Tradition [that is to say the know, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ancients Ancestors and Elders] that the Orden of Chivalry vehicle, not just a "Know-Being" but also a "Know-How" astonishment ahead of his time, particularly in the areas of arts and technical sciences.

    For illustrated "the Illustrious ... Title", it would be enough to develop the epic of "Rear Guard" of the Order of the Poor Knights and companions in arms of Christ [the Templars], which remains a model for military innovation, and political and religious synarchy and in the application of economic progress, and organization and social protection, and implementation of modern techniques in conjunction with the Masters of works, of their era [Scholars or brothers or Companions of the Trades]


    Cross of Bethlehem


    Croix de Bethléem



    ... As some of their followers under the banner of the Order of Christ, like the famous explorers and navigators discoverers of new worlds Christophorus Columbus or Cristobal Colon [Columbus 1451/1506] and Fernão de Magalhães [Ferdinand Magellan in 1480 / 1521] [cf. Emile Theodore Léon Gautier, Chivalry (1884) and A. Gautier Walter Chivalry and secret aspects of history: Edition of the Round Table in 1966].



    This spirit of "vanguard" of Sciences we find it outlined in the heraldic system of "blazons" that are obviously much more than emblems, signs of recognition or family or property marks.

    Indeed, we already know that the armorials are cards of "Being" sky charts, but also images Treaties [the Mutus Liber] of the "Royal Art" so dear to Fucanelli, for whom the "Operative Great Work" is the synthesis of various jewels and the famous "Precious Stone of Philosopher" that is [according Fucanelli in his "Philosopher Mansions"]:


    "... A Crystalline Body ...".


    Yet, the Chivalrous Tradition is very prolific in terms of history and legends of gems and other precious stones [the Sword Excalibur is removed from a stone by King Arthur and Santo Graal also meant "carved" in Pierre Front (of the crown) of the Great Bearer and diffusor of Light].


    Starting with the Blazon [not forgetting the rings and head ornaments mirrors necklaces swords, helmets, baldric, belts, harnesses, saddles, crowns, scepters, chalices the "Sphinx" stained glass the famous Rhumphae "] whose colors [metals and enamels] come directly from the" Stains "of" Scels metal ".

    For example from the beginning :

    • Sable [black] is connected to lead [or Saturn]
    • Azure [blue] to tin [or Jupiter]
    • Gold [gold or yellow] to gold [or Sun]
    • Gules [red] to iron [or Mars]
    • Vert [green] to copper [or Venus]
    • Purpure [purple] to mercury [or Mercury]
    • Argent [silver or white] to silver [or Moon].

    In sum: 7 planets, 7 metals: 7 colors that refer to the seven crystal systems bases or "meshes" that develop according crystal lattices 14 [or 14 Stations of the Sun cristalin].

    Thus each network heraldry diffraction of light suggests the use of a specific monochromator



    Monochromator type Czerny-turner


    The figure shows a block diagram of a type monochromator "Czerny-turner". The polychromatic light beam coming from the source (A) through an entry slot (B). The slot is located at the focal bridge of a curved mirror (the collimator (C), a generally spherical mirror), so that all the rays reflected by the mirror are parallel. The amount of light energy available for use depends on a part of the energy of the beam from the light source passing through the slot, and secondly of the "width" of the diverging beam which is reflected on the mirror .

    The parallel polychromatic beam is then dispersed by the prism or diffracted by the grating or the crystal (D) is then collected by another mirror (E) which focuses the output on the slot (F). In the case of the prism or of the network, different wavelengths are separated at the outlet slot (if the beam is in the visible, the different colors are separated), each coming from a different point of the slot. In the case of a crystal, a single wavelength diffracted according to the value of the incident angle (Bragg's law).

    The light beam from the gap (G) is thus no longer consists of only a single wavelength (and a small proportion of the neighboring wavelengths). D of a rotation (prism crystal or network) results in a displacement of the beam at the mirror E and the outlet slot F, which selects the desired wavelength by centering on the slot. (source Wikipedia)

    The diffraction gratings electromagnetic waves are now the source of high-energy weapons [for example laser rays] and holographic projections, and soon capes of invisibility.

    Which joined the prodigies and other "magical" weapons abound especially in the stories of the Quest of Knights of the Round Table.

    As if the Ancients Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, had the near-science monochromatic filters and prisms forming crystals as three dimensional diffraction gratings of light and electromagnetic waves.


    Order of Christ



    Ordre du Christ



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    Blason Notre-Dame des Vœux et des Tables de la Loi


    The Role of Ladies's Essential (Essence ... Ciel = Essence ... Heaven."



    La Dame...Y...Est


    Because they are the initiators, early childhood children, to the knowledge of the Ideal Chivalrous and the Christian tradition, and has a traditional treasure tales myths, legends, stories, novels Quest for the Holy Grail, and knights Round Table of King Arthur, songs and arts etc ... that adapts to every age, obviously with all the current initiatives Mothers may suggest the children to follow their heroes.

    The "Ladies of the Orden" traditionally exist and have always existed. These titles are created by family ties. They are the mothers, the Wives of Knights.

    And if the sons have received Chivalry is because Mother gave the education provided by them and recall of chivalrous values, the desire to receive it.

    If married Knights can make that commitment, that is it is not opposed to the spirit of their wives. Otherwise, the wedding, first engagement, will prohibit another commitment for them.

    So a married Knight is in perfect harmony of mind with his bride as she did makes only one with her husband in the spirit of the Orden. A single Knight who wants to get married, will marry a woman sharing his ideal. It's logical or he will leave the Orden himself.

    So, everything goes without saying : the "Ladies" of the Orden, it is the mothers, the wives, and the family becomes a family affiliated to Orden. The progeny will also bring new elements, this is tradition.

    Each Lady of the Orden reign [on "Sovereignty"] independently on the family unit, she is the soul of its "Home" that becomes the venue for meetings, exchanges, teaching all members of the Orden ... this is the perfect crucible ... for chivalric initiation after probation of new Knights.

    These are also the ladies that ensure the proper functioning of receptions, welcoming all, mutual aid and perfect coordination with their Husbands serving the Orden and the common ideal.


    So the ladies are the catalysts that coordinate the smooth running and life of Orden ...


    Le Saint Qui Aime El  Aimant


    It is their honor !





    La chevalerie des Dames







          La chevalerie des Dames







    Banneret de sable au visage de femme chevelé d’or




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     It is not us who find her, it's her who finds us !


    Battle-Ax Trinitarian


    Trinitaire Hache


    Change Nothing !


    Not to succumb, no more, in the influence of the infernal "Powers" [the instinctive and unconscious strengths, and the systems of control primary impulsive and re-instinctual drives], remain yourself, and change nothing !


    On the Personal Plan 

    Keep what you have undertaken, following a "normal" life, and enjoy a happy and harmonious family life, expand your social relationships, rewarding and balanced, and continue your professional activity [or volunteer], exciting and "enriching".


    Because this is indeed this lifestyle, which is one of the best, the most and best shared, and it is a powerful "Crazy guard" which strengthens our "immune system" natural and psychological to protect us against the "crazy about the lodging house," and because this "Outer wall and protective enclosure" is fully self-sufficient, to preserve our balance, and protect us from all forms of "Aliens Possessions " undesirable.


    Also, because all of isolation factors of weakness and imbalance vectors [alcohol, excessive disturbances drugs of any kind] and faulting of "anchoring" and "insemination" conducive to infestation symbiotic "entities of the infra-world."


    So be clear-headed in your direction and your life choices:


    1 / follow a healthy existence;


    2 / structure your personality;


    3 / strengthen your physical, emotional and mental balance;


    4 / stay free, autonomous and independent;


    And more you will lead this lifestyle, everyday; more you will resist !


    The Therapy


    Unfortunately, opportunities and other imbalance temptations are "legions", and gear down in a constantly changing world, and where it is often difficult without fixed points of reference points, to "stabilize".


    And if, you feel, yourselves, insufficiently "Armed"("Equipped") to face "alone" these "traumas" or "cracks", you summits to accompany by the Doctors and Psychologists (or other professionals) who are best trained and equipped [generally] to bring you the necessary tools to solve, yourself, these "tensions" and to strengthen the "weaknesses" of your armor "Psychomotor".


    And because this support will help you succeed, "to face" and "overcome" ultimately your own "Demons", be it by the simple awareness [which is essential!] the origin, nature, source or root cause of these "Evil Beings."


    [It is also, as we report the tradition of the Ancients Orden's Ancestors and Elders of Chivalry, the operative due to the "antique" Christian confession or examination of conscience, which is the "first step" liberator by "verbalization". That same tradition also explains the effectiveness "ancestral" of Meditations, Contemplations and Prayers (Our Father in particular), fasting (for modified diets), hygiene (purification by water, air and salt), fumigation (incense for example), some places called "sacred" (the purifyingin and vigorating waves), etc.] [Cf. eg Entities and Parasites of Energy , A link between body medicine of the mind. Rose and Gilles Gandy. Trajectory editions 2014]


    But above all never give up your "Free Will Choice", do not delegate your responsibility, keep your independence, preserve your independence, keep your freedom; And thus run away first and foremost : "infestations" of fortune tellers, the "contamination" and other ominous birds "marabouts" and all these greedy superstitious, looking for "possessions". 


    On the Functional Plan


    Do the same and stay yourself! Fulfill your obligations with Constance and determination, do reign with measurement, temperance, probity and fairness, there, and wherever you work, and so, you will make back the forces of chaos, of opponent and adversity.


    On unpersonal Plan


    Change nothing, but every day, open up, the Graces of the Faith, and Donations of Baptisms, of the Soul and the Spirit [the Water and Fire] of our Lord Jesus Christ, and serve the code of honor of Chivalry, and you leave his body, to rejoin : The Armed Heart [and the Chorus] of the Resistance.


    Penta - High Mega

    (Le Penta - Haut Mega = Penta - O Mega)


    Le Penta -Heut Mega


    Me, my heart is dead and I'm the idiot, the king of fools. I, who do not know the rest. I, the outcast, the lost. I, who has more enemies and whose death is a friend, I will drive out demons. I, who carries the Cross of the Lord, I will bring you, My Lady, many treasures, and I will be your king ...

    [Angelus Agnus Dei]


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  •  "I feel that humans appear to be mere tenants of the planet, but they probably never will know what kind of rent they pay !"


      [The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces ? Jean Sider]


     Water Tears and Blood


    De l'Eau des Larmes et du Sang



    The cleaning of the Intelligent Sorting


    As recalled [has his way !] Jean Claude Sidoun (see Area 51 alien threats? Sidoun Jean Claude Le Temps Present 2014)

     Weakness [guilty !] Scientific Methodology adopted, followed and applied by most official commissions "studies" of UFOs, gender Blue Book Condon, GEPAN, Geipan and other "wasp's nest"

     [constituting itself (and this time!) the real "Lunatic Fringe", that is to say the Fringe Lunar or "Vision Polarized" which reflects a partial lighting or partisan orientation ! ]

     was to cover up the "Forest of UFO events" behind "Tree" of a "prism", distorting and reductive :

     the investigative field observation or direct drive, which is that of astronomy.

      [because, in these "objects",  definitely you didn't have to talk about the study of the field of historical perspectives, religious or experimental, which were blithely ignored and removed at the same time !]

       The worst consequences of this classification methodology in astronomy is that it has led, automatically sorting a UFO events and a more simplistic approach that UFO phenomena : 


     1 / in the confining and to hold them in place with force into a narrow straitjacket, inappropriate and outdated in nature :

    is the famous classification of Close Encounters of I, II and III Types of Professor Josef Allen Hynek


    2 / and while strongly suggesting [ostentatiously and also hypocritically allusive !] Thesis of nature [only !] Extraterrestrial UFOs [based directly and simply, on the appearance of facts and observations thus retained and selected]


    [and this at the end of the 40s, for example, with the Roswell case, which was not used only as a screen and screen "other events", as Jean Claude believes Sidoun (cf. . Roswell, making a myth ABM Publishing Present Time 2014) but also and especially because it helped [and serves always!] to experience "live" to refine handling techniques information, and the takeover of public opinion orchestrated by the services of the "big ears" !]

    (about this, never forget, and do not underestimate especially not [the "works" of] "the eminent and amiable" Professor Hynek [and many others!] which has always been a very "amiable correspondent" CIA infiltrated the Blue Book Committee from 1951 to 1969 without obliterating either, the pursuit of "career" in the middle of private ufology !)

     All this has inevitably contributed to direct research [and minds] to an origin [mainly if not exclusively] extraterrestrial UFOs and priority (aggravating circumstance !) To the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis in First Degrees like "sheet steel and bolts ".

     [extraterrestrial thesis that makes obviously only partially account of reality and all of the events alleged UFO]

     [that "knowingly biased classification Hynek" and deliberately oriented, was, however, and fortunately since expanded, until seventh type, mainly through surveys, analyzes, studies and publications of UFO Researchers Private's work, volunteer and opinionated !]

     It was, however, for over half a century [and still is] a very clever manipulation, and a very sneaky maneuver to "drown the doll with her dirty water !".


    In other words :

     In the form [with the false and inadequate Hynek classification], and on the bottom [with the prevailing hypothesis of Alien Visitors "sheet and Bolts"]: the plurality of origins, alien and non-alien ufology events, was [gradually and almost completely] evacuated, focusing their studies, and the general opinion, to a truncated vision of their miscellaneous real natures, real interference, and permanent presence in the terrestrial sphere.


     Towards a new classification of UFO phenomena


    It imposes itself because there is not ONE but several "UFO phenomena" that can differentiate or discriminate easily in the following three categories :


    1/ On-Natural, 2 / Natural and 3 / Artificial.


    Betwen Two  Here It Is !

    (Entre Deux Là C'est ! = Interlaced )


    Entre Deux Là C'est !


    Again, it is of the private UFO research, free and independent, that progress came.

    [while official commissions, are still (supposedly!) to ask that kind of question : Does really UFO phenomenon exist ? Is there a potential risk ? Is it of any interest in science ! (Who was "Moc" is it ? = A joke on you ?)]

    And it is from, of course, surveys of these ufologists, we may consider different explanations because they show well: several types of interferences "Alien", ongoing and of different types.

    And most effective for identifying these "Interventions Aliens" [each of the categories 1/On-Natural 2/Natural and 3/Artificial] is to differentiate their motivations, from their actions.


    1 / Predation Survivalists :


     It is physical and biological nature [eg human and animal mutilations] but also psychic [vampirism vital and energetic forces]


     A / The Scavengers of the Three Worlds (infra-and supra-terrestrial)


     For example :

     The investigation of John Keel, published in 1975 under the title "The Mothman Prophecies" (The Mothman Prophecies whose film The Prophecy of Shadows Mark Pellington was inspired in 2002) relates the events around the city Point Pleasant, West Virginia, until 15 December 1967, the tragic day the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant collapsed, killing 46 people, is exemplary because it is part of the wave of occurrence of UFOs 1966-1967 and where many witnesses claimed to have seen a humanoid creature with large red eyes blazing lapping around the town of Point Pleasant, which was dubbed Mothman [by journalists] instead of Batman as being too resemblance to this "super hero" would undermined the reputation of the TV series of the time. Humanoid type of flying creature more than two meters which was [as pictured] and described with large red eyes of a large animal and bat wings that disappeared after the disaster of the Silver Bridge Point Pleasant, appeared in conjunction with a set of all UFO and paranormal occurrences [mutilation and death of animals, flying discs and humanoid combinations, obsessions phenomena poltergeist, Men in Black, etc] [Cf. The Mothman Prophecies, The True Story - [Cf. La Prophétie des Ombres, la Vraie Histoire - Mindshado wwww.mindshadow.fr /histoire-vraie-the-mothman/ ]

     [To clarify the true nature of the famous "Men and Women in black" it is enough to reproduce "adventure" came to Colin Perks in 2000, who was looking for the grave of the famous King Arthur in the vicinity of the abbey Glastonbury in England : Around 21 hours on a Saturday night in early November 2000 Perks returning home from the town of Barth on a particularly long stretch of tree-lined road. Strangely, since it was a weekend night on the outskirts of a dynamic city, Perks said to have seen absolutely no cars on the road. But he saw something. Suddenly he found himself in front of what looked like a very imposing man standing in the middle of the road, straddling the central white line. When Perks slows to a snail's pace, he was terrified to see that "man" was nothing of the sort.

     The pale skin, he had arms and skinny legs and fastened to his chest, was a pair of huge like appendages covered with leather - wings, in other words - a kind distinctly bat. While the vehicle lights bathed the animal to a flood of light, Perks saw him coming out of the bones of his legs, which seemed almost hollow. But more terrifying than all was the head of the monster without hair and with two pointy ears, his fiery eyes burned a hole in the soul of Perks. A malicious grin split his face hooked nose while a pair of seemingly lethal fangs descended from a gaping mouth.

     Perks had the presence of mind not to stop. In fact, it was just the opposite: he thrust the accelerator and sped directly on the beast. But such a spectrum rattling chains out of a gothic novel of the nineteenth century, he disappeared in an instant. A shaken Perks came home and reached the safety of his bed For a week, everything was normal. But in the early hours of November 14, 2000, he was violently awakened from his sleep by the vision of demonic beast, this time directly overlooking silhouette frozen with fear. She suddenly leaned forward, grabbed her wrists and shouted words that Perksest is sure to remember a hundred percent, "We told you that I would come."

     Perks understood in this terrifying moment, it was the second visit Sarah Key (a woman in black !) against which he had carefully and specifically been warned. While Perks stared the beast, seized of the largest terror, a telepathic message thundered in his ears. This status the same as that of the woman in black: Stay away from anything related to Arthur. And at that moment, the beast suddenly disappeared. And, for a moment at least, it was the same thing for Perks's research .] [Cf. The real Men in Black Nick Redfern Original Discovery 2012]

     We can not really evaluate these events, which are nevertheless typical, if not inherent in or associated with the reality of the UFO phenomena, only when surveys are as complete as possible, and especially when they are not "redacted" by a kind of self-censorship that ufologists themselves are needed, and sometimes recommend (?) [like Hynek, Joël Mesnard or certain blogs or forum] for so-called do not complicate or discredit "UFO facts" or "nice aliens" !

     [There is, despite censorship, the other well-known cases of this kind (sufficiently investigated and "investigated") among the most recognized and iconic include: those manifestations of the 'Col de Vence' in France (Cf. mysteries of the Col de Vence 30 years of investigations and Collectif Pierre Beake 2009) and the farm of the Sutton family, 21 to 22 August 1955 between the cities of Kelly and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which was besieged a during night by "aliens" monstrous kind gnomes or goblins]


    The Tanks Donations

    (Les Chars...Dons = Thistles)


    Les Chars Dons


    B / Hunters Space


     Here it is enough to recognize them, to delve into the Bob Pratt's book :

     "Who spent more than eighteen years studying the Brazilian UFO phenomenon. He made eleven trips to Brazil, visiting many towns in the hinterland. He investigated over two hundred records and interviewed more than 1700 people. The results of his research are still troubling, sometimes frightening, and should relativize the claims of those who, without studying the whole situation, argue that all aliens visitors are friendly and they want us nothing but good .dropoff window [www.amazon.fr> ...> Religion & Spirituality> Aliens and UFOs] and read UFOs danger, call for vigilance - Bob Pratt - Trajectory Publishing (02/2010).


     And to illustrate the reality of these facts, here is an excerpt from Chapter 20, which may well defeat the unconditional supporters of "friendly alien" and who is entitled:


    Vampires in the sky

     UFOs may have been more deadly in Colares than anywhere else in the world. Colares is one of thirty villages located at the mouth of the Amazon where residents for over a year, were no longer in safety from UFOs, even at home. UFO emitted rays of light passing through the roof as if those do not exist. Sometimes these beams reached someone, and other times, they wandered close like they wanted something. The people terrorized jumped aside to dodge, but some of them have still been burned.

     This occurred in a wide region, just thirty kilometers north of the big bustling city of Belém. The exact number of people have been wounded will never be known, but, nothing to Colares, there are approximately forty people have been burnt and two of them died. A third died three years later, perhaps as a result of burns from a UFO, which he suffered.

     In addition, a pregnant woman lost her baby after being hit by a ray of light, and a dog died after a UFO directed light on him as he barked at the object.

    Discs were observed often that the Air Force conducted an official investigation in the area for months. A captain and several sergeants of the Belém base have interviewed hundreds of witnesses who had seen UFOs and had lived unfortunate encounters. According to reports, they also administered their medications to help them regain their composure. The information collected by this team, and the many UFO photos taken by investigators themselves, were sent to the headquarters of the Air Force in Brasilia, the capital, but none of this information does never aired.

     The observations and meetings started in July 1977, with particularly intense activity the last four months of the year, and continued sporadically until November 1978. UFOs were reported in those thirty towns, Colares, Mosqueiro Island Baia do Sol are  localities been most affected by these phenomena.

    [Source: http://www.forum-ovni-ufologie.com]


    C / The Space Pirates


    It concerns the Pillage of mining [mineral water] and rare and precious materials [gems and metals], and it clearly appears with the "disappearance confiscation" current gold stocks that are collected by agents and intermediaries, which are in this "Mafia Alien" service that comes to use in the "self-service" of the extraordinary nature reserve mineral, vegetable, animal and human [and DNA bank] that represents the Earth.


