens" monstrous kind gnomes or goblins]


    The Tanks Donations

    (Les Chars...Dons = Thistles)


    Les Chars Dons


    B / Hunters Space


     Here it is enough to recognize them, to delve into the Bob Pratt's book :

     "Who spent more than eighteen years studying the Brazilian UFO phenomenon. He made eleven trips to Brazil, visiting many towns in the hinterland. He investigated over two hundred records and interviewed more than 1700 people. The results of his research are still troubling, sometimes frightening, and should relativize the claims of those who, without studying the whole situation, argue that all aliens visitors are friendly and they want us nothing but good .dropoff window [www.amazon.fr> ...> Religion & Spirituality> Aliens and UFOs] and read UFOs danger, call for vigilance - Bob Pratt - Trajectory Publishing (02/2010).


     And to illustrate the reality of these facts, here is an excerpt from Chapter 20, which may well defeat the unconditional supporters of "friendly alien" and who is entitled:


    Vampires in the sky

     UFOs may have been more deadly in Colares than anywhere else in the world. Colares is one of thirty villages located at the mouth of the Amazon where residents for over a year, were no longer in safety from UFOs, even at home. UFO emitted rays of light passing through the roof as if those do not exist. Sometimes these beams reached someone, and other times, they wandered close like they wanted something. The people terrorized jumped aside to dodge, but some of them have still been burned.

     This occurred in a wide region, just thirty kilometers north of the big bustling city of Belém. The exact number of people have been wounded will never be known, but, nothing to Colares, there are approximately forty people have been burnt and two of them died. A third died three years later, perhaps as a result of burns from a UFO, which he suffered.

     In addition, a pregnant woman lost her baby after being hit by a ray of light, and a dog died after a UFO directed light on him as he barked at the object.

    Discs were observed often that the Air Force conducted an official investigation in the area for months. A captain and several sergeants of the Belém base have interviewed hundreds of witnesses who had seen UFOs and had lived unfortunate encounters. According to reports, they also administered their medications to help them regain their composure. The information collected by this team, and the many UFO photos taken by investigators themselves, were sent to the headquarters of the Air Force in Brasilia, the capital, but none of this information does never aired.

     The observations and meetings started in July 1977, with particularly intense activity the last four months of the year, and continued sporadically until November 1978. UFOs were reported in those thirty towns, Colares, Mosqueiro Island Baia do Sol are  localities been most affected by these phenomena.

    [Source: http://www.forum-ovni-ufologie.com]


    C / The Space Pirates


    It concerns the Pillage of mining [mineral water] and rare and precious materials [gems and metals], and it clearly appears with the "disappearance confiscation" current gold stocks that are collected by agents and intermediaries, which are in this "Mafia Alien" service that comes to use in the "self-service" of the extraordinary nature reserve mineral, vegetable, animal and human [and DNA bank] that represents the Earth.


    2 / Superterranean Control Systems


    Proposed by Jacques Vallée, which are preferred by Jean Sider, who thinks of transcendence (alien or otherwise) who would be responsible (at least) of the human species, or as that of Bonvin pleading him for a supernatural intelligence (ecological super) he called "Gaya", a bit like a "subconscious" collective that would generate (in the image of "the unconscious") of the "dreams" that also embody in reality. [Cf. UFOs agents of change Bonvin 2014 The Present Time] [Cf. before Fabrice Bonvin ! "These UFOs That Announce The Superman" Pierre Vieroudy TCHOU 1977]

     These "control systems"; able to manipulate the real (creations of "Crop circles") as the virtual (appearances of "Air and Sea Ships"); undeniably exist as we also teaches Orden of Chivalry (ORDER KNIGHTS) [and they constantly interfere with other sources or causes of UFO sightings] Jean Sider also cites to illustrate the manipulation of this "transcendence "the works of Ann Druffel :

     "Another factor in favor of manipulation in virtual reality, especially in close encounters of type 4 (apparent kidnapping of witnesses), is the work done by the American researcher Ann Druffel. In a book which, unfortunately, has not attracted the attention of researchers convinced of the material existence of UFOs and their extraterrestrial passengers:

     [and for good reason! because if Jean Sider doubt that "the devil can carry all the UFO dance" Ann Druffel has, however, and no doubt had the wrong support where it hurts! - Strongly suggesting that it could, in this way, and largely direct the choir, composing its partition and interpret his music]!

     "[Because] she explains how it is possible to avoid an incident of this kind [the RR4] And among the Ann protesters include virtually all the best-known American researchers focused on the" abductions ", Ann, has According to him, offers nine effective methods, one recalls some episodes of "transport the Sabbath" of yesteryear. Indeed, some people contacted by the phenomenon [UFO / alien] began to pray and invoke God. On the field, the lived scene was interrupted abruptly, and they found themselves in the place where contact had begun.

     Moreover, on this last point, we published [dixit Jean Sider] all the details proving the parallelism between "abduction" modern and "transport" of yesteryear Sabbath.

     Both types of incidents have so many identical parameters (some 16, 2 others almost similar) that doubt is not allowed: the entities who performed these acts are the same old working today. Moreover, in the books of the inquisitors, cited cases where the Sabbath scene was interrupted when the victim called God to his rescue. [The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces ? Jean Sider]

     This kind of "control" [or possession take !] evokes the "contacts" in the grip of "channeling and chamanings or shamanings (sam = "stir stirring the posteriors" [very practiced ritual, too, in the aptly named "Nightlife" and other places of "destruction" and "trafficking" of alcohol or "unleashing"] !) and other extreme hypnotic sessions ", and many other psychic experiences with nicknames" alien entities. "

    Another "Close Encounter Intimate", that of a housewife of 37 years, Maureen Puddy, Rye Victoria, Australia, in turn illustrates this mode of "Contact"

    "It all began on 3 juillet1972 to 21h15. That night, returning from a visit to the hospital, she rolls on a strangely illuminated road when she saw a disc-shaped object. Three weeks later, she borrows the same road and observed the copy of the UFO observed earlier, gear that will trigger an engine failure. at this time, she received a strange telepathic message before the UFO disappeared. Shocked, she reported his observations to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and contacted several media.

