• The Call


    The Glory of the Olive Tree


    La Gloire de l'Olivier



    "God knows who is wrong and sin.

    He will soon come to grief,

    to those who have condemned us to death. do you even lift"

    [Last words attributed to Jacques de Molay, Magister Templar and delivered at the stake, March 18, 1314 (date "mirror" of 13 October 2014)]

    [cf. medieval.mrugala.net/Religion/Templiers,%20les%20derniers%20jours/]



      The Appeal of 18 June and 16 August

    If everyone has heard of the Call to General De Gaulle's Resistance at the BBC in London, 18 June 1940;

    [cf. www.charles-de-gaulle.org> ...> The Appeal of 18 June Documents]


    who heard, that of August 16, 2014, with a few "Familiars" of the Orden, very few people principle?

    The "Inter ... Signs" or "Significant Coincidences" are "meaningful" show when a "Mysterious Link", but obvious, between two events, even through Space and Time;


    [Cf. Example presentation about the Mayan calendar and the date of 21 December 2012, in the article of the blog Orden of Chivalry, entitled "Migration and Invasion"]

    This is what seems to occur between these two events, separate but parallel ;

    The Key PAX 681

    For indeed, [and Essence ... Sky] these two calls are both a powerful call to the mobilization and resistance, facing an invasion and an opponent.

    [to that of the "June 18" the enemy was Nazi Germany, and that of the "August 16" is "the Adversary" referred to in the "Romans" Grail Cycle]

    But what 'Takes On ... "the most is the" coincidence "of the two dates, with 18.6, and 16.8;

    whose figures evoke the famous :



      "Key PAX 681"

    In Hoc Signo Vincere


    which, as pointed out by some researchers:

    "Codex Bezae"



    "Is the mirror of the Golden number : 0.618 / 1.618".

      Would that this "Mysterious Link" to "Gold"?

    Why not? We gladly we arrange with them to the notice of Ecclesiastes (v9, 10):

    "What was once? What needs to be done in the future. What has been done? What needs to be done again. Nothing is new under the sun, and no one can say this is a new thing, for it was already in the ages before us ";


    and the similarity between these two "Calls" on the bottom is such that we can almost use the form of the first:

    [that of June 18 General De Gaulle]

    to deliver you from extracts the content of the second:

    [that of August 16 the "Humilis Pecator"]

    [Read the "Ring of the Fisherman" by Jean Raspail] [and see the comments on the blog article of the Orden of Chivalry "The Monad UFOs" and the article "The Prophecy of the Popes ... (and Anti-Popes)]


    Humilis Pecator


    L'Humilis Pecator


     L'APPEL  (L'A...PAIX...EL [the peace of God ]) 

    Sub Rosae

     "The leaders who, for many years, are at the head of armies, have formed a government

    ... This government, alleging the defeat of our armies, has made contact with the enemy to stop fighting.

    Certainly, we have been, we are overwhelmed by the mechanical, ground and air, of the enemy.

    Infinitely more than their number [is their] tactics that surprised our leaders to the point to get them where they are today.


    But the last word been said? Hope should it disappear? Is the defeat final?


    Believe me, I speak to you knowingly and tell you that nothing is lost. The same means that overcame us can bring us a Victory Day.

    Because [we are not alone! We have behind us the "Continuum Forces" continue the fight, using unlimited immense resources of their vast empire].

    This war is not limited to the unfortunate territory of [our] country. This war is not decided by the battle of [the Earth], this war is a war "of the Worlds."

    All the faults, all the delays, all the suffering

    [Collaboration Requires "Tithe of Blood" and "Taxation of Gold", while the resistance, it is free and Volunteer]

    does not preclude that there is in the universe, all the means necessary to crush our enemies one day.

    Vanquished today by mechanical force, we will win in the future by a superior mechanical force.


    Fate of the World, Is There !


      Whatever happens, the flame of resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished.


    The Call of the Fire of the Choir Blazing

    L'Appel du Feu du Chœur Ardent

     Tomorrow, as today!


      "Meeting Governments have capitulated, in panic, forgetting honor, delivering [their] country to servitude; However, all is not lost.

    Nothing is lost because it is a war "of All the Worlds." In the free universe, immense forces have not yet given. One day these forces will crush "the enemy".


    "We meet again then our greatness and our freedom,

    and we will be present in the Action, in sacrifices and Hope : "



    The Victory Day !




    The Point of the Spear


    La pointe de la Lance 


    [The Victory Day of the Son of Thunder God Promotes]


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