    2 / Superterranean Control Systems


    Proposed by Jacques Vallée, which are preferred by Jean Sider, who thinks of transcendence (alien or otherwise) who would be responsible (at least) of the human species, or as that of Bonvin pleading him for a supernatural intelligence (ecological super) he called "Gaya", a bit like a "subconscious" collective that would generate (in the image of "the unconscious") of the "dreams" that also embody in reality. [Cf. UFOs agents of change Bonvin 2014 The Present Time] [Cf. before Fabrice Bonvin ! "These UFOs That Announce The Superman" Pierre Vieroudy TCHOU 1977]

     These "control systems"; able to manipulate the real (creations of "Crop circles") as the virtual (appearances of "Air and Sea Ships"); undeniably exist as we also teaches Orden of Chivalry (ORDER KNIGHTS) [and they constantly interfere with other sources or causes of UFO sightings] Jean Sider also cites to illustrate the manipulation of this "transcendence "the works of Ann Druffel :

     "Another factor in favor of manipulation in virtual reality, especially in close encounters of type 4 (apparent kidnapping of witnesses), is the work done by the American researcher Ann Druffel. In a book which, unfortunately, has not attracted the attention of researchers convinced of the material existence of UFOs and their extraterrestrial passengers:

     [and for good reason! because if Jean Sider doubt that "the devil can carry all the UFO dance" Ann Druffel has, however, and no doubt had the wrong support where it hurts! - Strongly suggesting that it could, in this way, and largely direct the choir, composing its partition and interpret his music]!

     "[Because] she explains how it is possible to avoid an incident of this kind [the RR4] And among the Ann protesters include virtually all the best-known American researchers focused on the" abductions ", Ann, has According to him, offers nine effective methods, one recalls some episodes of "transport the Sabbath" of yesteryear. Indeed, some people contacted by the phenomenon [UFO / alien] began to pray and invoke God. On the field, the lived scene was interrupted abruptly, and they found themselves in the place where contact had begun.

     Moreover, on this last point, we published [dixit Jean Sider] all the details proving the parallelism between "abduction" modern and "transport" of yesteryear Sabbath.

     Both types of incidents have so many identical parameters (some 16, 2 others almost similar) that doubt is not allowed: the entities who performed these acts are the same old working today. Moreover, in the books of the inquisitors, cited cases where the Sabbath scene was interrupted when the victim called God to his rescue. [The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces ? Jean Sider]

     This kind of "control" [or possession take !] evokes the "contacts" in the grip of "channeling and chamanings or shamanings (sam = "stir stirring the posteriors" [very practiced ritual, too, in the aptly named "Nightlife" and other places of "destruction" and "trafficking" of alcohol or "unleashing"] !) and other extreme hypnotic sessions ", and many other psychic experiences with nicknames" alien entities. "

    Another "Close Encounter Intimate", that of a housewife of 37 years, Maureen Puddy, Rye Victoria, Australia, in turn illustrates this mode of "Contact"

    "It all began on 3 juillet1972 to 21h15. That night, returning from a visit to the hospital, she rolls on a strangely illuminated road when she saw a disc-shaped object. Three weeks later, she borrows the same road and observed the copy of the UFO observed earlier, gear that will trigger an engine failure. at this time, she received a strange telepathic message before the UFO disappeared. Shocked, she reported his observations to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and contacted several media.

    In February 1973, Ms. Maureen Puddy feels a strange presence in his house then an inner voice tells him to get to where she observed the UFO twice. She immediately contacted the Victorian UFO Reasearch Society and two members, Judith Magee and Paul Norman, accompanying to the meeting place. On arrival, she fainted and put to describe unconscious what happens. Terrified, she claims to be in a circular room in the company of an entity. She bursts into tears before returning to consciousness without remembering anything. Beside him, investigators, stunned, did not notice anything abnormal. " [See UFOs agents of change Bonvin Time Present 2014].



    3 / The Protection of Terrestrial and Celestial Militias


    Gold is There

    (L'Or y Est = Laurier = Laurel )


    L'Or y Est


    Their actions [which are those of the forces of "Continuum Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial"] are also direct and permanent and many comments and testimonies evidenced, here are just two examples enough eloquent :


    Targeted missile

    "This case does not concern a plane but a missile Atlas rocket is expected to carry a nuclear payload.

     It is Mr. Robert Jacobs, Ph. D., professor at an American university has revealed the first time in 1982. At the time, in early September 1964, he was a lieutenant in the US Air Force Guided Missile Program. Its mission was to film the path of long-range missiles that were tested - without nuclear charge - above the Pacific and launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its bulky equipment was installed in Big Sur, the same State. Summary of Facts :

     So one day when a shot is to be made, it accomplishes its work effectively with the other soldiers to oversee the various measuring instruments. No reports anything unusual to the naked eye because all the staff are busy with the proper operation of the various devices. However, after the development of the film, Robert Jacobs was summoned before an Areopagus senior officers and civilians dressed in gray suits, about a portion of the film he had taken, which is then projected for the lieutenant. It shows a UFO that revolves around the Atlas rocket in its progression, despite its enormous speed. Then this unknown object projected on the missile four successive flashes which causes the projectile dysfunction that falls into the ocean hundreds of miles from its target. Jacobs say they have seen anything like it firsthand, and finally gives him a formal order to consider this incident as never having happened. "[The Great Deception 2 And unknown intelligent forces? Jean Sider]


    Multiple Interventions in Chernobyl

    "While, during the 80, nuclear power plants continue to receive regular visits from UFOs, the eyes of the world suddenly turns on Ukraine some 26 April 1986. The Chernobyl disaster has just occurred.

     Awakened by the alarm, one of the engineers of the nuclear plant, Mikhail A. Vaeutzky immediately gets behind the wheel of his vehicle to reach the scene. Accompanied by a second engineer Mikhail Samoilenko, it comes to the site to 4:15. After briefly noted the extent of the incident, the engineers decided to leave the area for safety reasons. As they move away from the devastated perimeter, they can observe a sphere in the sky, about 10 meters in diameter. Under the astonished gaze of Engineers, the sphere draws two red rays on the damaged reactor number 4. The UFO still three minutes in the perimeter before disappearing. The engineers of the Geiger counter indicates a radioactive concentration of 3,000 millrocentgens / time when arriving on site. After firing red rays, measuring a net loss of concentration, which is more than 800 millrocentgens / hour.

     The story of two engineers therefore suggests that the intervention of the UFO was to reduce the concentration of radioactivity in the perimeter! Anecdotally, let us note that a month before the disaster, a Russian investigator Vladimir Rubtsov, spoke with an air traffic controller Kharkov airport which pointed him many reports of UFOs in the area Chernobyl by airline pilots.

     Since the terrible disaster of 1986, UFOs will not cease to fly over nuclear power, especially during alerts. September 16, 1989, a minor incident reiterates the Unit 4. A few hours after the incident, Dr. Iva Naumovna Gospina observed a disc-shaped UFO. In October 1990, it was the turn of the Scientific Alexander Krymov photographed a flying disc around the nuclear complex.

     October 11, 1991, a fire broke out in Unit 2. Five days later, the journalist Vladimir Chevran of Ekho Chernobylya takes several shots of the nuclear complex. On one of the trials, the development of the film reveals an object similar to that observed by Gospina. Analyzed by criminologists IAD (Internal Affairs Department) of Kiev, the film was declared authentic. . [Cf. UFOs agents of change Bonvin Time Present 2014].[The same "Ufology Presence" was observed, and filmed in Japan during the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, March 11, 2011].


    In summary :

      There is not a "UFO phenomenon" but several ! And whose nature, origins and interferences are available [concurrently with their various changes in infra-worlds above and land] in three broad categories which are those 1/2 of the Sur-Natural / Natural and 3 / and The Artificial.

     In other words :

     The "background noise" which veil [and still scrambled] the adjusted identification and the clear understanding like crystal , the "signal" UFO, is the result of this irrational desire or the uncompromising will, and impose, any of these categories, as the sole and exclusive source of Totality, the ubiquity, events and countless interferences, the "intelligences" who govern, control and monitor the Ufos, atmospherics phenomenon and other Mocs !


    The Army of the King of Kings

    (L'Armée du Roy des Rois)


    L'Armée du Roy des Rois



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  •  The Leaves of  Book


     Les Feuilles du Livre


    [Utnapishtim (the Sumerian version of Noah) Gilgamesh reminded that at the end of the ark]



     "[He] offered a sacrifice and poured a libation at the top of the mountain, put up seven plus seven chalices worship it piled on their cane holder, cedar and myrtle ... [the gods] humèrent the smell delicious and came down like flies [such symbionts ethereal ?] on the priest. "


    [The Epic of Gilgamesh]



     The Close Encounters


    The work [on the saga of the planet Nibiru Anunnaki] Zecharia Sitchin have [at least !] Merit and interest to highlight the parallelism of the interference of "False Gods" of antiquity and with that "mafia Alien" which interferes, increasingly, now, with our "Modern World".


    This is particularly visible in the form; by the procedure of close encounters, for example :



    With Abductions :


    That of Adam [First mythical human man!], Which is in fact the first case of abdution of Humanity (so some thousands of years before the Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas in 1957, or the American case of Betty ! and Barney Hille 1961) listen to his testimony :


    "[After our expulsion from paradise, Adam is speaking :] If came to me ... an emissary of God. And I saw a chariot like the wind, its wheels were fired. And I was taken to Paradise Righteous where I saw the Lord sitting. But his face was a blaze that it was not possible to support. " [" Interview with Adam's son Seth "apocryphal biblical version of" Syriac ")


     The First Man

    (The First Home)


    Le Premier Home



    Or, with the kidnapping :


    One of Enoch [great-grandfather of Noah and 7th Biblical patriarch who "Marcha with God"] listen to his testimony :

     "I was in my house alone, crying my eyes and distressing me. As I lay on my bed, sleeping, two Men appeared to me, very large, such as I had never seen on earth: their face was like the sun shining, their eyes like burning lamps, with their mouth fire went out, their clothes were different feathers, and arms were like golden wings beside my bed And they called my name And it came to pass after this, I saw another army tanks, on which were mounted men " (Book of Secrets of Enoch, I Gallimard, 1987); "And they went on the winds from the east and west until noon. We heard the rolling their tanks and when the tumult occurred, the Saints saw in the sky, the column of the earth shook from its base and was heard from one end of heaven to the other during one day. "[and the people saw, and understood how Enoch had been removed] (Book of Enoch, translated from the Ethiopic text by François Martin, Arche, 1975).

    With his testimony Enoch, who was taken "in heaven", twice, by "Celestials" [which have the appearance of men
    , very tall, who pose as "Gods"] describes exactly what the modern ufologists collect the testimony of the victims "Rides Room" and are, too, removed "in heaven" by "Celestials" who, themselves, are no longer happen, for "Gods" [because it is not frankly trend or fashion!] but for what could represent in mythology and modern beliefs, their equivalents, ie the "Extraterrestrials UFO Tutello ... Scientific ... ... Potents "and" necessarily (?) benevolent " 


    Regarding the "motivations" of "False Gods" of antiquity and those of the "Mafia Alien" modern parallel is impressive, and leaves no doubt about one of their main objectives, clearly shared :


    "When the children of men were multiplied in those days, it happened that their daughters were born beautiful and elegant. And when the angels, the children of heaven, the views were, they fall in love; and they said to each other: we choose women's race of men, and have children with them "(Book of Enoch secrets, LXVII).


    Is it necessary to recall that the Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas claimed to have been abducted at the age of 23, by aliens in 1957 [to copulate with a blonde alien entity and red hair system and barking and barking like a dog], here his testimony ? :


    At the time of his alleged abduction [Close Encounter of the 7th Type !] Antônio Villas-Boas was a Brazilian farmer who worked the night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day.



     The Abduction


    October 16, 1957, while he plows his fields near Sao Francisco de Sales, he saw in the night sky, what he describes as a "red star". According to his account, this "star" is closer to where it is located, magnifying make up the appearance of an aerial craft roughly circular or oval, with a red light on the front and a cupola rotating on top. The machine begins its descent, posing in the field on three "legs". Boas takes his legs to his neck.


    Boas first attempts to escape on his tractor, but after traveling a short distance, the engine and headlights stop and he decided to continue on foot. It is then seized by a humanoid 1.50 meters tall wearing a gray suit and a helmet. His eyes are small and blue, and he does not speak a human language, but emits barking and yelping. Three similar beings then join the first to master Boas, dragging it inside their spaceship.


    Once inside the craft, Boas is stripped of his clothes and anointed the feet of the head of an unknown gel humanoids who seem to communicate with each other by means of sound-like vocals and screams of animals. He was then led into a large semi-circular room, breaking a door emblazoned with strange red symbols. (Boas says he could memorize these symbols, he later reproduced at the request of investigators.) In this room, beings take samples of blood to his chin. After that, it is fed into a third part and left alone for about half an hour. Meanwhile, a kind of gas diffuses into the room, making Boas sick as a dog.


    The coupling


    Soon after that Boas claims he is led into the room through another humanoid. This, however, is a female, very attractive and naked. It is the same size as the other beings he met with a "triangular" face and pointed chin small and big blue eyes like those of a cat. Her hair is long and white or platinum blonde, but her armpit hair and pubic are bright red. Boas, who reported being strongly attracted to the female has sex with her. During the act, Boas noted that the female does not embrace it, but rather that it pinches his chin.


    When finished, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upward. Boas sees a sign that she will raise their child in space. The female seems relieved that their "task" is completed, while Boas himself irritated to have been a sort of "Stallion" for humanoids.




    Boas was invited by humanoids to get dressed and then go around the ship. During the visit, he tries to take an object resembling a watch as proof of meeting, but is surprised by the humanoids that prevent this. Then escorted out of the craft, he attended the launch and from the shiny spaceship thousand lights. Back home, Boas found that four hours have passed. [Cf. Wikipedia]


    And here's another iconic testimony, that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, when "forced Report" is more like rape :


    The Betty and Barney Hill case, which took place in the US in 1961, was the "first" alleged case of abduction by aliens. It is also the first case in which aliens small and gray, or "gray" are mentioned.



    The Encounter


    September 19, 1961, after a week's holiday in Canada, they drive on the road 3 south to go home in Portsmouth (New Hampshire). Shortly after passing the city of Lancaster, 22 to 00, Barney sees in the sky a light that moves erratically. He noted that light to Betty who does not understand either what they may be. Taking advantage of a pause, Barney out of the vehicle and observed the strange light with his binoculars. He sees a discoid object with two short wings terminated by two red lights. He even discern what he thinks portholes. Panicked and noting that the object appears to be closer to them, the couple back into the car and starts with a bang. A strange sound, described by Barney as a "beep" then invades the cabin of the car. The same sound is repeated a second time and Hill find they come to travel more than 55 km without their keep any memory. Moreover, their two watches are stopped.


    When they arrive at their home, they understand that they have two hours behind schedule and no memory may correspond to this period of their journey. Also, Barney discovers many scratches on the leather of his shoes, as if he had been dragged along the ground, and felt a sharp pain in the back. Finally, he discovered that in many places the paint from the body of their car disappeared, leaving bare metal.


    As of September 30, Betty starts to make many nightmares in which she sees herself pursued by "misshapen faces with big cats eyes". It also develops various depressive symptoms: sadness, loss of appetite and anxiety. In spring 1962, after several treatments without success, their family doctor refers them to a psychiatrist from Exeter Academy will eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress on Barney and Betty. This will guide them to the psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Otherwise psychiatrist specializing in hypnotherapy, so he tries a regressive treatment designed to bring a level conscious memories of the trauma. December 14, 1963, Betty and Barney start hypnosis sessions supervised by Dr. Benjamin Simon, who will be spread over seven months and during which the physician recorded over forty hours of audio tapes.


    During these sessions, Betty and Barney, who were always interviewed separately, told after the UFO sighting, Barney tried to escape it and entered a forest road where their vehicle ends up stalling. The UFO landed about sixty meters from the car and a dozen small creatures went down and headed for the couple. Creatures brought up the couple in UFO, separated Betty and Barney and made them undergo what Hill took for a kind of forced and painful medical examination [with retrieval of sperm and egg. Which reminds, annoyingly practices attributed to succubus and incubus and other "polymorphs" and wampires different species!] Betty claimed to have managed to contact one of the creatures who introduced him to what looked like a star map and asked if it were able to locate the Earth on this map. As she answered in the negative, the creature retorted that it will be useless she shows him where she was. The creature walked her out of the UFO Betty, where she found Barney already installed in the car and promised him that she would forget all about the experience.


    Betty and Barney realized numerous drawings of the UFO, creatures and different maps and symbols they could see in this experiment. In 1969, an amateur astronomer named Marjorie Fish said that she had managed to find a match between the drawings of the star map made by Betty Hill and a three-dimensional model of the known constellations, and concludes that the card Betty claimed have represented the views dzeta Reticuli system. [Cf. Wikipedia]


    This could [easily] multiply both the points of convergence and shared procedures set works by these "Space Travelers" and the ancient "Space Travelers" of modern times this implies, of course, a similar identity, and therefore induces a common goal.


    And for those who still doubt the real goals of these "visitors" from the stars,


     The Penta -Alpha


    Le Penta - Alpha


    based directly on the "Reports" dictated and "appointed" by the scribes,


    [the equivalent of the "henchmen" of the "Geipan" and other commissions "Blue Book" and "Condon" of our time !]


    [which, like, the "récentistes" (before the time!) had "rewritten" History [handled] in favor of "False Gods Aliens victors and rulers!", and more, while presenting and portraying falsely, like our "pairs"]



    Zecharia Sitchin :


    we skillfully shows their true nature [which is not divine and angelic] since it demonstrates that their "technology transfer" and all their "cultural contributions" made to Humanity, n 'had only one purpose :


    1 / guarantee them dominion over the earth while the colonizing [plundering of its natural and genetic resources]


    2 / and reduce humanity to slavery


    [and this very easily by posing as "Gods" (and even for God and his angels !) and thus control (for their own survival and exclusive benefit) Humanity, become docile, domesticated and fully dedicated in their service, and operated on all fronts, including and especially what seems the first interest to them, sexually ! (See for example the planned monitoring and selective births or the rites of "marriages" and even called prostitution "sacred"] [quite "socialist" way and "nationalist", the "Homos" Aliens of the planet Mondialo ... Unified Ummite !] [and which confirms (in the Orden of Chivalry, with all Ancient Myths), the hybridization, the Incarnation and "possessions" are good, their major concerns, and their main objectives in these "false gods or aliens" in this class !]


    However, and despite the repeated and attentive care given to the falsification of history continues, some gray areas persisted, particularly some questions remain, but there was no convincing answers :


    [and that "Aliens States scribes" were well-kept, of course, to discuss, clarify or deepen further !]


    Such as :


    1 / These "false gods", are they the only extraterrestrial beings intervened on Earth ?


    2 / Does not exist another power of the "space-time continuum" to oppose their "interventions" or "manipulation" [invasions!] ?


    3 / And why they were suddenly forced, as forced to leave hurriedly [and provisionally !] To other lands ? ... dropoff Window



    [You see : all the answers ...

    are still in good ... Questions !]


     The Last Ship


    The Last Ship

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  • "Where, Lord ?". He replied, "Where there is a body, there also will gather Vultures". [Luke 17.37]


    The Space Ships

    (Les V...Sceaux)


    Les V...Sceaux 



    The scavengers


    Some ufologists as Bonvin [Cf. UFOs Agents of Change. The Present Time - 2014] became aware of the connection from the famous Wave UFO Crises and Conflicts Military and Political or Social severe disorders on Earth include prolific author:


    "History has shown that the UFO appearances usually occur in waves. Include the main Waves UFO: 1947 (USA), 1952 (USA), 1954 (France, Italy), 1957 (United States, Brazil, Japan) 1966 (USA, Brazil), 1973 / 1974 (USA, Australia, France, Italy), 1978 (South America, Australia, Italy), 1989 (Russia, Canada), 1990 (Belgium, France), 1998 (Chile), 2001 (Argentina)


    Careful observers note that these concentrations UFO occur during transition periods, marked by serious international tension. Especially during the Cold War, these crises have exacerbated the instability of international relations and increased the risk of a nuclear conflict. Here are some pointers:


    The great wave affecting Europe in 1954, particularly France and Italy then proceeds this year represents the "maximum safe year" of a Russian nuclear attack, as evidenced by a directive from the National Council security (NSC-68) drafted by Paul Nitze, a leading expert in nuclear strategy.


    In 1957, a wave of UFO affects the United States while the USSR proceeds in the Pacific to successful tests intercontinental missile launches and October 4, 1957, the first artificial satellite, "Sputnik"


    [sputnik = tureen, it sounds like a call "to the soup!" right? see the end of this article to appreciate all the sulfur salt and flavor of this condiment "con ... says ... ing"]


    The wave of 1973 comes as Egyptian troops crossed the Suez Canal on 6 October 1973. Meanwhile, the Syrian army, with the help of Iraqi units, enters the Israeli occupation of the Golan area. International tension was at its peak.