    In February 1973, Ms. Maureen Puddy feels a strange presence in his house then an inner voice tells him to get to where she observed the UFO twice. She immediately contacted the Victorian UFO Reasearch Society and two members, Judith Magee and Paul Norman, accompanying to the meeting place. On arrival, she fainted and put to describe unconscious what happens. Terrified, she claims to be in a circular room in the company of an entity. She bursts into tears before returning to consciousness without remembering anything. Beside him, investigators, stunned, did not notice anything abnormal. " [See UFOs agents of change Bonvin Time Present 2014].



    3 / The Protection of Terrestrial and Celestial Militias


    Gold is There

    (L'Or y Est = Laurier = Laurel )


    L'Or y Est


    Their actions [which are those of the forces of "Continuum Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial"] are also direct and permanent and many comments and testimonies evidenced, here are just two examples enough eloquent :


    Targeted missile

    "This case does not concern a plane but a missile Atlas rocket is expected to carry a nuclear payload.

     It is Mr. Robert Jacobs, Ph. D., professor at an American university has revealed the first time in 1982. At the time, in early September 1964, he was a lieutenant in the US Air Force Guided Missile Program. Its mission was to film the path of long-range missiles that were tested - without nuclear charge - above the Pacific and launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its bulky equipment was installed in Big Sur, the same State. Summary of Facts :

     So one day when a shot is to be made, it accomplishes its work effectively with the other soldiers to oversee the various measuring instruments. No reports anything unusual to the naked eye because all the staff are busy with the proper operation of the various devices. However, after the development of the film, Robert Jacobs was summoned before an Areopagus senior officers and civilians dressed in gray suits, about a portion of the film he had taken, which is then projected for the lieutenant. It shows a UFO that revolves around the Atlas rocket in its progression, despite its enormous speed. Then this unknown object projected on the missile four successive flashes which causes the projectile dysfunction that falls into the ocean hundreds of miles from its target. Jacobs say they have seen anything like it firsthand, and finally gives him a formal order to consider this incident as never having happened. "[The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces? Jean Sider]


    Multiple Interventions in Chernobyl

    "While, during the 80, nuclear power plants continue to receive regular visits from UFOs, the eyes of the world suddenly turns on Ukraine some 26 April 1986. The Chernobyl disaster has just occurred.

     Awakened by the alarm, one of the engineers of the nuclear plant, Mikhail A. Vaeutzky immediately gets behind the wheel of his vehicle to reach the scene. Accompanied by a second engineer Mikhail Samoilenko, it comes to the site to 4:15. After briefly noted the extent of the incident, the engineers decided to leave the area for safety reasons. As they move away from the devastated perimeter, they can observe a sphere in the sky, about 10 meters in diameter. Under the astonished gaze of Engineers, the sphere draws two red rays on the damaged reactor number 4. The UFO still three minutes in the perimeter before disappearing. The engineers of the Geiger counter indicates a radioactive concentration of 3,000 millrocentgens / time when arriving on site. After firing red rays, measuring a net loss of concentration, which is more than 800 millrocentgens / hour.

     The story of two engineers therefore suggests that the intervention of the UFO was to reduce the concentration of radioactivity in the perimeter! Anecdotally, let us note that a month before the disaster, a Russian investigator Vladimir Rubtsov, spoke with an air traffic controller Kharkov airport which pointed him many reports of UFOs in the area Chernobyl by airline pilots.

     Since the terrible disaster of 1986, UFOs will not cease to fly over nuclear power, especially during alerts. September 16, 1989, a minor incident reiterates the Unit 4. A few hours after the incident, Dr. Iva Naumovna Gospina observed a disc-shaped UFO. In October 1990, it was the turn of the Scientific Alexander Krymov photographed a flying disc around the nuclear complex.

     October 11, 1991, a fire broke out in Unit 2. Five days later, the journalist Vladimir Chevran of Ekho Chernobylya takes several shots of the nuclear complex. On one of the trials, the development of the film reveals an object similar to that observed by Gospina. Analyzed by criminologists IAD (Internal Affairs Department) of Kiev, the film was declared authentic. . [Cf. UFOs agents of change Bonvin Time Present 2014].[The same "Ufology Presence" was observed, and filmed in Japan during the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, March 11, 2011].


    In summary :

      There is not a "UFO phenomenon" but several ! And whose nature, origins and interferences are available [concurrently with their various changes in infra-worlds above and land] in three broad categories which are those 1/2 of the Sur-Natural / Natural and 3 / and The Artificial.

     In other words :

     The "background noise" which veil [and still scrambled] the adjusted identification and the clear understanding like crystal , the "signal" UFO, is the result of this irrational desire or the uncompromising will, and impose, any of these categories, as the sole and exclusive source of Totality, the ubiquity, events and countless interferences, the "intelligences" who govern, control and monitor the Ufos, atmospherics phenomenon and other Mocs !


    The Army of the King of Kings

    (L'Armée du Roy des Rois)


    L'Armée du Roy des Rois



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