    The waves of impressive UFO 1989-1991, affecting Belgium, Russia, Canada, and parts of the United States coincided with a critical period of history, rich in turmoil. He will be remembered for the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. The dismantling of the USSR shake the chessboard many countries policy, including Romania who will assist in the overthrow and the execution of its president, Nicolae Ceausescu in December 1989. While public opinion in disbelief attends these events, the United States invaded Panama before intervening in Iraq in early 1991. rarely have so many crises have focused on a short period, coinciding with intense manifestations of UFO from one continent to another.


    Note that the end of the Cold War did not change the parameters of the UFO Interventionism. Crises, ecological threats and tensions remain. For example, observations of UFOs and cattle mutilations are multiplying in Argentina since the country is in deep political and economic crisis that broke out in 1998. "


    Fabrice Bonvin undeniably because there is indeed a relationship between UFOs and "Crises and tensions," but there, where he is wrong is in critical interpretation, it makes this link :


    While, like other ufologists who are blind with their bias Aliens "Angelic" [double syndrome : the tree that hides the forest, or rather the "Jungle", accompanied and aggravated, of the Stockholm !], Bonvin seeks to "convince us" that the observed UFOs are actually sent by the Intelligence Supermundane "Gaya" to "control" and monitor our actions, and all this; supposedly only for educational purposes and to arouse his worst "children," as we are, we humans, decision-saving awareness of the risks we run to the Earth and to the general life .dropoff window


    The Ufology 






    [very attractive and not totally unfounded vision, because although it is true in part, and partly also with the phenomenon known as the "Crop Circles", it is also contradicted by other UFO events, such as the actions of malicious "Men in Black ", mutilation or torture of humans, and disappearances and catches of military aircraft and civilian, by UFOs, this theory is therefore wrong in its exclusivity, and she especially" unpleasant "consequence and major drawback to serve the distorting prism UFO appearances, masking the reality of their events, which is much less caring and friendly, against humanity, which would have us believe Bonvin]


    Since if, obviously, monitoring closely the "UFO" dramatic events "of our history", is very lively, it is certainly not a "morbid voyeurism educational nickname" but by interest immediate and vital reason.


    Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, reveal, in fact the existence of "Polymorphic Entities" [which can take any shape and be in any appearance] and also explain their motivation real, which is the direct predation.


    In fact, "Conflicts and Tensions" generate strong 'emotional smell' that act on these "Entities"; as "suction pumps" inflame and attract them, and they feed and delight, like vultures and hyenas, which are magnetized by the smell of blood.


    It is, moreover, the typical behavior, Harpies, Ghouls, Tarascan, the Strigoi, the Succubus, the Incubus, the Tulpas, Lemurian, the Bodachs, Hydras, Gnomes, Wampires, Hybrids, Mutants, of Lamia, Avatars, and other similar symbionts.


    [note in passing that the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry appoints, too, "Crabs of Venus" and "Mars Rats", which reminds some other connections, such as concurrency, the proximity of the planet Mars, the Earth, with the appearance of these waves of UFOs, and which also sheds light on the bad reputation attributed formerly to the appearance of "Comets" (and other "cars" or supposed! ) as a herald (or signs of alarm and warning of disasters, disturbances, dead or "the stars ...") and "vectors" of the coming of this kind of "Pests Aliens"!]

    The Comet 

    (La Come...Êtres)


    La Come...Etres


    Black masses


    This "Predation Current" is obviously not new, "foreign" because, in reality, parallel and concurrent "moth cocoon ... haunting ..." these gruesome acts, these mass crimes [wars, holocausts, humanitarian and ecological disasters] these practices and barbaric and murderous torture "of another era" [yet more and more prevalent in our!]



    and, for such sacrifices [and rape] of humans and animals, these false "or Anti-Religion" practiced and performed by demonic degenerate, which [had expected] and expect [again and again] with these "Black Mass "attract these" Entities "[Terrestrial and Aliens], for their help, get their support, and benefit from their occult powers.


     The Toads 

    (Les Crabes...Beaux)


    Les Crabes...Beaux


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  •  «Nil lupus insidiis cauto subducit ouili, te pastore sacro peruigilante gregem

    [Poem dedicated to Igidius, Bishop of Reims].

    [The watchful Wolf does not take anything to the fold is on guard when it is you, Holy Pastor, who guard the flock]


    Of Step





    The Tree of Life


    According to Wikipedia, the prophecy of St. Malachy prophecy of the popes or is an esoteric text prophetic and eschatological such a popular tradition attributes to the bishop of Ireland Saint Malachy [Friend and confidant of St. Bernard of Clairvaux ] .


    The Benedictine monk Arnold Wion claims to have discovered in 1590 a prophecy he attributed to St. Malachy and is supposed to appoint the next Popes. He brings to the cardinals during the conclave of October 1590 and had it published for the first time in 1595 in a five-page document.


    This esoteric text, which is not used by the Church, gives rise to many interpretations and redone periodically surfaced in the media in each conclave.


    Arnold Wion published in 1595 a voluminous work entitled Lignum vitae, Ornamentum and disappointed Ecclesiae, one of the passages referred prophetia S. Malachiæ, Archiepiscopi of Summis Pontificibus, is the prophecy of the popes. In the sixteenth century, the passage of the text was submitted to the comments of the Dominican Alphonse Ciaconi, life specialist popes and ecclesiastical heraldry. He tries to operate the first connections between currencies, prophecy and some elements concerning the popes as their surnames, their arms or their places of birth.


    This list can be divided into two groups: the first group of 74 popes and anti-popes who reigned before the publication of prophecies about 1590, and for which the relationship between the pope and the currency associated with it is relatively clear. The second group consists of 38 currencies associated with popes who reigned since 1590. To this list, the relationship between the pope and the currency associated with it is sometimes more difficult to grasp.


    The Holy Pontiff Benedict XVI arrives at number 111 and carries the motto "111. olivae gloria (glory of the olive / olive)". Benedict XVI (2005-2014) [since it is still alive and therefore in charge of the Pontificate to this day !].


    Agony in the Garden of Olives, or simply Agony in the garden or even prayer in the garden, is an episode in the life of Christ, an event of his Passion placed immediately after the Entry into Jerusalem and the Last Supper and before arrested in the same garden after its denunciation by Judas. The term agony is relative in the Greek sense of "last struggle of nature against death" of the direction given by the Judaism of "imminent death and encouragement to repentance" (which does not make sense here ) the "battle of the soul." [What is reflection, the image of the Apostolate of the Holy Father Benedict XVI].


    Agony in the Garden (1610-1612) is the title of a painting by El Greco, visible in the Museum of Fine Arts, where Jesus is depicted praying at night in a garden that is known to be that of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem; three of his disciples, Peter, John and Jacques le Mineur, accompanying asleep nearby. Angels, present before Christ praying, offer him a chalice to drink (in acceptance of his destiny). The presence in the distant backdrop of views of the city walls of Jerusalem specifically remember the place. [Cf. Wikipedia].


    Benedict XVI, tranmis borne by the Temporal Church to his successor [the Silver Clef] on 28 February 2013, but retained and reserved its Spiritual load [The Golden Key].


    The Keys


    Les Clefs


    His successor at the Temporal load of the Church, was elected March 13, 2013, as Bishop of Rome, under the title of Pope Francis.


    This Pope, according to the text of the "prophecy attributed to Saint Malachy" should be the motto :


    "112. Caput Nigris (Black Head and Black Head Black or Chapter)" [from a Popular Tradition, this motto was "scratched" and thus removed from the original document] [Prior to his election, several, announced or hoped, the the advent of a "Black Pope", they interpreted a little too quickly or literally, as "Pope" of African origin; but others thought, obviously, the famous "Black Pope" of the Jesuits, and not disappoint them, note that the new Pope is well, or Arms Coat of their Order !].


    Then the list of currencies concludes with a text :


    In [psecutione] Extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Rom. which pascet ovals in multis tribulationibus: quibus Transactis, civitas septicollis diruëtur and Judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. FINIS.

    Some, most, literally translated, roughly like this :

    During the final persecution of the SRE (Sancta Romana Ecclesia: Holy Roman Church) sitting Pierre Rom. (Peter the Roman), which shall feed the ewes among many tribulations; they are completed, the city of seven hills will be destroyed; and the fearsome Judge will judge his people. END [Author: Jean-Paul Coudeyrette compilhistoire.pagesperso-orange.fr/prophetieMalachie.html.]



    The Secret of Fatima


    However, the tradition of the Orden of Chivalry teaches us to interpret [and see] from a different angle, the shields [also need to decode in reverse: turning!], And read [and translated] text, otherwise than in the direct and literal sense. [Cf. the blog article of the Orden of Chivalry entitled. "The Speaking The Hiding The Meaning."].


    IHS                                       SHIT


    IHS         SHIT



    If we apply here this year, we could easily discern this, in addition, an astrological / astronomical metaphor that will allow us to better understand the correct meaning of the text, see earlier :


    In psecutione [persecutione ou prosecutione, that is to say, at the same time and following] extrema [and end to end or] (SRE = Sancta Romana Ecclesia : Holy Roman Church). sedebit Petrus Rom. : The reign of Petrus Rom. [one who occupies the throne of the Holy Roman Church of [Saint] Peter's] qui pascet oves [the ewes = an allegorical expression, denoting astrology star signs, which are compared to "white sheep herds (star clusters) grazing in the fields of the sky "] [that is to say: during (zodiac signs) in multis tribulationibus: his reign (which it will); [and which will be the cause] many tribulations or insults] quibus transactis [after] civitas septicollis diruëtur, [the city of seven hills (allegory of the Church of Rome) will be (to evil and) low or low] and Judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. [And frightening and formidable Judge, who scares and inspires fear, that is to say, "the Son of Thunder" will judge him and his people = 'supporters' of the "Black Pope" (Caput Nigris) which occupy at that time, (effectively) the throne (official) of the Holy Roman Church] Finis = End : [and he will precipitate and complete end].



    (Le Nautonier)


    Le Nautonier


    In other words :


     After the advent: the Holy Father and Maximus Pontifex [the Spiritual Church of Christ] Benedict XVI (De gloria olivae) [! And concomitantly] will be elected at the head of the Holy Roman Church [the head of the 'Temporal Church] : the Bishop of Rome (Caput Nigris) [the "Black Pope" Francis: that is "Defined and Designated" himself, as the Bishop of Rome] and during his reign will "no" down the temporal Church of Rome [by denaturing it, and by diverting it totally from Christ], and at the end [of his reign] will come, the "Sons of Thunder" [Judge who is 'Humilis Pecator] (see the article in the blog Orden of Chivalry : "The Call" and see the comments on the article "The Monad UFOs"), which [the] judge, he and [his people] his supporters and his henchmen, and the action which it will end, it will stop or end, intervening. [That is: Punishment and the True Secret, not revealed (at least not directly), and officially by the Temporal Church, yet announced in 1917 by Our Lady at Fatima].


    Our Lady of Fatima


    Notre Dame de Fatima

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  •  "Snakes, Vipers race ! how can ye escape the damnation of Gehenna ? Therefore I send you prophets, sages and scribes of "[Matthew 23-33.34]


    The Scribe


    Le Scribe


    Why, the Spokespersons "official authorities" regularly with the right hand, encouraged the belief in extraterrestrial visitors, and the left hand, denied their existence ?

    [Cf. eg "Roswell manufacture of a Myth" Jean-Claude Sidoun: History and Surveys 2013]

    [for exactly the same reasons that these officials "state religion" and false "religious officials" who use the Faith, real, deep and founded the Faithful, to better exploit but systematically shout to the scandals, and took off like a scalded dog, when it comes to miracles or religious apparitions!]


    Peace of Fatima


    La Paix de Fatima


      This is because, this tactic has proven, for the performance of their dark designs, and that it can better hide  "the Truth" :


    1 /. By absolving and discarding, if necessary, on the practical coverage of the "window" of ET and other UFOs to hide some of their projects or experiments, achievements and shameful actions

    [Gender innovations or experiences, manipulation, evaluations and operations exercises "Live" on the "guinea pigs" human]

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    2 /. Discrediting the reality of these "visits Aliens", on which they have no real control

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    3 /. By guaranteeing immunity, with this double 'screen'

    on the real contacts and "covenants" with some "aliens intelligences", which are "evil" nature and conducted "sathaniques" [and that they are desperate and foremost "hide"]

    [not best (worst) and their "domains" respectively, with the new "Pharisees, Sadducees and publicans"]!


    [first decoy: a real (fake) hiding the truth, which masks the false (true): Second decoy]


    The Mark of Evil



    Its Smell of Dirt "The Black Pope and Caput of Nest ... Grey"

    Secret of Fatima


    Son Odeur de Saleté " le Pape Noir et Caput Nid...Gris" du Secret de Fatima


    These servants of dissimulation, lying, and other "wish retention or mental Jesuit restriction" bear the signature of those who govern them, and have them because they are all marked with the same seal, the entities [aliens or not !], who embody the "evil" and who, like them, make use of the screen aliens and UFOs, to trick better, abuse and dominate, humans, who, themselves, have them forget prefer to ignore, doubt, again, of their existence, or, conversely, a pact and traded with them :


    The Harpe...Udder

    (La Harpe...Pis)


    La Harpe...Pis


    The Harpies, Ghouls, the Tarasco, the Lamia, the Bodachs, les Tulpas, the Succubus, the Incubus, the Hydra, the Lemurians, the Strigoi, Gnomes, the Wampires, Hybrids, Mutants, Avatars, and other symbionts, which haunt the clouds, fire, air, water and earth, which are the "guardians bitches" extremely voracious, vicious and purveyors of "hell" [interior and those outside]

    and that we report, in turn, Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry,

    while stating clearly that: only the "Son of Boreas" [Terrans or Earthlings Extra]

    that is to say the "Children of Spiritus" [who received the Baptism of the Spirit]

    have the power to drive them efficiently.


    Xristi Silligum


    Xristi Sigillum



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  • "Incline your ear and come to Me, hear, and your soul Will live" [Isaiah 55]


    The Angel...is...Lux





    "The 4 Elements, 3 Principles and 2 Natures" [with 4 came 1 !]


    When God Play Dice !


    Quand Dieu Joue aux Dés ! 

     [Key Pax 681]


    [The Victory Day of the Son of Thunder that God Helps]



    The Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry talks about the three constituent body of living in the Three Worlds: Physical, Psychic and Spiritual


      This model consists of: Body-Hardware, Body-psychic and Body-Mind, perceives "carnal" in humans, and also more "subtle" in creation.


      To better identify these "worlds", the safest medium to achieve this, is probably to consider the links that connect them through their "codes" specific and characterizing :


      A / The "reports" of geometry is visibly Prime "Bridge or Travel" is the materialized Plan [physical]


      B / Second "Bridge or Travel" is the sensitive perceptions [affect]


      C / conceptual and trade [intellect] is the third "Bridge or travel."


    The Talk Center

    (Le Centre...Y...Cause ! San Ty Koz !)


    Le Centre...Y...Cause ! 


    The Monad


    These links, aligned [purified, ground and sublimated] allow "Crystallize" the "Viaticum"


    [of the Latin viaticum = "provisions of the journey" = Eucharist (from the Greek eukharistia = "act of thanksgiving") for the journey of earthly life to heavenly life]


    that initializes the nomadic to the Monad principle of "Unity Unique" Life.


    The Monade


    La Monade


    Organic Vessels


      In "scanning" the actions of the "Hardware" Ufology, whether a "sheet and Bolts" aspect or pure "Energy Light" some "Iinvariants" eventually appear in his behavior, which manifests shows and reports , in particular:



    1 / A "Intelligent and Cognitive" activity, which is the mark of "intelligible concepts" [For example its willingness to evade or hide]



    2 / reactivity as the expression of a "sensitivity Affectivity and a" making it close and familiar [eg the "game of cat and mouse" or procedures "not accidental avoidance" in cases cover or "chase"]



    3 / A "Physics and Dynamics" interactivity with the environment in a relationship that seems "normative, intimate, even carnal" with nature and its elements [eg perfect mastery of navigation or exploration, occupation and colonization of air space, the terrestrial sphere or the aquatic environment]




     This behavioral specificity of UFOs,


    [with its "Pathos" his sense perceptions, emotional, attentive and intellective reactions, cognitive and memory]


      is not only:


    characteristic of "Organic Beings ... Logically structured," as we know, of course, and the best !


    but above and in addition, it is absolutely not for us "Alien"


    [that is to say neither strange or foreign]


    because we share it, ourselves, with our environment "Organic" proximity, and members of our "Big Family", which are all beings that are Gifs, too, for a Soul or a Spirit.


    The Forbidden Fruit



    Le Fruit Défendu


    In other words: "UFOs are alive"

      or [to the lowest bidders and thinking!]

    they reflect the fruit, or the manifestation of Life:

    the one that bears the Seal of the Monad, "United and Only" with which the ancients, the Ancestors and Elders of Chivalry, always :

    Release, Traded, Shared and communion.


    Door of Happiness

    (La Porte de la Bonne...Heure = The Door of Good...Time)


    La Porte de la Bonne...Heure

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      "In my Father's House, there are many rooms."  ( Jean 14:2)



    The Mantle of Hennequin


    Le Manteau d'Hennequin


    Cover this "Alien Intelligence and Infra-Terrestrial" that I can not see !


    So far, most ufologists preferred :


    see UFOs in the protests : "Meddling Benevolent" of an "Alien Intelligence and Supermundane"


      especially ignore in parallel during the "Meddling an Alien Intelligence and Infra-Terrestrial," Concurrent and "Malice" with respect to humanity [which is probably too disturbing for their "Comfort Ideological" !]


    The Labyrinth


    Le Labyrinthe


    It is damaging to them because if they applied this simple reading key to the gate of the "UFO Phenomena", they finally find the "Breadcrumb", which would leave them quickly, and dead ends lanes without issues, the "Labyrinth", cleverly maintained by the imbroglio of manipulations "Political-economic-Military" and their Resonances Boxes "media-Scientific-Religious" which tend to them, permanently, of chausse- caltrops and ruts, the better to keep them there !

    Of Astre of Mount






    Everything is better in the Best of Possible Worlds !

    This "dichotomy" in view of the "Alien Interference" [which is double, but also two-way] is, itself, deliberately induced a definition and a representation of the general framework "historical-religious culturello" [a Paradigm] is Mensonger and Deceiver in his appearances in his reading and interpretation.


    I (Ego)




    For indeed, the "Establishment" and its officials [at least until the very recent past] denied the existence of the "Alien" and any form of effective contact with this type of "Intelligence" .dropoff window

    According to the Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, nothing is indeed more wrong!

    Would not it and because, all Traditions of All Nations of the Earth, we are unanimous in reporting, but also to warn us with wisdom, against the difficulties and risks, contacts with beings and entities outside the "Sphère Terrestre."

    Most of the "Optimist UFOlogists" recognize these contacts, but deny or "obscure" obviously up their "negative dimensions", under the pretext that if the "Aliens" were "malicious" to us, and given their "pre-scientific-technological", it was ages ago that they would have taken possession "and control of the Earth ! [More and less, they did not already, at least indirectly?]


    Alexander's Band


    La Bande d'Alexandre


    And there is no "worse" as syllogism trompe l'oeil!

    [Aliens "all powerful" visit us and watch us for a long time in a friendly manner, [without intervention and without invading us] it is proof that they are [well!] Benevolent, since they do ever, exhibited malice towards us, despite their "Omnipotences"!]


    The Seal Mont (The Salmon)

    (Le Sceau du Mont)

    Le Sceau du Mont


    But who says [besides the Orden of Chivalry!] If they are not, actually and continuously prevented by a "Higher Power or equivalent Heavenly" that hinder, slow down and stop them, in most of their many attempts and subversion companies? !


    God is my Salvation

    Dieu est mon Salut !


    [better you understand, then, stealth, speed, most of their "commando operations" and "camouflage mimetic" of these UFOs Aliens; and the wealth of precautions that their "Occupants Polymorphes" take to manifest itself clandestinely to advance to hide and conceal, because they would [also] an interest [vital] to act in this way, to namely to give the maximum "opportunity" to escape, the "Hunters" and "vessels" of "Heavenly" who keep and protect the Earth, and Humans, their predations]



    Les Hydres


    [Regarding the Malignancies Alien, they are in fact plethoras! Among the best known and indisputable include physical and psychological Rape: the Abductions, of Kidnappings and "Visits Room"; or animal and human mutilation, not to mention the numerous disappearances Humans constantly increasing traffic of "Human Flesh" and the frantic Pillage, direct and indirect, of Ecological Resources of the Planet]



    (8 = Huit = Huître = Oyster = 8)




    And if the main "Complex Systems and Industriello-economic-Military" devices "State-Terrestrials" have sought to deny or conceal these contacts Aliens, is that they, of course, too, interest and benefit, to hide [that is, above all, at once, the more intolerable, and less blameless for them!] the 'True Covenants Diabolique "they spent with representatives of this "Mafia Alien" in which they "pay" the "Tithe of Blood" and "Taxation of Gold", part-cons of "profit", "all on" the "Trade and Technology Transfers "with which they hope to ensure Domination, continue to consolidate their power, ensure, if possible, extend their supremacy.


    Call off Flames


    L'Appel des Flammes


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    "Devil The main trick is to make us believe that he does not exist !"

    Charles Baudelaire 


    The Bottleneck

    (Le Goût de l'Eau = Water's Taste)


    Le Goût...l'Eau


    The Metamorphosis


    According Bonvin: "Since [more than] half a century, the states [land] suffer the actions of UFOs that violate their airspace unexpectedly sow the intercepting aircraft and monitor complex [?] military-industrial "... [and set impunity threaten their territorial security and flout their national defense] ...


      the intolerable situation, and especially shameful, would have required [and only just!?] those States to play the card of misinformation, from the late 40s to the general public and scientists to maintain control. [Cf. UFOs change agents. The Present Time - 2014. Fabrice Bonvin]


    However, again according Bonvin, who apparently supports the conclusions of a group of American secret studies "Flying Saucers" by the end of 1948 to mid 1952:


    "It's not about aliens visitors, but something else. On A Fleeting Intelligence, Elusive, able to act with impunity. "[Cf. UFOs change agents. The Present Time. 2014. Fabrice Bonvin]


    Unconsciously, Fabrice Bonvin joined [but only in part, with his model of "Intelligence Supermundane"], the Orden of Chivalry, which itself:


    [its difference, as against the current of the many other "Ovnilogues" that are "deniers" to look better "positivists"] :

      1 - "do not throw the doll with her Dirty Water"

      2 - is not exclusive,

      3 - and does not ostracized, and any specifically:

      regarding the origins [and dimensions] Land Phenomena "called" UFOs, which undoubtedly present [according Orden "nature" and] Aliens Concomitant sources;

      or with the Lighting of Wisdom Religious and Traditional Knowledge data.


    [the latter being "taboo" or "personae non grata" in ufology] and as easily as most of the other ufologists, ignore them completely [in every sense!]; or they reject them as quickly, a "backhand" and much faster than the time required, their compulsive reflex sneer requires; probably to mask these materials their "culture", which is usually inversely proportional to the preconceptions of their stereotypes and prejudices of their premises.


    The Doors Teathers

    (Les Portes...Plume)


    Les Portes...Plume


     And obviously blinded [also] by :


      1 - Firstly: the principle of economy: who wants the simplest hypothesis (in terms of elements that explain the facts) more likely,


      Bonvin reduced [to excess!] And limits the scope of the "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, able to act with Impunity" to that of the terrestrial sphere, [sort of nervous system defense of Planet Earth, or "super-brain"] [Cf. fr.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabrice Bonvin]


      2 - and appears "UFO ... Bullé" by his vision that would exist; at work, a One and Only "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, able to act with Impunity" = "Gaia"


      and would [essentially] "ameliorative" through the UFO phenomena, used as "a sophisticated means of communication" in order to effect change among the human species, with some individuals predisposed (?), which are favorable to its life conservation objective; [Cf. fr.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabrice Bonvin]


      3 - and secondly, because it removes, and seems to ignore completely, which is, however, sponsor logic, the idea that there is "The Other" "Intelligence Fleeting, Elusive, capable of act with impunity ";


      and she, in contrast, is "derogatory" and at work, not "exclusively" in the earthly sphere, but in the whole of the Universe [exactly as is "ameliorative"], and whose goal [for simplicity]: Predation is the Life, while opposing "perpetually" on first.


    Myths explain history


    [and not the reverse, since the shows !]



    This is its "Land Battles"


    [between "Infras and Land Supras" assimilated at a rate to "Aliens", but wrongly, as not purely and exclusively original "Alien" in the modern sense of the word!]


    and its "Meetings and Confrontations Invasive"


    [regardless of their classification number "Types"]


    which tell us: Elders, Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry when we pleased, for example:


    the legendary battle of 'Ragnarok Nordic "


    At the Dawn of the Seventh Day

    (A l'Aube du 7ème Jour)


    A l'Aube du 7ième Jour


    where, after three winters without sun [or three days without light, winter] of the World reborn "deluges meta-phoric" [under Greek etymological] water and fire;


    By Fire and Water


    Par le Feu et l'Eau


    [like after the sign [or Miracle] Three Days and Three Nights of Jonah ; and our Lord Jesus Christ. [Cf. Mathieu XII. 38.39.40]


    The Sign of Jonas


    Le Signe de Jonas


    and the Eschatological clash, which takes place in all the "Pluri-to" or "Multi-Vers"


    [Cf. the Infras - Worlds and Supras and Quantum Theory]


    led all physical "Entities" or meta-physical, occupying them, and live,



      and the "Holy War", which is widely described and depicted by St. John of Patmos in his Gospel


    [Ancient Greek euggélion = "good news"]


    in the form of a "metalanguage"


    [interactive semantic language because spéculatil and operational: say "symbolic"]


    to mean :


    Alpha and Omega, the Metamorphosis, which is the revelation : the Apocalypse and the Resurrection of Christ;



    The etHer...Nel




    Which, here are a few excerpts that look like this news, which could well [passing] foreshadow its future :


    Gog and Magog


    Gog et Magog


    "They gathered them together to the place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon [Hill of Megiddo] ...


    And there were lightnings, and voices, and thunders and a great earthquake, such as there had never been like that since men were upon the earth ...


    Gog and Magog [will be gathered] to war; ...dropoff Window


    They went over the entire surface of the earth and they surrounded the Saints Camp and the City Beloved ...


    But fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them "...


    [from the Apocalypse of Saint John XVI and XX.7.8.9 16.17.18]




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    The Singing of the Medusa


    Le Chant de la Méduse


     The (True - False) Alien Invasion Plan


    Representatives of the "politico-military-industrial-economic complex" have so far had a "very unfortunate" tendency "blowing hot and cold" on the existence or non-existence of the "UFO Phenomenon" and the fact "Alien" [he associates it elsewhere: knowingly and intentionally, exclusively, and not without "ulterior motives"].


    The Gear






    For example :

    (A) - to indirect or allusion US President Ronald Reagan, September 21, 1987, the Assembly of the UN Génèrale :dropoff window


      "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget the links between all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to put these links into light. I sometimes thought about how differences in this world quickly vanish if we were facing an alien threat to Earth. Although, I ask the question: this foreign force, is not already among us "..." Try to imagine how easy it would be to do things between human beings so suddenly there was a threat to this world? from other species from other planets outside the universe we quickly forget all our small differences "...


    (B) - or directly and conspicuously Anatolyevich Medvedev Dmitri, now president of the government and former president of the Confederation of Russia :


    during his Russian TV interview of 11 December 2012, has accredited the reality of "threats" of Extraterrestrial Origin, indeed, when a reporter asked if the aliens exist he answers :


    "... I tell you for the first and last time. On his arrival in power, the President is issued in addition to the nuclear briefcase, file Special Top Secret. In this file there as info about aliens who came to our planet. To this is added a report on the Ultra-Secret Service that deals with the control of aliens on Earth. At the end of your presidency, you give this information to your successor. If you want more information on this, I suggest you watch the movies "Men in Black" (Russian documentary films that have nothing to do with the famous "parodies" American), however, I do not say how much they are with us because it could cause panic among the population ... "]


    (C) - or in a "spectacular" style :


    as the revelations of the Scottish hacker Gary MacKinnon, who would be fed into the Pentagon's computers, where the names of some of the alien spacecraft US, which came out (under the USSS abbreviation) with the names of their crews complete, and what makes the existence of extraterrestrial spaceships, more credible [See: consciousness of people blogspot.com]


    The Thief

    (Le Vol...Or = Theft Gold)


    Le Vol...Or


    (D) - or, more elegantly, with the statements "high profile" of the Astronaut ["Terro-Lunaire"] American Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 24 July 2008, when astronaut spoke live on British station Kerrang Radio interviewed by Nick Margerrison:


    "I ... was invited in military circles, intelligence circles [intelligence services] which know more than what was shown to the public ... yes, we were visited" ... "there has a bit of contact [with the aliens], which continues "..." and are monitoring progress "..." The United States, European governments, and South America, all have recently started opening their files "..." governments Belgian, French, Brazilian, Mexican, opened their files and therefore admitted they had these documents, "...


    [The Catholic Church admits the existence of aliens on other planets, the 03/07/2013: Father Josè Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory quoted in the Romano Newspaper: "If we consider that human creatures are our brothers and sisters, why do not we talk about our extraterrestrial brothers? "... Monsignor Corrado Balducci, exorcist, theologian and member of the Vatican Curia is apparru several times on Italian television to declare that extraterrestrial life is not only possible, but that aliens have already interacted with the Earth and the Vatican leaders know this. At a forum on the appearance of a huge UFO in Mexico, Balducci said: "I always wanted to be the spokesman for those people who are part of the stars of the glory of God and continue to seek the attention of the Holy Mother Church on this subject. "(See conscience-du-peuple.blogspot.com /.../ the-vatican-in-the-means-plus -...)]


    [that is] ... "related, I think, with the declassification of documents from the British government. This does not represent the most sensitive documents, but it is when the same documents declassified "..." public knowledge increases, public acceptance is increasing. Misinformation, omerta, hedging attempts [Blackout] seem to dissipate. I think we get to a real revelation from the serious organizations working in this direction "..." even if [the] people do not know: the ins and outs of the story, they know - or accept the fact - that there have been visits, UFO events in the sky, all the time, that look like gears ET. : Only all, are not. I have the feeling that some of them are made with us. I feel that over the past six years at least, there has been talk of reverse engineering, and creating this type of gear, but it's still not as sophisticated as what have visitors. "[have] ..." Nothing hostile, it is clear that if their intentions were hostile, we would not be here now, we could not be there. We would have no defense if their intentions were hostile. "


    In another document, entitled "Out of the Blue" directed by James Fox in 2002, Edgar Mitchell said: "There had UFO crash and recovery of bodies and equipment [...] The reason for this cover [hiding] by the government is that we were not able to say to people if these beings were hostile or not, and whether we could protect ourselves. "[Cf.www.youtube..com / watch ? v = 8TgmODKX014] [Cf. The Alien Scam Blue Beam project and Aliens Come from Hell]


    The Light of Shade


    La Lumière de l'Ombre


    (E) - or on a more "cynical" with Dr. Carol Rosin, US military and industrial strategist, who unveiled at the beginning of the XXI century [only?]: Confidential reports on the control plane of a planetary government, they would have received in 1974 by Dr. Wernher Von Braun (1912 - 1977) [Nazi defector Nasa] and would be specifically handling [or fiction] is told everyone to justify the militarization of space, and based primarily on the "wrong" progressive threats




    Le Palladium


    that would, they :


    1 - the evil empire of Russia


    2 - terrorists


    3 - the third world countries


    4 - asteroids


    5 - and aliens




    [which, however, with hindsight, might well appear to us as quite "like" with the past history and current events; even if they are "re-interpreted" by what St. John the Evangelist Patmos called "False Prophet": that is to say, the "re-formatted" exercised by the "fourth" media]




    [Von Braun says:] "you will see an acceleration in order to find an enemy against which we must build a space-based weapons, and now we have to expect that acceleration" ...


    "[All this] is based on a lie" ... and no [course] a smokescreen [smoke and mirrors] used [àprès of the "supporters" Von Braun] in the "project Blue Beam" and other "Black Programs" (fake UFO simulations, false kidnapping and abduction, false appearances of aliens, and religious and false mutilation of cattle, etc.) [Cf. Dr. Geer] [Cf. The Sting Alien Blue Beam Project unveiled "First" by journalist Serge Monast survey of Quebecers (1945 - 1996)] [See Vincent LC henrymakow source]


    [If we follow the Wernher Von Braun assertions, Carol Rosin, Serge Monast and other "conspiracy", supporting the thesis of "The Sting Alien" and other "projects" like "Blue Beam", it should be recognized that the phenomenon "UFO / Alien" is the creation of "political-military-industrial-economic complex" and that UFOs and Extraterrestrials would only emerged in the second half of the twentieth century (or shortly before) unfortunately for them, Myths and Traditions, the Sacred Scriptures, the Historical Facts: all the Peoples of the Earth, and the Archaeological Discoveries come fully and abundantly contradict them, proving the opposite! (Cf. Theory of Ancient Astronauts and RMC files discoveries eg www. Youtube. Com / watch? V = 6vlgCUbPyTw)]




    The Blue Beam Project




    All these statements [of those "eminent": "Poly ... Tick" Frame "Super ... Laughing", Doc ... Killer, "Ex ... Father" and other "Intel revels ... .. .Tue El ... "] come support, opportunely and about, followers of the words of the" Thought Artificial Diffuse "Blue Beam project, which announced the creation of three main lures :




    1 - alien invasion, above, each major city of the world


    [including nuclear power plants!]




    2 - to convince Christians that wonderful event will occur in the form of a beneficial extraterrestrial intervention


    [even if the plan potentially encompass all other faiths: why special "Christians"]


    The Continuum


    Le Continuum


    3 - Global use of all means, which can use all modern communication systems to broadcast "waves" to psychologically destabilize populations, with individual and collective hallucinations


    [these techniques have been, or are already widely used and have happily shown their limits!] [the best way to resist these "waves" is to oppose structuring mentally! ]dropoff window


      4 - to achieve [username] "Night of a Thousand Stars", where the world's population would [finally] ready to welcome a new Messiah in the flesh, to be [one] able to restore order after the chaos [previously artificially spread], at the cost of removal of all personal liberties tyranny of a new "world religion" to control all inhabitants,


    [ie after "Blue Beam" means the "Done" Religious and the coming of Christ would (or will) the embodiment of "Evil" ...!]


    5 - and impunity to exploit all the resources of the planet.


    [if it is not already!]



    The Show to better hide !


    [but these "lures" are they not themselves "sham" by hiding (with this rude smokescreen!) which is important not to see. (this is the tree that hides the forest or the train, hides another!)]


    [this has everything, a real maneuver "intoxication" (at "Russian Doll"!) to better deny this, and in anticipation, the facts (by adjusting their probabilities and similarities) and for the "subtraction" (apparent) and concealment (illusionist) planning an invasion or takeover of populations by "powers" hostile "foreign" to the Earth (and better hide ) attribute "false" (because "only) to" political-economic-military-industrial complex ", which is itself a puppet (facade and cover), in the hands of true puppeteers pulling the strings (of the "Great Puppets" from the "de Hait ... ... ... A False"), and, at the same time, the average of "discréminer" intervention "Providence ... Heaven", the "Heavenly Host" and "Force Continuum", which could well (effectively) oppose it] :


    [that's ultimately what is attempted here: influence, direct and control the "opinion" in the sense most favorable to that company's takeover of "domination and possession," for the "Thought Poly Ticks ... ... Ment" correct, by suggestion, manipulation, camouflage and concealment.]



    Acknowledge [too!] That the disclosure of the plan "has at least the merit" and the benefit [for these "apostles and Princes" Machiavelli] neutralize :



    1 - all forms of "suspicions" about possible extraterrestrial real threat [and who would, therefore, according to "the Leaders" unfounded ?]


    [and "and nip in the bud," all the reasons or occasions for mobilization and resistance in the face of what would eventually [and from "Blue Beam"] a sham?]



    2 - and for "vital interest" for these "new prophets of misfortune" [and opponents of Freedom and Truth], what they consider [them] as religious superstition, and, in particular, that which remains [from the beginning] [for them] their "target" paramount, and "objective" main : evacuate, once for all, the "Disclusure" that is to say, the "Revelation" or single "Apocalypse" and "Resurrection" of Christ !


     The Song of The Sign

    (Le Chant du Signe = The Swan Song)


    Le Chant du Signe


    To identify and appoint a "Tree" ... without the risk of being wrong ... is not it better to look always first: his "Fruits" ... So ... who can well enjoy this kind of manipulation? ... dropoff Window


    [that some are still asking!] ...


    A in Three


    Un en Trois


    We Come in Peace ... ... Always !


    And if, "by sheer chance" and, in spite of all, the aliens would show [or have] to us,

    [This is confirmed, moreover, yet in their own way, soldiers and scientists (in prévilégiant origin reasonably extraterrestrial UFOs) as Jean-Jacques Velasco (see his books) former member of the National Centre for studies and Director of the Aerospace Phenomena study Group Unidentified and expert service for reentry Atmospheric Phenomena, and as General of the French air Force: Denis Letty, who chaired the report on UFO Cometa (Committee of Advanced Studies) [the UFO and Defense: What should we prepare?] (in which Jean-Jacques Velasco "collaborated" in 1999)]


    [even! "Heads or Evil Lure Double Fasce"] we would [and did] nothing to fear from them since, and all the ways:


    [except, perhaps, a tiny minority of "bad apples" Aliens who no doubt once again [and turn] have been lost, blinded and abused (the poor! ) by vindictiveness, stupidity and religious obscurantism?]


    they [already] almost unanimously, their "benevolent" attentions and friendly [to us], and according to our "experts" "ufologists" and "Ovnilogues" [and other followers this new "worldliness Alien"]: from [it is true] of all the "circles" and horizons


    "Private" [as the "university geostrategist" Denis Roger Denocla and last "high priest" of "Homos" of the planet Ummo]


    or "scientific" [as astrophysicist "idealistic" Jean Pierre Petit]


    or political and military [as the former defense minister Paul Hellyer Canada]


    representatives and even "religious", as Pope "1" "False Confession without Saint" Francis, who is ready to baptize [himself!], too, "Martians"


    His or as astronomers and astrophysicists "Jesuits" of the Vatican Observatory [ultramodern], aptly named "Lucifer" [Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research] on Mount Graham in Arizona in the United States,


    where they "observe" UFOs and look for exoplanets "inhabited" since they "undermine ... Priests" to welcome the aliens, who are [according to them!] future "Saviors" (?!) of Humanity [see pleinsfeux.org/exo-vaticana] ...


    [Like, think, indeed, the "blessed and faithful" current News Ages, who imagine [innocently] that all so-called "legions" of "Extraterrestrial Entities", with which they are in contact , and links through "cannaux shamanic" and "channeling" are their "Elder Brothers of Space", and gender [necessarily] "Love and Peace"]


    Stations of the Cross


    Le Chemin de Croix


    [again, we seem to hear ringing and echoing the words of Order : ... On Everything Not Resist ! ... And the word [or Hotels] Password : Collaborate More Early in]


    Wyvern or Die

    (Wouivre ou Mourir = Live or Die) 


    Vouivre ou Mourir


     All is Quiet Quiet ... Sleep ... People Braves !


    And reassure you ... for the latest news ... :


    1 - if the destroyer USS Donald Cook, equipped with the latest generation of powerful system of combat : Aegis missile launcher, which are the fundamental weapon Tomawak 56 cruise missiles and missiles capable of delivering 96 to 2500 km of nuclear warheads, was made literally deaf and blind, with all its systems: radar "paralyzed" and electronic "frozen" when a Russian bomber fighter Su-24 flew on April 12, 2014, in the Black Sea, and who was armed [it] not that of a single nacelle mounted under the fuselage: Russian electronic warfare system called Jibiny ;


    Lightning of War

    (Le Foudre de Guerre) 


    Le Foudre de Guerre


    This is surely not through reverse engineering transfers, which could béniéficier "Lamb White" and former KGBiste: Wladymir Putin by extraterrestrials who "naturally" or do not exist or may be, it is impossible, since they are anyway: unconditionally "anti-military" and basically "peaceful"



    2 - and if at that date [18.11.2014], and from October 2014 to ostensibly, to "mysterious drones" [The Drovnis ! = Ufo-Drones !]


    [some of which have the appearance of metal flying torpedo 2 and 6 meters, equipped with a powerful white headlight and red and white marker lamps and changing night in absolute silence, even under rain and a storm, or a strong wind "Mistral Maritime"]


    Cigar of Clouds

    (Le Cigare des Nuées)


    Le Cigare des Nuées


    ... continue to fly over the sites of the French nuclear power plants


    [threatening (at any time) to deprive Europe, power, annihilating their processors]


    it probably is not, either, "New Secret Weapons" Russians, [the claim (and "sinister") Adolphe [also] as expected and hoped !], and even less, of course, hypothetical UFOs aliens !


    [since, you understand, "the State...Blitz...Ment" [almost] successful : to persuade the world that UFOs are lures [90% of them ] and to convince the "UFO" that [all] the aliens [almost] are [also 90%] : our friends]


    Canis Lupus


    Canis Lupus


     "Beware of False Prophets. They come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly, they are Kidnappers Wolves " [or Abductors!] [Matthew 7: 15]


    Ego Sum In Vos


    Ego Sum In Vos


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  •  Foot of Lion


    Le Pied de Lion


    Creature or "Beast" of God


    To the ancients, the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry: Man does not need to evolve as he reached the summit from the start of its evolution in time that "being embodied" created "perfect" from the beginning by God, with a physical body, a sensitive soul and a spirit intelligible. And if God "allowed" "evil" is that it is just and right, as he offered his "human beings" created in his image [or likeness] his "free will" : his freedom and that of his individual choice. He is free to regress to the status of "animal-human" [or worse that of "golem" or "cyborg"]; or to rise to its full state "andros-kairos" or "man-angelic".


    [In other words since its "egocentric" fall [the wrong choice] man, always within reach, the right thing to do, with a "great room" progress, since God does not want the "death" of "fisherman "but his" resurrection "] and," If he Wants "Hic et Nunc, [here and now] it can" ... all the days "to the" choice "of" Bis-A ": 1 + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3 = (1 new) A].


    The Symbolic Language


    This is one of the High Master and Lord Christ speaking in parables or images; and it is also that of the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry which uses very often in the form of metaphor, allegory or understatement, and it is here, like Nicodemus, "he need to be smart and discernment ", looking good" sense "of what is said or shown:


    Such as with the famous' Number of the Beast 666 ", which is also the figure of the" Perfection of Man ", of course, provided to read in the" common sense "[common sense is the meaning of cons -direction and vice versa! cf. On The Trace of the Golden Owl Michel Becker and Max Valentin www.lachouette.net/], see for yourself:



    (L' Epis...Cycle = Cob...Cycle )




    Indeed spiral three branches, blue and silver colors [sinister], consists of the merger [tune] three "6" [2x3 or "Binary multiplied" polluted, corrupt and lowered by defects in "cube "]: [butt 666 ; 666 contained the 6 directions of Chrism in the 3 Worlds], together with their "points" [heraldic sense], or "low" "bellies", which is the number of the "beast" ("binary" only body and Soul without the Spirit): [for their sense of gyration (involution) them away from the Source of Life, as it is veering and centrifugal: that is to say facing the shadow to "c is born ... "[sinister] the shield].


    The Dextrorotatory Focal


    La Focale Dextrogyre


    While the spiral with three branches, colored foods and or [dexter], consists of the merger [Harmonic] three "9" [3 Eggs Philosophers, Philosophical and Philosopher] : [999 butted: the 999 contained the 6 directions of the Chrism "Added together," in the 3 worlds, those of 3 ("Donations" of the Purification of the Rectication and Sublimation received) of the Holy Trinity], united by their "leaders" [heraldic sense], or high "head"


    [where appear the "numinous Horns" from "Bel ... Is it ...", like those of Moses at Mount Sinai, the "Beast ... Lovers", "Deviants" and other "In-Worship" have "Demonised" and amalgamated with horned representations and known under the name of "Baphomet" which actually meant for the Templars: The "Sophia": ie, the representation of the "Brill Head" or "Holy Face" of the Lord, such as it appears, in fact, on: the Mandylion or Image of Edessa, the St. Veronica and the Shroud of Christ]


    which is the figure of the "Perfection of Man" [Body, Soul and Spirit] : [because their sense of gyration brings the Source (evolutionary) Life, since it is centripetal and sénestrogyre : c 'ie is directed towards the source of the "light scope" by the ECU (reflected in higher angle "of beings ..." [dexter] the chief or right corner and the top of the ECU)].


    The  Senestrogure Focal


    La Focale Sénestrogyre


    The "fusion Meeting" 6 + 6 + 6 and 9 + 9 + 9 [chief and top of the shield] is the "Flight of the Holy Spirit" [shown here under the "graph" of an ideological gram, and point out that science uses Heraldry, too, the ideo-phonogram], which trains and educates the [Fine] "Flower of Chivalry" ; one that is "Trinitaire" [Body, Soul and Spirit].






    ["So can we speak of heavenly things from earthly things", "[and] thus spake Jesus" to his disciples, "Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which was born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again. The Wind blows where it wills ... He is with everyone who is born of the Spirit ... Nicodemus saith unto him, How can these things be? Jesus answered him, Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things? (John 3: 1-21)]




    The Land of the Incarnation and the Resurrection


    Yes : if indeed for "Ancient Man" the "Earth was much Plate" in this vision [Self-Centered] in the ontological sense, it is much more, and [also] even more, for the "'Modern Man, "with its future prospects limited to the" flatness "of a limited horizon [Weaving the wire frame of the Profane] because" ultra attached materialist "...


    and it is also true [and "Very Stable ..."] ... that "Man Traditional" - which opens to the Light Revealed of the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Christ [the Most Holy and true Apocalypse]: see its "Top Song ... Reason", expand to infinity, with immediate verticality of the direct link [Woven Wire to Religious Channel] since the "Loving" and "Pupil" in the Heart of the Universe and the Re center, the Immutable Axis of "All the Whole" Lord Deus.


    Ultima Verba


    Ultima Verba

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    Waves of Time

    Les Vagues du Temps



    The Mysteries of Time


    We often forget that, as Space, Time multidimensional; and like him a length, a height and depth.


    Its duration is its length, its height and its Scope Depth its direction. [Cf. empirically feel of "Out of Time" or "Time is Bounded and which as a Stop Frontier"]


    Utinam Remora


     Utinam remora


    The Time Travel


    Space of time it forms what Orden of Chivalry called "Continuum" or "Time Dutchman" [Ship Temporal equity method of Space Ship] and it is this "Time Space" traveling [Cf. empirically: the printing of different "Lengths of Time" or "Time span Differently, which speeds up or slows down"]


      The "Sas Temporal"


    These are the "Gravitational Time Well" that meet the "Calls Air" of acausalité [convergences qualitative and friendly parties] and the empreintent "Communicating Vases" determinism [opportunity of mutual optimization or Concordance time] [Cf. empirically when two "Space Time" joined: the sensation of "Déjà Vu" where "Premonition"]


    Waves Songs from Above and from Below

    (Les Ondes Cantiques " The Quantum Wave"

    d'An "Year" Haut et d'An "Year" Bas)


    Les Ondes Cantiques d'An Haut et d'An Bas


    Temporal Capsules


    They come to us from all the "lines or strings of Time" before and after, back and front; from the outside and from the inside, and even parallel, by "Sas Temporal" [Cf. empirically: Synchronisité experiences or "Meaningful Coincidence" and even "Intuition"]


    Usually obviously the content of these "Capsules Temporal" is encoded as the "sign" or "signal" used by the "capsule" [language directly perceptible; or indirectly, in this case an "interpretive release" is required as symbolic equivalence or analogy for example]


    The correct interpretation of this kind of "message" is sometimes difficult, even if it helps us, to guide us or we decide - more often than elsewhere generally believed - [and strong "Or ... door ... nu ... magnet "the integration process is frequently" A Conscious ... ":" subconscious "or" Supconscient "according to the mode of" letting go "or" experienced "and" sense ":" Dreamlike ""poetics", "reflective" or "contemplative"]


    But as we get them, we can also make and the "influence" on the course of events; This is also what we do without even realizing it, by "throwing" in the past [remember the process that allows for example to integrate a "passive"] or in the future [voluntary imaginary process that helps us plan a goal]


    Faith that moves mountains

    Tradition transmitted by the elders, the ancestors and elders of the Orden of Chivalry advance even the existence of "Supers Capsules Temporal" we could design and use: as "Time Ships"

     Banneret ondé d'azur et d'argent au Hie de sable

    [comparable to what some have called also "egregores or thought forms"]


    allowing us to "Surfer" on "Waves of Time" [fields of Quantum Waves] and move into their "Spaces" ...


    It would also be possible: to act thus directly on the physical world,


    [we obviously think of all the phenomena called "paranormal" or "miraculous"]


    to control the course of time,


    [certain beings have the reputation of escape "Year ... Taken" Time]


    or also isolate certain regions or cities,


    [like these kingdoms or missing legendary cities, "like" the mythical city of Ys which would have been swallowed up in the "Sea"... off ... Time ! ? ].


    The City of El

    (La Cité...d'El =  The Citadel)


    La Cité...d'El


    If the Legacy of the Past Traditional us offers - generously -


    [Cf. the corpus of all Tales and Fairy]


    This is, without doubt, that we, in our turn, dispose ... sure ... a Beautiful Day ... maybe tomorrow ...


    in the future ... that's for sure !


    Dregs Eras To Ases

    (Lie...les...ères...aux...ases = Dregs the Hares to Hases "and Ases")


    Lie...les...ères aux...ases


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    The Universal key

    (La Clef Univers...Scelle = The Key Universe...Seal)

    La Clef Univers...scelle



    This is a sure full of admiration point

    The top and the bottom is that the same thing:

    To one in all enclosed world,

    Wonderful effects of adaptation.


    With one has done everything meditation

    And for parents, matrix, and nurse, he is asked,

    Phoebus, Diane, air, and earth, which is based,

    This thing lying all perfection.


    If we moved the earth he has his whole force:

    Separated by great art, but easy,

    The subtle from the gross, and the land of fire.


    It rises from the earth to heaven, and earth,

    It descends from Heaven, receiving little by little,

    The virtues of both that it encircles his belly.


    [The Secretum Secretorum]






    The Clash of Civilizations


    The last fifty years, a powerful intellectually "lobby" managed to impose - against the evidence of UFO facts themselves - the dominant concept [if not the dogma] extraterrestrial contact that can only be positive, ameliorative : for Humanity ; and this, for one simple reason, the moral, and ethical elevation, always go hand in hand with scientific and technological progress.


    [from "the new philosophers" pretext : that to solve - not least that the problems related to the difficulties of interstellar travel - for which "more superior intelligence" would be required ... and given that this intelligence, supreme gasoline, would ipso facto: synonymous with exemplary morality ... we would have absolutely nothing to fear from these "little gray men to" ... in other words, according to them, and if we follow the well, it would, indeed, of evil: to assess the degree of sympathy, or to imagine the level of "good will" towards us]


    [cf. the positions taken by astrophysicist Jean Pierre Petit - which nevertheless shines in many other areas - and arguments "space ... heaven" very "specious" supporters and defenders of the existence of the "Visitors" "homos - Ummites "or" homos "of the planet Ummo and" promotionneurs "of their pseudo model ideal society like" big brother "(oddly revamped 50 years [as the" Observers Hosts Men In Black "] related, no doubt, with their so-called arrival in France, near Mount White Horse [28 March 1950]; I almost, indeed, write 51: as the famous "hot zone"]!


    [evoke briefly about it (for the curious nature!) a significant coincidence: where "UFO mythology" seems to join the "signs ... internal" because, in fact, the apellation of "Area 51" has site designation on the map "Area 51" or "Area 51" or "Era 51", which was named "Paradise Ranch" and "Deamland" (to make it more attractive as the arrival on site professional) and so oddly, if anagram word "Area" or "Area" ("Era") phonetically we get the word "stop" (Aare and Arei), which gives "stop 51" or "Decree 51" and thus also "Age 51" which corresponds to a "number" very particular "5 and 1" (beautiful illustrator as the theory of "signatures"!), and a "significant marker" in analog logic of "geography of the sacred calendar" with the "51th" week of "the sacred year" that says, and points, the end of the year with the winter solstice the "December 21", we understand better and the "craze "rogue, fortunately, and only by a tiny minority of" great ... kill ... heaven "," ... in cults "and ignorant, and emotion (subconscious!) aroused by the date, December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar, which meant not "End of the World", but in reality, the arrival and the emergence of a new "Sun" or a new "era", prefiguring and announcing the date of 21 December 2014, two years later, that is, 730 days + late, because (according to this "science" of "sacred" numbers): 21 is the "glory" of 7, (ie: 21 is the "sacred cube" of the number 7: 7 x 3 = 777 = 21)]



    The most common assumption: logical consequence is of extraterrestrial scientists explorers, motivated by curiosity of discovery, and animated by the study and development of science; which would induce implicitly and necessarily, on their part, with the greatest respect for life in general, and collaboration, particularly, generous and unselfish, especially for all forms of life that would be "smart", like ours.


    The Diaspora


    La Diaspora


    How is such blindness possible ?


    [One hesitates, "Some...times" candid between naivety and passive complicity?] [and if you prefer (in the manner of Rémy Chauvin) the secptique: it is not the one who doubts everything, he it is that unsuspecting!]


    For how : can we ignore - at this point - the deeds and misdeeds of the "intelligent beings," we are yet all ! or to ignore as easily on the lessons of our own history ?


    Indeed, [especially modern] history shows always abundantly, and proved clearly :

    1 ... that "scientific intelligence" is not, by far, a "guarantee" of integrity and ethical evolution.


    The example of Robert Oppenheimer: American physicist [kneaded ambition] who distinguished himself in theoretical physics, then as scientific director of the Manhattan Project, and is considered, because of its leading role as the "father of the atomic bomb, "is, as such, sufficiently instructive and revealing emblematic ... or as that of the other" Child of the Devil "(as does not believe - surely - so say Jean Pierre Petit): Wernher von Braun American naturalized German engineer in 1955 ; and who, before becoming one of the main responsible for the space agency NASA, where he is considered a "genius" and pioneer in aerospace, and the "father" of the Saturn V rocket and lunar program Apollo; was previously, and from 1937, member of the Nazi party, and technical director of the test center Peenemünde: where he developed weapons of Nazi reprisals, like the famous Space Missile V2, 4000 copies were launched mainly in England, the Netherlands and Belgium in 1944 and 1945 [cf.Wilkiédia]


    And how not to remember ? :


    2 ... as in "Civilizations Shock" proponents: the "superiority" of science or technology, have a tendency to colonize see "génocider" those who hold a "lower" rank, such as consistently show "wars "colonial Protectorate, Operating or stand of the Americas, the Pacific, Africa [and elsewhere]


    On The  Sea Earth  as in Heaven


    Sur la Mer...Terre comme au Ciel


    Forgetting the Past : Ignore is the Future


    Now then, since there: alien migration, we can at least try to understand the "spring" powerful and the "mechanisms" in activity that underlie them, analyzing them first - those - which are best known to us, namely: Land migration; As there is true, it is always better and profitable to start with what is known, to try to understand, and to consider, more reasonable, which is unknown.


    Concerning the Earth and since time immemorial, it is undeniable that all living species migrate: plants, animals and men, and it is always, to ensure the survival of individuals of their species:


    by the acquisition of resources, to escape a "predatory" invasive, or to ensure a "living space".


    It is logical, and more than likely, that this rule of life and the law of "Secure - Life" are "Universal" and they apply to all species whether Infra - Extra - and land


    [cf. see, among others, the existence of "Multi-Worlds"; the works of Janine and Jacques Vallée, Mary Magdalene and Peter Berthault, Jean Sider and work and "experiments" GABRIEL Jeanne and Jean Giraud, of Hepta and Observatory parasciences that "hypothétisent" links of these "worlds" and parallel "problem ... my ... theme" UFOs]


    And to validate this "question", we turn now to the Tradition transmitted by the Orden of Chivalry, which gives us, once again, its relevant lighting, and we still offer his help: advising us of up the "Current" [Time] - like salmon - until his "Source".


    Let us imitate the "People of the Star", and "Périgrinons" as the "Children of the ball" up "Myth Founder": the "Sons Twin" of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel :


    The Scriptures indicate us that the first: Cain, who was sedentary [Farmer] is "substituted" the second Abel, which he said was Itinerant [breeder] Indeed, after the murder of his brother Abel


    [after giving up his vocation through excessive jealousy, ie vanity Abuse]


    The Scimitar

    (Le Cîme...Terre = Top...Earth)


    Le Cîme...Terre


    Cain was condemned by God to Nomadism :


    ["You will be a Wandering browsing the Earth"; Genesis I, 12]


    [The Lord said to him, If anyone kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any found not to kill him. Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod (Hebrew root "wandering"), on the east of Eden. (Genesis IV, 16) ... "To the east of Eden, James what else ?]


    Would it not, rather, in fact: the most probable attitude and "bad profile" of: "Those of Heaven" [aliens] who "Dropped" ... and who are openly in rebellion [by pride] with Universal Order of the Living,


    by taking: impunity - at first - for "Gods" [following their Master "Lucifer"] and assuming the "right" of Life and Death ...


    and that [the example of Cain] would now be "doomed" - in a second time - to roam, Worlds in Worlds [of Planets Planets, or if you prefer, of Lands Lands] to survive ?


    The Assault




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    The Numinous


    Les Numineux



    "God is frequently out of darkness of the night to the light of day" [Saint John of the Cross]


    Crux Circle


    Crux Circle


    The Conspiracy Theory Negative


    To summarize: a government of "enlightened" globalist coalition manipulates devices Earthen States, with the aim of exploiting the Earth and its resources, enslave humanity, lowering it, and "predate" all Forces of the Living;


    [The Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry tells us that this "secret government" is in the service of "Occult" - precisely - whether Land, Extraterrestrials or Infra -Terrestres]


    This "coalition of Shadows" also uses the "advanced" technology [such as HAARP network or micro waves]


    and other "transfers" inverted says "occultists" [such practices "or shamanic magic" errant] to "turn off their hunger";


    and which, it is easy to count the manipulations in the information or derogatory behavior, mafia and criminal geo-political, financial, economic and religious; also without forgetting the "experimental" dimension whose statement is obvious in various sites of "test bench" or application such as:


    in France, "The Mysteries of the Col de Vence" (see Pierre Beake and Col Association Vence.com) [The aptly named by the Ancients "Plateau of Idols, or Plateau Devil"!] or "manifest" all "outfits" of phenomenology: UFO, para-psychological, para-religious and "Cursed Facts" [so dear to Charles Fort, who wrote about them: "A procession of the damned. For the damned, I hear the excluded. We will hold a procession of all the data that science has seen fit to exclude "cf. "The Book of the Damned" 1919] etc.


    or other programs of "testing laboratories" and in the region of the "South West" of England with the gradual annual occurrence since the early 1980s, the "Phenomenon" says the "Crop Circles", or the true and the false, the natural and the artificial (not to mention the fireworks) "intertwine" and are well-orchestrated and used or recovered by some active minorities [themselves instrumentalized] for dark "drawings ".


    Crops Crux


    Crops Crux


    [just like the "apparitions" of "ufonauts" and UFOs, ovnies, osnis, onani, ove, efo, ovex, afo, ufos, trafficking, foo-fighters (foo-fithers) mocs, Atias, hnos, ozns, djias, nlos, nifos, panis, pans, tanks and celestial shields, airships, ghost ships and aircraft, cigars, light and flying discs and other flying saucers, who obviously do not have any, "no-fault law!" - the origin, nature, a cause, action and mission - the same, unique and common]




    Positive Theory of Conspiracy


    Saying negative words as positive! No shadow without light. Because one can not exist without the other. This is what we say, and show the rest, all the Traditions, Myths, Religions and even their ways, History and Science.


    This Plot Positive Orden of Chivalry teaches us that it is the work of a College in both physical and meta-physical [as well as the negative Plot] and whose members "Numinous" Veterans are the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden that are present in all the Worlds [Infra, Extra and Earth] and who are united to the forces of "Continuum" to act in the ameliorative and oppose the various actions of "Confederates" [in gangs and interdependent] of Conspiracy Negative of "Dark".


    Since the "Time of the Night", each of the two "camps" and confronts another; each action of one corresponds a proportionate and appropriate reaction, from each other, and according to the same or similar conditions.


    [which inevitably generates a confusion of "register" and discrimination, especially as the "wolves in sheep's often disguise" to better "predate"]


    [recall in passing that the technique of "mimicry or camouflage" is used both by the predator, and the predated only by the hunter!].


    Dagger Is

    (Dague...Est = Daguet = Brocket)




    The objective of the artisans of Conspiracy Positive is to protect, defend and "raise" Humanity and Life in general.

    [as was the case for example with the fall of the "comet" in Siberia in 1908:

    (The event is the Tunguska explosion June 30, 1908 at 7 h 13 in central Siberia, in the Russian Empire. The shock wave equivalent to several hundred times that generated Whom bomb of Hiroshima 37 years later, destroyed the forest on a 20 kilometer radius and caused damage to a hundred kilometers cf. Wikipedia) or "drones" of the planet protection network intervened to intercept and destroy time [by fragmenting the atmosphere] this "comet"


    Isti Stella Mirant


    Isti Stella Mirant


    [According to the Russian investigator Valery Uvarov, head of the science department, technical and research on UFOs based in St. Petersburg, the gigantic meteorite has crashed into the earth, for it was destroyed at high altitude, not by entering our atmosphere, but because it was intercepted by a technology that would and generated electromagnetic energy and produced huge "balls of light". [out among other lakes and heading on the comet with the visual evidence of the time to support] [in fact] a missile [or more] would have destroyed a meteorite that was going on land. As for the missile, it would have originally a secret facility several hundred kilometers north of Tunguska and which one does not know the origin. On the other hand, there is the assumption of Yuri Lavbin, leader of the expedition in 2004 working for 12 years on the mystery of Tunguska, which claims that a comet heading towards the earth [was] disintegrated voluntarily travel before hitting the ground with a "mysterious flying machine" that would have made the cost of the operation. He even said: "we have been saved by a superior civilization," cf. UFO - Live. com / toungouska.html]


    The XIII Lights in the Sky of the New Sun



    Les XIII Lumières dans le Ciel du Nouveau Soleil


    or yet another time when "the aggression and instead attack" by a meteor, which was - without doubt - focused on the Russian Mayak nuclear complex near Ozyorsk in northern region Chelyabinsk oblast, on the morning of 15 February 2013 that triggered the Russian warning network defense system of the planet against all forms of alien aggression: the "Citadel" network]


    [The meteor Chelyabinsk designated supercar Chelyabinsk is a meteor or fireball (or meteoroid) that was observed in the sky of the southern Urals, above Oblast Chelyabinsk, on the morning of 15 February 2013 at about 9:20 local (3:20 UTC).


    With a diameter of 15-17 m and an estimated mass of 7 000 to 10 000 tonnes, the fireball was partially disintegrated in the atmosphere, about 20 km altitude. The phenomenon has freed an estimated energy to 440 kilotons of TNT (about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, or about 30 times less than the Tunguska event), creating a shock wave that brought down a wall and a factory roof, destroyed thousands of windows and windows and injured at least 1,613 people, mainly in Chelyabinsk. Fragments of the object created impact craters near Chebarkul and Zlatoous.


    It is also remarkable that the meteor path was filmed by numerous witnesses, including the images prove valuable to scientists]


    gold on some of these images [see www .yutube or Daylimotion] (but also other similar facts) can clearly be distinguished intervention UFO taking the meteor hunting for "neutralize"; and before the first explosion and fragmentation in the atmosphere.


    At the end there should be only Caïn !

    (At the end there should be Only One !)


    A la faim il ne doit en rester Caïn !


    Double Conspiracy Theory


    So if we apply the "prism" of the Double Conspiracy Theory, to all the myths and ancient and modern historical events, it is undoubtedly faces that the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry called War eschatological:


    [whose fighting is taking place not only to the dimensions of space but also in time lines]


    Sons of Darkness (the Moon): followers of Chaos Theory, according to which the order (destiny) is born of involutive dynamics, the apparent disorder (or fate)


    against the Sons of Light (the Sun): proponents of Theory of Revelation, where the Order of Christ is the goal,


    [and Insurance calm to every creature, to be in his place and occupy in Harmony functions, the latter arising from the balanced Concorde various parts of the Whole, which is: Justice]


    and its implementation by the Ministry of Action of the Chivalrous Synergy and Religious Synarchie at the Service of Evolutionary Life.



    (Patrie...Arche = Homeland...Arche)





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    Anti - Matter




    The Knighting

    Having passed the ultimate test of the Vigil of Arms, the Aspirant to the Orden of Chivalry is invited by his godfather to Accolade Ceremony which will be presented with its obligations and expenses:




    Protect the Church, which is all the Faithful in Christ; defend the Widow and Orphan; help those who are "No Power" in this land; and ensure that foreign-language if it is not ungodly, being molested without reason or justice.


    After his commitment ["... In Pawn ... Magnet"] Godfather gave him the weapons with which he can fulfill his charges :



    The Sword :

    Word of the symbol of God and his teaching over which it will have to decide in conflicts for justice to be done, he will brandish, use it with Justice, never take no reason and give it to the sheath, always with honor !


    The Sword of the Word


    L'Epée du Verbe


    Spurs :

    signs of obedience and docility to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it to temper the steed of Pride and Courage rides and in order to act quickly and accurately!


    The Cavalcade


    La Cavalcade


    The "Collée"

    with a firm punch given with sliced his hand on the neck to the sinister side in an ample and vigorous arm movement, with which his godfather gives her the right to wear the sword and to Justice as a valiant height of the Force of God !


     The Neck Cut

    (Le Tranché de la Collée)


    Le Tranché de la Collée


    The Sword :

    It is the Divine Word that Knight should hear, provided the extract, the "Hard Stone of his Skull," which is the seat of his "Luciferian thought" it must "crack" as once did the King Arthur and thus clave the "Rock" ...


    Sword Battle - Axe


     L'Epée Hache


    ["Like" the valiant and Fearless, nephew of Charlemagne, and Earl of Brittany's March, Roland with his sword "Durandal"]

    ... And that "Tira" of "the Anvil" whose very name evokes what's enclosure, fled or deeply entrenched; in order to bring out another "Voice" by the "Size and sliced" in the Sword, detachment and discernment, thus promoting "Sound" gush.


    The Fountain


    La Fontaine


    Spurs :

    Refer to the tips of the spur wheels with six spokes, dextral and sinistral, which are constantly turning movement, ie the twelve knightly virtues of Courage, the Power of Sharing, Generation, Sovereignty, Creativity, the balance, the firmness of the will, Perseverance of Altruism and empathy with which the Knight "was rammed" and on which it constantly relies for its elevation and its progression.






    The "Collée" or Cephalophore :

    The "Collée" received sinister side of the ear ...

    [sinister Latin sinister = "who is on the left," and that approximates "Sinopia" and "Sinope" to the color "Green Verde or" in heraldry: the "If ... Noble" that is ie the Emerald, in which was "Carved" "Holy Cup" Grail ["Santo Greal" or "Sang Real and Royal"], the "Val [or Vase] Verde" [receiving the "Holy Blood" the Lord], Precious Stones [Near ... of ... Eyes] was wearing on the forehead "The Light Bearer" as "Third Eye" (likened to the "pineal gland" or "Third Brain" of Man allowing him to hear and see otherwise "Host ... Do Ment ...") and which originally meant the color "Red" with "Sinopia = red pigment"]


    The Senestrogires


    Les Senestrogyres


    ... Clearly indicates the "Way" track and the "Voice" to hear, that which is "Red" and "that is left", namely that of the "Heart";

    it is that which is "The Middle" [the Way of "A Thousand Eyes ..."], that is, which is Tetramorph of the Centre, "Abyss" in Sein Holy Mandorle, which is the Immaculate home of the love of Christ.

    ... Clearly indicates the "Way" track and the "Voice" to hear, that which is "Red" "is left", namely that of the "Heart" is one that is "In The Middle" [the way of "A Thousand Eyes ..."], that is, which is Tetramorph of the Centre, "Abyss" in Sein Holy Mandorla which is the Immaculate House of the love of Christ.


    In other words, with the "Kick Sword" to "sliced" in the "Main" of Collée, we must "lose the head" to better find her ...


    As these Cephalophores "head bearers" [beheaded characters who come and take their head in their hands before they start] or craniphores as Saint Clair ...


    [honored Saint Clair sur Epte (Clair was his real name whose real name was William whose etymology comes from "will" to "will" and "helm" for "or protects helmet head or chief") and whose killers one day in November 884 cut their head. The legend says that fateful moment the executioner would have trembled, so that instead of cutting off the head, the sword cut out the skull. Renewing the miracle of Saint Denis, Clair would have picked up the bloody part on the ground, would calmly washed in the water of a fountain before going to drop it in a chapel marking the place of his burial. It is also said that a blind man healed on his grave, and he performed many miracles, always in relation to the view. Saint Clair is also invoked to cure or relieve sore eyes and "Blindness."


    ... And finally ["or at the end"] cover the "True Light of Life" that which is granted to the Orden of Chivalry who takes part in the royal functions delegated to him by the King of Heaven: the Christ and his Earthly Lieutenant.


    The Horse is Here

    (Le Cheval...Y ...Est = The Knight)


    Le Che...Val...Y...Est


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    At Two For God 


    Deux par Dieu


    "And if they could? Do you even lift ...


    [Jean Raspail. The Saints Camp]


     The C.R.I.

    ( The C.R.Y.)


    Le C . R . I .


    "Animals have a strange behavior that suggests an imminent danger!" ...dropoff Window

    [Jean-Claude Carrière. The Alliance Anthem (read the novel that differs from the movie)

    The Cameo ... Léon

    (Le Camée...Léon = The Chameleon = The Cameo ... Lion )



     Cry Tears of A ...


      Tradition of Veterans of the Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry warns us against all forms of compromises and alliances with the "Luciferian" Three Worlds "Infra World, the World and the World Supra dropoff window. ["conception" of Ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thinking)], which is joined by the "new quantum paradigm." Cf. Ufo the emergence of a new paradigm - FEA: By Philippe Solal, Associate National Institute of Philosophy of Applied Sciences of Toulouse.

      At all times they have always represented an imminent threat and a major threat to the "Safety Populations", the "Territorial Defence" and "Public Health"; and this is especially true in our time that "Collaboration" took a "World" scale.

    Countless Indeed, in "Modern History" recent and especially "Current" these "mesalliances" different "Governments" land, who hope to make the "Power" by the "Domination".






    Pact with the Devil

    It is primarily a "Compact" "Blood", because the "Tribute" to pay is "Tax Blood" or the "Tithe of Blood" (and their corollaries: those of "the Or ") [With their correspondences in the three worlds: ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thinking)]

    Even if they are relative of "Peacock Feathers", the "False Led Democracy" or the appearance of a "Orthodoxy is Contrôlée", it is easy to recognize these "Empires of Evil," which while being competitors, will be "in Fine" to sow "chaos" and "disorder" that inevitably produce "Clashes murderers" who are the "Blood Sacrifice" demanded by their "Sponsors Sathaniques".



    Run for Armament

    The challenge is of course the "Primacy" Power "Luciferian" all forms "Policy, Financial, Economic, Scientific and Religious."

    But these "New wheeler": "the publicans, the Pharisees and the Sadducees of our Times" aspire to "Playing in the Great Court" and dream of extending their "Empire" beyond the final frontier "Portes" "the time and Space ", only the contributions of" Technology Transfer "can open very quickly; and this is obviously the ulterior purpose and goal concealed their Run for the "Space Conquest".

    [Again we need to expand the concept of "Technology Transfer and High Energy Weapons and Mass Destruction" and the concept of "vessel" of "Égrégore" or "vehicle" to the three spheres: Ether (energy), Soma (physical) and Séma (thought) and their corollaries: the variables "adjustment" of the sub-conscious, aware of and on-conscious]

    Hence, it "appreciates" the better because of these military expeditions or not, [and apparent inconsistencies] conducted by these "Thugs and Criminals States," in the countries of "Old spaceports" where "Visitors", to a "Other Time" have "Stored" their "Technology and High Energy Weapons and Mass Destruction"; [see about the "Theory subtly Partisan" supporters of the "Ancient Astronauts" fr.wikipedia.org/wikii/Théorie_des_anciens_astronautes]


    The Thunder Bird



    L'Oiseau Tonnerre


    ... And why the "Predation Pirate": the "Abductions Aliens" [apparently aberrant] ... concenties ... [or not because in reality uncontrolled] ... because they are "negotiated" with the "Thugs and Criminals States" against "Technology Flows which always prove to Lower Interest".


      [So-called Close Encounters [Type I, II, III to VII] with "UFOs or their Occupants" and other "Visits Room," "mutilation" of "Livestock" and Humans, and all the "Missing Out Type" are blatant manifestations of this "Predation Pirate»]




    The Dupes Market


    If this "blood donation" is necessary for the survival of "Deviant" of each of the "Three Worlds" or to "get Embody" or to "get Hybridize" or "to regenerate."


    [Over the years there are more and more people disappear; 150 people per day on average for France in 2012; we are now arrived at an average of 175 people a day in France and 25% that "vanish" is literally [all things considered] at least 12 000 to 15 000 [theoretically: 15 968.75] people we absolutely find not for France, and about 1,286,000 à 1607500 [theoretically: 1711 317.70] people, the planet, in 2014 (Source investigation C R I...)]


    There is also no doubt that "Appetite" of these "super-predators", they are as "good" [rather badly] "Infra-Terrestrial," "Land" or "Extraterrestrials" is clearly more Important that "appetite" their "puppets" that these "Thugs and Criminals States";


    Claws on the World


    Griffes sur le Monde


    because their real goal is the exploitation "and their Direct Only Profits" of all the resources of the Earth.


    [living beings ... including human ... they feed (in every sense) and organic origins substances but also natural as water and minerals such as gold or gems and precious stones; and are as many "Coins" Exchange which is used by "Thugs and Criminals States" for their "Unclean" "Trafficking".]



    Planning of the Conquest


    To ensure the "minimum" Reluctance and "Resistance" potential "All Peoples of the Earth", the "Agents of influence" of the "Invaders" hijacked and recovered "Culture Positive" and "ameliorative "Home of the" other or Host "ie the" Stranger "; in favor of "Ideology amalgamated" the Home of the "Alien Contact" while emphasizing his "profile" Supposed or desired, "Angelica" and erasing up its negative aspect and its "Artifacts" "derogatory" ;dropoff window


    and to ensure the disagreement and the "Earthlings" division between them, and to weaken, this "Fifth Column" constantly stirs the factors disorders, disunity, opposition, rivalry and hatred, as the "Nationalism rogue "Territorial or Ideological, Rivalry" pseudo "Religious and the most stupid racism";


    The Great Secret


    Le Grand Secret


    Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most confusing aspect of the because the more "Machiavellian" of this "takeover of the planet" ... because the less "Identifiable or Dicernable" ... [the least for now] and as resulting "Concerted Action and Information";


    This is the "Assault" and "Offensive" daily to sow "disorder" in the Corps Souls and Spirits.


    We just have to mention: the feelings of insecurities and anxieties that increase from year to year, to realize that "upsets" social, health, political, economic, religious, financial and geo-tectonic and geographical climate are all oriented in the same direction ...


      ... And against - sense of ethics or life ... that is to say ... to Destruction, Death, and "None" ...


      [cf. investigations of C. R. I. which clearly show such as "coincidence" of the "progression" of "natural disasters called" with those "apparitions" of UFOs:


      "Several years ago that the reinsurer Munich prepare an annual review of economic and natural disasters during the past year, this January 7, 2014 it was the 2013 figures were published, nearly 880 disaster events were reported worldwide , which is higher than the average of the last ten years; or 790 per year in 2013. They are the cause of death of over 20,000 people, an increase compared to 2012. The total cost of natural disasters in the world is about $ 160 billion in 2012 says the German insurer Munich ... "


       "... Well, the alert for the Pacific Tsunami Center (PTWC) reported that in 2014, there were a record number of strong earthquakes magnitudes worldwide. Video created by (PTWC) shows the evolution of earthquakes every hour in the world, January to April this year, she reveals that last month, 13 major earthquakes have been recorded , five of which were greater than a magnitude of 7.8 degrees, which causes a Tsunami warning ... "


       "... As for the intensity of" natural disasters ", the parallel appears significantly with average annual observations of the twentieth century UFOs, which are very much lower than years after 2005 ..."


      "... From 2000 to 2005, the average observed UFOs on Earth can be estimated at 10 000 per year, while from 2006 to 2013, is at least 100 000 per year ..."


      "... That is, 10 times UFOs were seen in 2013 than in 2000, which represents at least 450 times more than in wave" invasion "of" Flying Saucers "of 1954, which however, was the largest of the twentieth century ... "


      "... Another" meaningful coincidence "of the same order, the" bombing "of the Earth by the" meteoroids "reveal a significant increase for the same period, from 100 a year we move sharply to 1,000 per year ..."]



    The End of Colonization


    Considering all these things, [and many other facts] observations, it appears increasingly us that ... "illusion" of a "Colonization Protectorate" ... by "Hostiles and Foreign Powers "... to" Humanity "factual situation, which is already accepted and favored by the complicity of" Thugs and Criminals States "is promptly replaced by a" Operating Colonization "and finally to "stand" which is the "Ultimate and Terminal Phase" of all colonization.


    To paraphrase a "one columnist relevant ..." [cf. Roch Sauquere journal Top Secret], even if the "sky will not fall on your head" never forget "Sword of Damocles" ... and always remember ...


    "We Are ... the Heart of the Armed Resistance ! "


    The Resistance


    La Résistance


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    The Glory of the Olive Tree


    La Gloire de l'Olivier



    "God knows who is wrong and sin.

    He will soon come to grief,

    to those who have condemned us to death. do you even lift"

    [Last words attributed to Jacques de Molay, Magister Templar and delivered at the stake, March 18, 1314 (date "mirror" of 13 October 2014)]

    [cf. medieval.mrugala.net/Religion/Templiers,%20les%20derniers%20jours/]



      The Appeal of 18 June and 16 August

    If everyone has heard of the Call to General De Gaulle's Resistance at the BBC in London, 18 June 1940;

    [cf. www.charles-de-gaulle.org> ...> The Appeal of 18 June Documents]


    who heard, that of August 16, 2014, with a few "Familiars" of the Orden, very few people principle?

    The "Inter ... Signs" or "Significant Coincidences" are "meaningful" show when a "Mysterious Link", but obvious, between two events, even through Space and Time;


    [Cf. Example presentation about the Mayan calendar and the date of 21 December 2012, in the article of the blog Orden of Chivalry, entitled "Migration and Invasion"]

    This is what seems to occur between these two events, separate but parallel ;

    The Key PAX 681

    For indeed, [and Essence ... Sky] these two calls are both a powerful call to the mobilization and resistance, facing an invasion and an opponent.

    [to that of the "June 18" the enemy was Nazi Germany, and that of the "August 16" is "the Adversary" referred to in the "Romans" Grail Cycle]

    But what 'Takes On ... "the most is the" coincidence "of the two dates, with 18.6, and 16.8;

    whose figures evoke the famous :



      "Key PAX 681"

    In Hoc Signo Vincere


    which, as pointed out by some researchers:

    "Codex Bezae"



    "Is the mirror of the Golden number : 0.618 / 1.618".

      Would that this "Mysterious Link" to "Gold"?

    Why not? We gladly we arrange with them to the notice of Ecclesiastes (v9, 10):

    "What was once? What needs to be done in the future. What has been done? What needs to be done again. Nothing is new under the sun, and no one can say this is a new thing, for it was already in the ages before us ";


    and the similarity between these two "Calls" on the bottom is such that we can almost use the form of the first:

    [that of June 18 General De Gaulle]

    to deliver you from extracts the content of the second:

    [that of August 16 the "Humilis Pecator"]

    [Read the "Ring of the Fisherman" by Jean Raspail] [and see the comments on the blog article of the Orden of Chivalry "The Monad UFOs" and the article "The Prophecy of the Popes ... (and Anti-Popes)]


    Humilis Pecator


    L'Humilis Pecator


     L'APPEL  (L'A...PAIX...EL [the peace of God ]) 

    Sub Rosae

     "The leaders who, for many years, are at the head of armies, have formed a government

    ... This government, alleging the defeat of our armies, has made contact with the enemy to stop fighting.

    Certainly, we have been, we are overwhelmed by the mechanical, ground and air, of the enemy.

    Infinitely more than their number [is their] tactics that surprised our leaders to the point to get them where they are today.


    But the last word been said? Hope should it disappear? Is the defeat final?


    Believe me, I speak to you knowingly and tell you that nothing is lost. The same means that overcame us can bring us a Victory Day.

    Because [we are not alone! We have behind us the "Continuum Forces" continue the fight, using unlimited immense resources of their vast empire].

    This war is not limited to the unfortunate territory of [our] country. This war is not decided by the battle of [the Earth], this war is a war "of the Worlds."

    All the faults, all the delays, all the suffering

    [Collaboration Requires "Tithe of Blood" and "Taxation of Gold", while the resistance, it is free and Volunteer]

    does not preclude that there is in the universe, all the means necessary to crush our enemies one day.

    Vanquished today by mechanical force, we will win in the future by a superior mechanical force.


    Fate of the World, Is There !


      Whatever happens, the flame of resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished.


    The Call of the Fire of the Choir Blazing

    L'Appel du Feu du Chœur Ardent

     Tomorrow, as today!


      "Meeting Governments have capitulated, in panic, forgetting honor, delivering [their] country to servitude; However, all is not lost.

    Nothing is lost because it is a war "of All the Worlds." In the free universe, immense forces have not yet given. One day these forces will crush "the enemy".


    "We meet again then our greatness and our freedom,

    and we will be present in the Action, in sacrifices and Hope : "



    The Victory Day !




    The Point of the Spear


    La pointe de la Lance 


    [The Victory Day of the Son of Thunder God Promotes]


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    "Seven riders left the city at dusk by the western gate was not guarded" ... [Jean Raspail]  


    Penn ar bed


    These "men" [and "Hosts"] who believe "Gods"

    Chivalrous Tradition tells us about a Combat LORD.

    It is the conflict of "Man" Promethean [Terran or No]

    [Ancient Greek "Prometheus" means "Anticipating" ie "Calculator" or the "Great Computer" from the "Spirit of the Beehive"]

    ... Against the "Son of the Divine" [Earthlings or No]

    This is the War "Gods", that of "Men" who, like the ancient Greeks, claim it is the men who created all "gods" and not the reverse

    [ie the "Men" who think they are "God"]

    ... And it's also the war conducted by

    the "Luciferian" [Lucifer = Lightbringer]

      those who carry the Light that shines only in the Outer Darkness [in Thick]

    Fruit of the Light "Tree borescence ..."

    [... Beautiful Tree ... By Essence ...] of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (horizontal linear dialectical materialist in Binary Human)


    Larbre de la Connaissance


    External is the Light that shines only by reflecting that of the "Moon" ...

    ... Versus

    ... Of the Flame Bearers



    Blason du Verbe


     those who are the "doors" of the flame that shines in the Darkness Inside [the subtle]

    This is the Fire of Fruit "Tree borescence ..." [Tree ... Beautiful ... By Essence ...] of Life (the vertical development ... spiral in the Divine Breath Trinitarian)


    Larbre de la Connaissance


    it is also the Solar Internal Flame shining every "Eclipse" Lunar Light


    Viat Viatores


    This war, which began with the "Night Time" and end the "Last Day of Revelation" [this is what John of Patmos called "Apocalypse"]

    Its "Land Transaction" the "totality of the Universe and the Worlds"

    and is present on Earth as in the immensity of spaces of Heaven


    L'Amour Est la Force


    War of the Worlds

    But there is another dimension to this conflict, and our "Myths" that make [Reveal enlighten and] our "History" evidenced, too, as many stories and legends in all Traditions Peoples of the Earth.

    It is that of the Invasion of Creatures "Infra World" [and it is this that "Under behind" all the others and that is the Root of Evil Modern]

    They have been known since forever, and in ancient times were called "Tarascan" as "Manticore" mentioned by Pliny quoting Ctesias in his Natural History;

    it is a "Monster Hybrid"

    "... With a triple row of teeth that mesh comb, face and human ears, glaucous eyes, color of blood, a lion's body, tail armed with a dart like a scorpion, a high speed and a taste for human flesh ... "[cf. Wilkipedia ... Note on Tarasque Robert Dumont]

    This kind of mythical creature disturbingly reminiscent of the modern new creatures that come, more and more, our "Modern Visitors" [not only] "Celestial" [not only] aliens and invading with the "UFO" our "Vital Space "like the famous:


    The Chupacabra (for "goat sucker" in Spanish) is a creature that is described by witnesses as having red eyes, two holes for nostrils, a mouth with protruding teeth up and down and would be covered black hair. According to some it looks like a bat or alleged alien Roswell;

    [property named "Little Grey" by Jimmy Guieu saying:

    "If you see a UFO ... Camp Get out! "" Or [and if you can] The Shoot! "]dropoff window

    it is part of popular culture throughout Latin America. The animal would feed by sucking the blood of farm animals such as goats or cows by perfectly circular holes in the neck to the cerebellum killing the animal causing no pain. [cf. Wilkipedia]

    or as famous:

    "Zombies" Albino with red eyes, more known as MIB or WIB for "Men in Black" and "Women in Black", which are actually creatures "polymorphs" and that have nothing to envy "Antiques Tarascs" [and other Incubus Succubus and and "Men Butterflies" (instead of "Night")] and accompanying "Apparitions" of "Flying Saucers".

    Tradition transmitted by the "Elders, Ancestors and Elders" of the Orden of Chivalry recalls those "Nightmare Creatures"

    and precise origin "Commune" with those who populate "Infra World", and that the ancient Greeks called "The Hell" and "Invade" Our World [see about investigative journalism of John. A Keel "The Mothman Prophecies" 1975].

    Le Bort


    Weapon of Massive Invasion

    Here are excerpts of a text of 16/10/2009 on "Predators" which joins the design is that of our tradition:

    "... The consciousness of man is constantly violated by foreign energy incursions be called inorganic humoral changes perceived as more or less powerful, this dark entity is able to substitute his consciousness to ours, to exacerbate the worst ... [and] to feed its fatal effects ... "

    "... [They] operate on a normal man while he believe act on its own will. Man, aware of the furtive presence of foreign energy, captures, but retains his own will. do you even lift

    "... It is our whole world would be infected, disconnected from the creative source and manipulated ... [and] oppressed insane, immersed in an earthly hell ... [by] cursed and dark spirits ... [which also have their disposal of weapons of mass destruction capable of causing "disturbances" of the fragile balance "Climate tectonic geo"] ... "

    ... Creation is based on predation and parasitism. Behavior and consciences are invested by fear and survival instinct. It is neither man nor nature that must be challenged, it is a foreign symbiote would have infected our minds and manipulates reality so that it becomes a hell. ...dropoff Window

    ... These demons devouring worlds sinking ... lead us to reflect on the assumption that the human soul is really noisy, it would be manipulated by a hidden and mysterious power that would prove to be our curse. These parasitic entities have infiltrated us and have given our mind its routine hand, repetitive, obsessive, fearful, greedy, violent, and calculating ... [and] are the culprits of our existential alienation ... [that is to combat the Holy Apostolic Roman Inquisition was created before Being in turn the victim]

    These are sometimes called alien predators Tricksters ... Lizards Demon or Arkontaï in Greek. The Toltecs describe them as heavy creatures, dark and elusive. The most common names that are assigned their 'Creatures of the Shadow, Simulacra' '[spirits Malins Liars and Cheats].

    Le Cerveau Reptilien


    It is they who are pushed humanity to show a greater propensity for aggressive behavior, territorial, imperialistic, cold, forcing the man to live always in fear of an attack or a threat.

    These are the traits [of these "parasites"] they would have given man mimicking his conquering and carnivorous strength of territorial expansion and its genocidal doctrine of eliminating the less fit ...

    ... The human psyche is so noisy, and this invasion is primarily mental and psychological nature, it may be that we're also physically assaulted ...

    ... These predatory entities are known to sometimes remove the souls night [they] cause deadly panic which paralyzes the body, then they appear in threes, the usual tactic of those fleeting shadows is first paralyze and then d infiltrate the mind of the human subject. This is an accurate descriptions of modern kidnappings by sleep paralysis Aliens [the usernames Occupants Abductions by UFOs through "Missing Times" and "Missing Spaces"] ...

      ... The men of old had realized that if they opposed the mind parasites ... [by] their mind a kind of empty silence of the mind, the foreign settlement disappeared after years of effort and controls, confirming the origin of this external intrusion. The hidden entity, the worst predator of the universe, we ready, without our knowledge, his conscience for us to do acts to exacerbate our self-contemplation, which will generate our Energy Bursts which will feed Entity ...

    ... In other words, the awareness that a foreign spirit can operate a stranglehold on our mind becomes perfectly clear and certain that when the intrusion has been identified, unmasked and expelled ...

    To cope with the immense complexity of the intrusion, clarity and concentration are indispensable assets. Human resistance to their intrusion depends on the inner attitude and mental discipline is sobriety Warrior ... [the Propugnator (one who defends, supports and protects) the Fighter, the Bellator, the Strong and Knight]

    ... Human traits attributed to this deviation, by a foreign implantation, are envy, lust, jealousy, hatred, vanity and arrogance are considered the main characteristics of the infection [infestation or contamination possession] ...

    [... Cf.Wikipédia novusordoseclorum.discutforum.com/t3714p3-enquete-sur-les-enlevement alien]


      In light of this text, and given that these "Inorganic and Symbiotic Creatures" grow and feed on the "emotions" of the Human Psyche or Animale, we understand why and how "Mass Extinctions" the "War of Extermination and Disasters and Conflicts Bloody Murderers", the "Genocide", the "Holocausts" and "mutilation and the Sacrifices Sacrifices Rituals" are generated by "Beings Diabolique"!



    De sable, au chappé-chaussé, accosté en pointe d'un chaussé, le tout courbé d'or

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  • Rosenkreutz



    The Science and Art of Heraldry Blason

    The Arms are the sum of external ornaments secular functions of the hierarchy ... (progress in steps or increments in up and down alternately) ... what are the attributes (media, advocates, supporters, necklaces, helmets , crests, valances, currency, weapons, shouting, etc.) of the ECU who accompany or have the ...

    ... And ornaments (the "Or ... do ... ing") Interior regular functions of the spiral elevation (spiro = breath of "Spirit" ... growth in networks and in "Network .. .N ... Ance ") ... which are the figures that fill the mutable Blason (objects plants animals etc) and immutable ... Heraldic pieces (fasces, pals, bars, strip, cross, necklaces, etc. ) that structure ... and Vetures (chappes wearing breeches flanked kiss mantled papelonnés etc) that load] ...

    The Heraldic pieces [we speak of Science Heraldry] belong to the order of geometric science ...

    ... and the figures of the Coat [we speak of Art Blason] to the aesthetic and stylistic [cf. B.A - BA Heraldry David Gattegno - Pardes]


    The two that are one

    The Eagle [see the King of ... Top] is the emblem of the Emperor

    [the Imperator of one who commands that orders and directs]

    It is the symbol of the "Power".


           Blason d'azur à une aigle éployée d'or                                   Blason d'azur à une aigle éployée d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    Leo [King of animals (animaux = animent...mots = animate...Words)] is the symbol of Christ [which is the Word made flesh]

    [since the Lion symbolizes the Resurrection as it comes to life's little stillborn roaring]


            Blason d'azur à un lion d'or                                  Blason d'azur à un lion d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    These two figures are considered Blason figures "Meadows Emblem" as built on a "geometric trigram"; and "archi ... texture" identical is based on that of the Fleur de Lys they "Absorbent" [Fleur de Lys, which itself is a reflection of Chrism]


            Blason d'azur à un lys d'or                                  Blason d'azur à un lys d'or chargé d'un Chrisme de sable

    Now the fleur de Lys [which is the Flower of Life Tree of Paradise] is the emblem of royalty;

    [Lys = King in the ancient Greek phonetic]

    It is the symbol of "the Authority".

    And "association" and the "fusion" of the Lion and the Eagle is a figure ... "Chimeric and Fabulous" the "Griffon"

    Banneret d'azur à un griffon d'or

    [The Griffon is a bird of prey or the Hieracosphinx Grype of grifo (grifan = grab, capture) is an imaginary animal with a lion's body a head and wings of an eagle talons ...

    (hence the Brand of the "Three Claws of Lyon / Eagle" which is the "Sigillum Christi or Seal of Christ" affixed to his Champions as "points" and "... the tree bore" the "Coat of Arms best Knight of the World "Lancelot of the lake) ...

    ... And ears "horse related ..."]



    Blason d'argent à trois bandes de gueules



    In other words, the "Griffon" [the 'Claws ... who do ...]

    is the symbol of the Harmonic Synthesis :

    "Power [Ground] and the Authority [Celeste]"

    Christ [the "King of King"] ... [in his "Sovereignty and Majesty"]

    So is the "Image" [or Figuration] "Alliance"

    the "Forces of the Service Continuum of Christ" which are those:

    1 / Militia of Chivalry Ground

    [the Chief of Order is Saint Georges]


    2 / Militia of the Celestial Chivalry

    [the Head of Saint Michael's College and Archon Archistratege Celestial Militia] ...



    Blason de gueules à l'Archange St Michel




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    "Without Vigil ... Not Knight"

    Before receiving 'dubbing' of Chivalry

    Aspirant to the Orden to receive :

    "Overshadowing" Three Circles Ancestors of Veterans and Seniors :


    The XXIV Lightning


    Les XXIV Foudres


     Trained in the "Ethics" [to life] of Chivalry under the tutelage of his Godfather, such as:

    "Tristan ... [who] learned to ride, to respect the rules of chivalry, jump, swim, run, throw the stone, handle the shield and spear, the various kinds of arts and fencing, the art of venery and falconry, all honest antics recommended to flee idleness, the mother of vices, and simultaneously uses the courtesy and virtues required in frank man: honor, loyalty, courage, gentleness, great scramble largesse, speak with moderation, blame no one lightly, avoid crazy and serve the ladies. "[Tristan and Iseult. Source Wilkipedia]


    The Aspiring to Chivalry must finally submit :

    "A Night Full" to the ultimate test "of the vigil of arms" so he has to go out alone and Victorious or abandon forever the Orden.


    His Godfather Chapter Expertly :

    "My Son


    [This Place is Terrible, Extra Ordinary and Fabulous ...]

    "tonight, you regagneras the" Dutchman "and thou passest :

    to "... like spear" from that of Jacob [who crossed the ford of the Jabbok], which was left alone to fight against an unknown until daybreak ...


     Reminds you :

    [Jacob] ... left alone. Someone wrestled with him until daybreak. Seeing that he did not master, he touched the hollow of his thigh, and Jacob's hip was dislocated as he wrestled with him. He said: Let me go, for the day is lifted, but he said, I will not leave thee, thou bless me. He asked him, What is thy name? - Jacob ... he replied.

    He replied: It is thou shalt be called no more Jacob, but Israel, for you have been strong against God and against all men, and have prevailed. Jacob made this request: Reveal to me your name, I pray thee, but he said: Why do you ask my name? and there he blessed him.

    Jacob called the place the name of Peniel, for he said, I have seen God face to face and I had survived. At sunrise, he spent Penuel, limping hip. "[Genesis 32, 24-32. Wikipedia]


    The Angel




    The Angels


    Les Anges


    "My Son


    the sun is about to set,


    have you kissed your parents,


    did you do your "... to God" with your friends,


    and thou hast well recommended thy Soul to Heaven ?



    And when you see the last rays of Sunset, when the door of the "Dutchman" will close on you like closes Tombstone ... "


    "My Son

    Do not forget this:

    you no longer will belong to the Night ...

    and Night ... It belongs only ... "Angels"



    The Vigil of Arms


     La veillée d'armes


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  • Training for Vessels

    (La Formation des Vaisseaux = The Formation of Sheaf-Binders)


    La Formation des Vaisseaux


    The Knights Tournament

    "The trumpets sounded, the barriers are lowered. Hundred knights rush from both ends of the lists, and meet in the middle. The lances are shattered; foreheads against the horses collide and fall. "


    [François-René de Chateaubriand, The Genius of Christianity. 2, 1803, p. 493]


    This is the "Carousel" their "Rides" in the Strings [Hallways] Time and their "Cross Magnet ..." in Space [Shock Smashing], a "From El ... "[Meeting of Heraldry]

    ... And one score emblazoned is one of the most faithful representations :

    Gironné and "By ... Being" Rear Girona.

    For the "Design", the four-piece Girona, is to identify the three axes of the time, that grow in front of and behind [Quantitative time] at noon and at midnight [Qualitative Time], the rising and ponant [Parallel Time], and make us spin [on Earth], in the sense dextrorotatory and around "hubs":

    of the Abyss ... between before and after,

    Heart ... between the top and bottom,

    and Central ... between right and left,

    ... Who are the "Mutations or Tournaments" of "Portes du Soleil".


    The First Wheel

    This first wheel of the Microcosm, is that of the World, which swirls around the tree Horizontal Axis Ground, North Pole / South Time :


    Banneret gironné d’or et d’argent de 4 pièces

    Second Wheel

    In Girona Against four parts, Crest, himself Girona four parts:

    [Brochant]: marrying, [From the One in the Other] : against in point [From the Other One In]: and reciprocity, Girona Dextrorotatory :

    Reverse rotates in the direction Senestrogyre.

    This is the second wheel of the Macrocosm, that of "Kingdom ... to", which spins around the tree [the heavens ...] Vertical Axis CELESTRE Poles Zenith / Nadir of space : 

    Banneret contre-gironné d’or et d’argent de 4 pièces

    Tournament Magnet ...

    This representation is so remarkable that it is essential to observe different perspectives.

    Both wheels intersect at 90 ° and are intermingled in one party against the other in "In their" "Mi ... Tans" [cf. B.A - BA Heraldry David Gattegno - Pardes].

    This is the banneret "At All" ... On ... "The Most Of All".

    In other words, it is the heraldic device of the Two Concentric Wheels, Vision of the Prophet and tetramorphs Ready Ezekiel [in 593 before J. C. Chaldeans by the river Chebar (current Shatt-al-Hillah). (Source Wilkipedia)];

    and if you prefer, the "Seat Perilous" Round Table of King Arthur :


    The Three Kingdoms


    Les trois royaumes

    and also:

    Whirling Castles

    In the Quest for the Holy Grail, the Chateaux ["Tournaments"] [the "Joyeuse Garde Fisher King"], are the choke points [cf. l es "Nine Bridges" the "Lost Bridge" Bridge As or In Water "or" Sword Bridge "; and other "Arcs in Heaven"] to access the "Other Worlds" [cf.le "Crystal Castle" of the Lady of the Lake of the fairy Viviane or "the Valley of No Return" of the Fairy Morgan].

     The Walkyrie

    La Walkyrie


    The "Rais ... Partitions" of the "Places" passage are in our World of "Time" to "No wise ..."; (no wise = pas sage = passage = passing)





    ... And are still marked with the "Girona", from the liturgical calendar and Traditional, and which we find the imprint in the famous festivals of "Fols" or "Saints", the "Saturnalia", or for example, of "Samhain"

    [The day of Samhain is (according to our modern calendar) on 1 November. The festival itself actually lasts a full week, three days before and three days after. For the Celts this period is in brackets in the year; it belongs neither to the one that ends nor the date to begin. It is an autonomous term timeless "non-time interval." (Source Wilkipedia)].

    This is what Tradition Chivalrous called "the Induced Doors" or "The Gates of Time"

    [where ... Time ... Is Folded ...].

    It is "Holes of Time" [borrowed by "Masters of Time"] to travel in "Space Sidereal" and access to other spheres "Inhabited" of the universe ...




    Blason de gueules au tourteau d’azur écartelé au carreau de sable et écartelé au sautoir de 4 lys d’argents brochant et écartelé à la croix de 4 lys d’or sur-brochant


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     The Alliance




    The Only Religion

    According to the "Ancient Ancestors and Elders" of the Orden of Chivalry ... there is one and only one :

    "Revealed Religion"

    [Religion comes from the Latin "Religare" = "Connect" after St. Augustine ... "what connects and unites," "what Connects to God alone"]


    [from the Latin "Unus Versus" = "Shot in [and to] One who is the All which is God ...]

    that of "the Church"

    [Church in Greek ekklesia = = Assembly of the Faithful]


    of The Christ

    La Sainte Face du Saint Suaire du Christ


    in other words the Assembly of those who remained faithful to Christ

    [and whose Sphere Sovereignty is not limited to that of Globe but "Includes" Totality of "Our Universe" and "Other Universe"].

    Other "schools of thought" that is as "religious" / or claim to be "Religions"

    are the worst "Heresies or apostasy" and "least worst" of "Ethical or Metaphysical Movements"

    [addressing issues raised by the philosophy of psychology ontology cosmology and theology in an attempt to arrive at answers to how they bypassed or diverted]

    but when they openly use a "Front" and "Religious Appearance"

    [organized around a "syncretism" Arab-Hebrew beliefs or complicated oriental uses docétismes and Arianism]

    it becomes clear that it is for "better" satisfy their ambitions and "bullet" "sit" hegemony of


    [on souls and minds and hearts]

    and "consolidate"

    an "Empire" or "Possession" or "Power"

    "Politico Economy"

    [Unduly Religious and Lay Falsely because Snatchers]


    The other Infidels New Religion

    See what already said St. Bernard in his time:

    [Referring to Other infidels who come in multiple forms]

    "... This must be added today Philosophies Sectarian, Atheists Materialists, do not hesitate to treat them as much Vain elements Dividers ...".

    These "Dialecticians Materialists" even with a new weapon is "secret", adopting a "true religion Cartesian" atheist and positivist: the "Sacro Saint Dogma" Scientific Theories;

    [theories must nevertheless be constantly Revised not to become too quickly Obsolete]

    and inseparable corollary: the "belief" to "Wonderful" their "Miracles Technology".

    [which very often a tendency to "transmute" fatally terrible "Curses"]

    This "New Religion" of modern times, however, becoming more and more "followers".

    No wonder that, in an era of "bankruptcy" and "credit loss" of "fact" religious, political, and economic.

    [desert and where we "fast" churches polling stations, and where we also quickly empty the boxes and bank accounts]

    "Enthusiasts" "or Disciples Servile" which will therefore be "faith" blindly to the new "Priest";

    [self-proclaimed expert or recognized as such by his peers]

    and this more easily when it is in a "varnish" pseudo-scientific.

    Thus the "Sciences" Men have become the last bastion ... [the general disruption]


    Crusade Anti Religion

    This ideology "Invasive and Dominant" seems to almost unanimously to propose "Hypothesis" of existence, not of God but of "Gods" that would be the "real" creators of civilization, and even of humanity, as "Super Scientists" an extraterrestrial origin.


     Alias Extraterrestrial  Otherworldliness


    Le pseudo angélisme extraterrestre


    [these new "mages", a very exotic kind would also be responsible (for reasons deeply "Obscure" and for once, very "Occult") of all the wonders and "decoys", including false appearances celestial or terrestrial, whether in the form of "flying saucer" in appearance "religious" or others]

    ... As long as this new "paradigm Religious Scientifico" materializes on the occasion of an "official contact", some call for all their "vows" and consider, already now, as inevitable and this in the future very close;

    [about this, and for the record, here Dmitry Medvedev, former President and current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, along with many other "experts" and "authorities" of political and military and scientific worlds and even religious at its Russian TV interview of December 11, 2012 has accredited the reality of "threats" Extra Terrestrial Origin, indeed, when a reporter asked if the aliens exist he answers :

    "... I tell you for the first and last time. On his arrival in power, the President is issued in addition to the nuclear briefcase, file Special Top Secret. In this file there as info about aliens who came to our planet. To this is added a report on the Ultra-Secret Service that deals with the control of aliens on Earth. At the end of your presidency, you give this information to your successor. If you want more information on this, I suggest you watch the movies "Men in Black" (Russian documentary films that have nothing to do with the famous "parodies" US). however, I will not tell you how much they are among us, because it may cause panic among the population ... "].




    Les Luminaires


    [and For the proponents or "supporters" of the thesis of these pseudo-angelic aliens] the "plague" of "religious superstition" would be finally and definitively eradicated ...]

    [of the Earth's surface and even the Totality of the Universe!?]

    And really, it should not be a very big "Cleric" to realize and finally understand that the "anti religion war" is not about to end, and that she has a "bright future" [at least it is the wish of his supporters] whatever, on earth , Alien, or Infra-Terrestrial ...


    War of the Worlds


    La Guerre des Mondes

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    The Vision of Saint John of Patmos


    If the advent of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    "... [Who] power was given [Indulgences of "Croixade"] over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword ..."

    was announced to the Prophet Zechariah in a vision where he lives chariots drawn by horses, red, black, white, and pie is obviously to underline their true dimension,

    which is "Eschatological"

    "... Speaking [Zechariah] [said] to the angel that [it] was talking about :

    What does these my Lord ?

      The angel replied :

    ... The Four Winds of Heaven [evocation of the Four Living Tetramorph] come forward after he stood before the Lord of all the earth [the King of the World].

    Vigorous, they advanced, eager to patrol the earth. He said to them: Go through the earth. And they roamed the earth.

    ... See, those who advance towards the northern countries will bring down my spirit in the north country ... "


    Paul St. Hilaire [Paul Templars Seals of St. Hilaire, Pardes 1991] Emphasizes directly on the allegorical equivalence or correspondence of Horses [with distinct colors of their dress] and the Four "Models" the Orders of Chivalry ;

      "... The ambivalence [seal] in medieval symbolism, both mark the command and secret keeper, is nowhere better demonstrated than in the Apocalypse of John. ...dropoff Window.

    The key, the object of this sacred text, "the most fantastic of all time", is none other than a book sealed seven times, which contains the secret of the "End of the World ..."

    [not its destruction but in reverse (= his Revelation Apocalypse in Greek) to accomplish its Purpose, the "Manifestation Finalized"].


    Book of  Seven  Seals


    Livre des 7 sceaux au champ cyanné


    "... It can not be opened, the mysterious and terrible volume by a bear of the whole Divine Authority [Revival of the Grand Monarque Lys] in this case [that of]" the Lamb. "

    Or the Agnus Dei is precisely with nineteen footprints known, the most common seal, the Temple has worn [which the Refers He, or his representative, as Arm Armed with the Lamb of God] ... ".


    Agnus Dei



    "[Factual] ... In the Johannine prophecy, to each of the first four seals broken by the Lamb-God, emerges a Horse, distinguished by the color of her dress ..." [The Templars Seals Saint Paul Hilaire, Pardes 1991]

    Listen carefully to the details given by Paul St. Hilaire :

    "... The Cardinal de Vitry, bishop [St. John] Acre then Patriarch of Jerusalem, has interpreted the meaning of the image in its thirty-seventh sermon, addressed to the Templars fighting in Palestine.

    The four horsemen of Zechariah, or the Apocalypse [he says] represent great Orders Military and Hospitaller defending Christianity :

    The color of their mount is that of the Cross of their coats:

    Red for the Templars :

    Banneret à la croix des pauvres chevaliers du Christ

    White to the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem :

    Banneret à la croix des chevaliers de Saint Jean de Jérusalem

    Black for the Teutonic Brothers :

    Banneret à la croix des chevaliers de Sainte Marie des Allemands

    about the horse Dapple [Varius Zechariah, Pallidus after Saint John of Patmos] designates the various Orders fighting in Spain, Prussia and Livonia.

    The Temple is therefore awarded the Red Fire, Bai dress color of a horse was then called Bayard Bayard or ...

    ... It was the only [horse] according to the gesture of the Four Aymon son [Bayart is the name of the legendary horse-Fairy strong enough to carry up behind the Four Aymon Brothers] able to carry pillion second heavily armed fighter ...

    ... Is not this "symbolized" the whole mission [Double] of the Order [firstly] Military and [and also] Religious Temple? ... do you even lift


    The Three Musketeers of the King [who are Four]

    Let us pause.

    If we follow Paul St. Hilaire well:

    The four "Cavaliers" or four "Horses" are directly under the allegorical allusion:

    Four large "Types" Knights Orders or "Brothers" in Chivalry

    which are all driven by the same basic ideal, embody the Service Orden of Chivalry, which also correspond, by reflection, the "Four of Trétramorphe alive."

    This is the "archetype" that "vehicle" Horse-Fairy Bayart with the Four Aymon Brothers who are in the gesture of the song "Perfect and Faithful Servants of Orden."

    This is also the "idea" that was "imaged" by Alexandre Dumas in his "Trilogy":

    [The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After and Vicomte de Bragelonne]

    "Four Musketeers of the King", with the different "types" of its "Modern and New Heroes of Cape and Sword", which are:

    "D'Artagnan" [that is ambitious, but also solidarity and fraternal ready for any sacrifice for his friends and the woman he loves]

    "Aramis" [that is "noble" neat and attractive "romantic", but also has the martial spirit and religious vocation]

    "Porthos" [which is vain because endowed with Herculean strength, yet simple and cheerful "good living" without sophistication and delicacy, rough and good, and who embodies the kind and loyal friend "

    and "Athos" [which is the "Aine" and more "secret", thin blade and fine spirit, and defends the 'honor' of Roy with enthusiasm and passion]

    of "On ... Cross" the focus is by Alexandre Dumas on their ability to "reconcile" and harmonize "opposed" apparently contradictory

    but actually complementary; This is what makes the rest, all the "wealth" and "depth" of the characters of his characters.

    This course is the "Vertu" essential for the Orden of Chivalry "Reconciling and harmonize."


    Twins Cavaliers

    And it is "Ensign" from the standard of the Templar Order: gonfanon Baussant [Beau ... Blood] [and that is so terrible for unbelievers to God, whose name is "Love"] :

    Banneret Beau Sang de l'Ordre du Christ

    Of which, the "Magister Templi" [the "Magister Humilis"] using the "tube" or seal "the Dome of the Temple of the Lord" in Jerusalem

    to clearly signify the "Design" true of the Order of the Temple :

    "Carry on Earth," the heavenly Jerusalem :


    De Templo Christi


    While [the Humilis Preceptor Procurator], the Visitor Cismarin Tandis que [l’Humilis Preceptor Procurator], le Visiteur  Cismarin [« d'Outre-Mer » à ne pas confondre avec « d’En Deça la Mer »] qui soulageait le « Magister » dans l’administration des biens de l’Ordre en Europe, portait le sceau :which relieved the "Magister" in the administration of the Order of goods in Europe, bore the seal :

    to "Twin Horsemen" ;

    and this is obviously to emphasize the dual purpose of :

    Secular combat and Commitment Regular of the Order of the Temple, there to Achieve :


    The Two Horsemen


    Les deux cavaliers

    But listen again Cardinal de Vitry who adress in another sermon, the Brothers of the Temple :

    [cf. The Templars Sceaux Paul St. Hilaire ... Pardes 1991]

    and him, gives an enigmatic interpretation :

    "... You are [you the Knights Templar] similar to this wise man rich but blind [to the light that profane Truth], who had long lived under the yoke of a tyrannical lord, and awesome and had secretly transferred all property abroad.

    It was, however, reserved Bayart and brought up with him in the saddle a young man, to guide the mount and show him the way.

    Overlapping so the tyrannical lord ordered one of his men to pursue those who had dared to evade his authority.

    Young said : that someone is chasing us on a Black Horse to seize us !

    he blind man replied: Thank God we évaderons and spurring it distanced the Black Horse.

    Soon after, the young man again warned his master: this is a Cavalier follow us on Mount White and already approach.

    The blind man replied, fear not! with God's help we shall escape; exciting and vigorous strokes his horse with spurs, he increased the pace and sowed the White Horse.

    But after a time, the young man called out his master: Here a faster still pursuing catches and we will understand us.

    The blind man asked, on what is it Mounted Horse?

    His young companion replied Bai strong and such a horse to ours; then he was afraid, and said to his guide : Paved road leaves this !

    This done, the prosecutor approached again, as the young man cried, He can almost understand us! blind retorted directs Bayart through this river and borrow the muddy! Whoever their heels could not chase them further, and the Knight Blind was out of danger.


    The Third Principle Included

    In fact, the allegory resolves itself by the "sign ... Fiance" of colors which are the dresses [or Vetures] Horses.

    The "Jumpers" Black and White are those who remain prisoners of thought "Luciferian" one "who shines only in the" Darkness "Outdoor".


    [thinking "Personal Individualist"]

    "The One Cavalier prosecutor" at Horse "Bai" or "Red" is the one who remains "prisoner" of "rigor" and following "the road marked out and paved false good intentions" of the "Functional Exclusive dropoff window.

    [thinking "Collectivist Functional"]

    And if the "Bayard" horse "Bai" or "Red":

    to "Two ... Horse ... Related ... Twins" found Hi,

    it is through the "Thanks" from "Providence Heaven Help" Inclusive of the Pontificate.

    [thinking "Collègiale Impersonal"]

    that opens a "bridge" to the "Fire of the Spirit" of the Lord where

    ... "Gold Flame ... in ..." ...


    The Banner

    (L'Or...Y...Flamme = The Gold Burns Here )





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    The Kingdom of Araucania


    Le Royaume d'Araucania



    Kingship after the order of "Melchizedek"


    Chivalrous Tradition indicates the existence on Earth of a "Christian Kingdom" mysterious [invisible because] that is the ally "Nature ... El" "Organic because" of the Orden of Chivalry, which is responsible for "Sovereignty" of the "World".

    This "state" is led by a "Sovereign" who exercises, following the Patriarch Abraham:

    Triple "Ministry" "King, Priest and Prophet" established on Earth "Melchizedek or Melki-Tsedeq" and in his "Order". See what we also say "Holy Scriptures":


    "The Lord has sworn in a binding oath: You are a priest [Abraham] for ever after the order of Melchizedek king"

    "Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was a priest of the most high God. He pronounced this blessing: "Blessed be Abraham by God Most High, who created heaven and earth, and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand." And Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. "[Cf.le Book of Genesis]

    "Melchizedek was [according to the Old Testament] a Priest, Prophet and prominent leader who lived after the flood in the days of Abraham. He was called King of Salem (Jerusalem), king of peace, king of righteousness (which is the meaning of Melchizedek in Hebrew) and priest of the Most High (Heb 7: 1-3). Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (Gen. 14: 18-20). Christ was high priest after the order of Melchizedek (Heb 5: 6). "

    In these descriptions the Sovereign thus appears as the representative of the ultimate authority on earth [see Sources and detailed texts on Wilkipedia]



    The Kingdom of "Prester John"


    The Mysterious Sovereign administers a "state or kingdom" that is treated from the twelfth century to that of "Prester John"

     Merciful God


     Dieu Miséricordieux     


    In 1156, Bishop Otto of Freising mentions in his column, a meeting that occurred around 1145 with Hughes, Bishop of Djéblé, Latin East. He would have told him about a Nestorian Christian ruler named Prester John, ruling over a vast country of the East. This sovereign would be willing to help Christians to defend the Holy Land, at a time when the Muslim conquest begins (the city of Edessa just been taken over by Zengi, the father of Nur ad-Din). Otto, critical thinking, appears quite skeptical, noting that if that sovereign exists, it can be very powerful. Yet ten years later, a letter began to circulate throughout Christendom, a supposedly letter written by Jean Priest and will impose his legend :

    ... In an environment of Christian kings, [runs] a Latin letter to the Emperor Manuel I Comnenus in Constantinople Drafted by a "priest John", she describes the existence of a Christian kingdom in the far east :dropoff window

    "Beyond Persia and Armenia, extends a wonderful kingdom ruled by Prester John. This land is crossed by a river from Paradise, carrying emeralds, sapphires and rubies. All Christian values are respected to the letter. Theft, greed, lying is unknown. There are no poor. Certainly not. Prester John, whose windowless palace is lit from within by all the gems he is ready ...

    ... Addressing the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos, the monarch describes his kingdom, emphasizing its wealth and power and describing himself as the ruler of India. The letter, piggybacking on a mode already installed the East by the Crusades, once incredibly popular: it will be reproduced dozens of times, with significant differences although the copyists repeat the same pattern. Ensure that there are over a hundred versions of this letter.

    Italy to Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Prester John continues throughout the thirteenth century to address the various rulers of Christendom. The loss of Jerusalem in 1187, reconquered by Saladin attracts more attention than ever on this legendary ruler potential support of a threatened West. It is the hope of a reverse alliance to destroy the Muslim powers, the same hope that will inspire Christian rulers to attempt to ally with the Mongols. ...dropoff Window

    Christian kings meet the Prester John, and Pope Alexander III (1177) sends himself an ambassador. Over time, we seek to recognize the Jean Priest in historical figures: the king of Georgia, Armenia, and even Genghis Khan. But failure to identify a real ruler with Prester John, and Asia is becoming better known, the myth fades gradually. Joinville, recounting the life of his king and friend Saint Louis, written and Prester John has existed, but it was recently defeated by the "Great Khan of Tartary" (we find the same idea in the dream of the old ... peregrine ... Philippe de Mezieres, written in 1389): the advent of the Mongol Empire makes it impossible to think a strong Christian power in Asia.

    At the time of the Crusades, Prester John myth grows. It could become a potential support of Europe against Muslims. In the last crusades, some writers consider its existence as certain.

    Marco Polo in his memoirs, dictated between 1296 and 1299 to some Rusta Pisa while incarcerated in Genoa, mentions the existence of Nestorian Christian communities in many parts of China, ... Jean de Joinville is convinced that the kingdom Prester John has existed.

    Thereafter, the Ottoman conquests including the fall of Constantinople in 1453 gave the Europeans feel besieged. The prospect of a Christian land beyond the Muslim lands possible to consider taking the infidels in a pincer movement. The research of this kingdom pushed Europeans to move to India to find a confident Christian support.


    [See Sources and detailed texts on Wilkipedia]



    Vincunt Evocati Novi


    Vincvnt Evocati Novi


    The Quest Navigator or "Seekers of Paradise"


    The "legendary" Kingdom of Prester John is associated with the "Mythical Land of Paradise" will become the majority of Explorers and Navigators subject "principal" of their Queste;

    because this is the true "Subject" [sometimes barely concealed] their businesses.

    The Portuguese in particular will constantly look for the :

    In 1323, in his Mirabilia, Jordanus identifies the priest Jean Negus Emperor of Ethiopia.

    Towards the end of the fifteenth century, the Portuguese missions reach the distant Christian Ethiopia. Among the members of these expeditions is particularly Pêro da Covilha happens in Ethiopia in 1490 and presents the "Negus Negest" Christian emperor, a letter from the King of Portugal addressed to Prester John.

    We should also mention, among the best known :

    Henry the Navigator was born March 4 1394 Prince of Portugal, brother of the king, who had a passion for marine shipments, he led the organization and conduct of investigations. With his fortune, he was arming ships paid captains and surrounded cartographers

    Ferdinand Magellan (Fernando de Magalhães in Portuguese), in 1519, who undertook the first trip around the world and discovered between the southern end of America and Tierra del Fuego, the strait that now bears his name.

    Vasgo Gama was a Portuguese nobleman who also knew astronomy. In 1497, King Manuel I given command of the maritime expedition, following the route around Africa, as it had been opened by Diaz in 1487, was to reach India.

    Vasco da Gama reaches Calicut [city in the state of Kerala in India] in twenty-seven days, May 20, 1498. In 1502 Vasco da Gama made a second trip to India allowing him to return to Portugal in 1503 already named "Admiral of India", in 1524 he received the title of Viceroy of India.

    Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo in Italian) was an Italian navigator in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century in the service of Spanish Catholics monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.

    Between 1492 and 1504 he made four trips to the "West Indies" [America] he "discovers re ..." at that time. [see text and detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    Another Road for "Paradise"


    The Garden of  the Pëchers


    Le Jardin des Pêchers


    Christians, Bible readers, placed the Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia, if not farther East. It also put him in the top of a mountain. Thomas Aquinas speculated at the place of the earthly paradise. With travel great navigators, we thought he perceived in blissful islands bathed in light, located more towards the south.

    Yet it is to the north and in the sixth century, an Irish monk Saint Brendan of Clonfert confert or Bréanainn, born around 484 and died in 571, sought Paradise.

    He was a pious monk that Christianity flourished in Ireland for the time Merovingian unorthodox as it assimilated many features - and gods - Celtic religion, inheriting his taste for the marvelous and it is best known as "Brendan the Navigator. "It was a savvy sailor. His journey is a classic Irish gesture.

    Tradition has it that little already, Brendan dreamed of Heaven and prayed to God to show him. One day, while he was praying in his abbey of Clonvert, he received a visit from a holy man who told him beheld the wonders of the sea, beyond the horizon. Immediately rebuked his dream.

    A new sign of God in the person of a holy angel, having recruited fourteen companions built a curragh (local fishing boat, unbridged, makes ox hides stretched on a wooden frame), it left one day summer of the Dingle Peninsula, in search of the wonders of the island which, for him, was bound to be the earthly Paradise.

    The story-mell between legend and reality. The trip lasted seven years. Storm, calm, seas, the vagaries of weather are all steps. Sometimes Brendan and his companions have more food and thirst torture; sometimes Brendan, relying on God, let their skiff adrift, holding the bar with one hand and the cross on the other. They are prodigious encounters. Here, amid cliffs, a wonderful castle where they will find a table loaded with food and precious plush beds.

    Moreover terrifying sea monsters. In the midst of these dangers, a "Light Man" the guide, who appeared from time to time, indicates their direction and sometimes brings them food. During Passover, they approach a small barren island, landed there to prepare the Passover lamb. Las! Suddenly the island starts to shake, and fled: they had cooked the Passover lamb on the back of a whale.

    Probably even carried by the wind, they made of twists and turns, returning here or there. One day they saw in the mist a high wall and a church spire; are pending on the shore, a venerable monk approaches them: the monastery of silence, but in the church resonate crystal voice.

    Another time they are at the gates of hell dark clouds and smoke swirling above them, hot ash and incandescent rocks fall into the sea And here shortly after they met Judas, atoning for his betrayal riveted on a rock. isolated where he suffers for eternity fire and storms.

    Navigating in the ice. They meet the hermit Paul, who said to come from Ireland and have been there for ninety years, miraculously fed by an otter.

    Pushing, incitement of Man of Light, they begin their last step towards the Promised Land. It has an ice wall surrounding an incomparable earth green meadows, leaping rivers, heavy foliage laden with fruit, precious treasures and gold. Man of the expected light, but at the end of forty days they said he must go. God gives them to guide a bird. The return trip was made in three months.

    [Excerpts: see text Liliane Crete, detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    The Ire...land





    Discovery of an "unknown land" likened to the Garden of Eden, Voyage of Saint Brendan undeniably evokes the "Quest for the Knights of the Round Table," but in its Maritime Shape [which includes "Two Ways" (the most practiced) exactly as the two pathways "or dryer Wet" Alchemists, or "Ground and Maritime Routes" pilgrimage of the Way of the Stars Santiago to Cape Finisterre (Cabro Fisterre). [Galician Here ... where "If the Earth completes"]

    If the existence of a "United Mythical" [or Paradise Earth] has been the subject of many Questes ...

    ... Many others are also called, or made reference or allusion, such as  :

    Charlemagne [the Emperor in "Barbe Fleurie" ... no. "Double language"]

    And whose "Teach Arms" is already by itself "Talking" [I am based in King Lun (Lys) the King of Kings (Eagle) symbol of "Imperium" or "Forces continuum " of Christ] :


    Of Empire and of  the Kingdom


    D'empire et du royaume


    and which, according to the chronicles, was in contact via the Baltic Sea, with the representatives of this mysterious "Empire" or [Civilization "Mother" or "Sea"]: The "All Saints" ["Those of the apart "(" out of those ... Two ")]

    ... Or as "the future"

    "Duc King" William the Conqueror :



    (Normandy = North...Man...God)




    whose "Admiral Spaceship" [offered by his wife Matilda of Flanders, daughter of Baudouin V Count of Flanders] during his conquest in 1066 of the "Kingdom of Logres or Logrie or Kingdom of King Arthur" [England]

    ... Called the "Mora" in reference to the Enthronement Stone Norse Kings [Cf. the "Crystal Throne and Reef" Red "]

    ... And was decked with the Papal flag of Alexander II Sigillum Christi


    D'argent à la croix cantonnée de 4 besants le tout d'or, à la bordure cianée


    whose island weapons of "Normand Empire" became themselves "Mythical" with Three Leopards "Blood and Gold" [Leopard = = Lion passant Paradis, ie the 'Three Cats', which Heraldry affiliation refers us to the famous Chimera "Dragon" ("the Thunder Bird" or "the Storm Bird" lion-headed, which armed the bow of "Drakkar" Nornands) and "Panther" (Panthée = "Supreme Deity "Pán of" = All or Globality "of the Earth Sphere)] 


    Banneret de gueules aux 3 léopards d’or armés et lampassés d’azur.


    The Heart of the Kingdom


    The Cities "Golden" or "El ... dor ... rafts" are considered the representations of:

      "Spiritual Center or Omphalos of the World" as "Heart of the Kingdom."

    This is the "City of the Sun" [Sun ... which is Christ] [and that is elusive and inaccessible to violence to lawlessness] "the Agarttha" [cf. City of "The King of the World" book of Rene Guenon appeared in 1927] which is located "underground" or "under the ice," as the "Legendary City of Ys"






    The Visitors


    ... Some even claimed to have had access, such as:

    ... Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen during a sea voyage to the North and two-year stay with his father, the "center" of the Earth [cf.The Smoky God (1908) Willis Emerson]

    ... Or as:

    Richard Evelyn Byrd (born October 25, 1888 and died on 11 March 1957), which is a polar explorer and American aviator in the US Navy with the rank of Admiral against [two geographical points received its name: Mount Byrd on Ross Island in Antarctica, and the lunar crater Byrd, and two ships of the US Navy were also named in his honor, the cargo ship USNS Richard E. Byrd and the USS Richard E. Byrd]

    ... And these are the very surprising excerpts from his diary :


    Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd


    Notes of his diary during the fourth polar expedition, including the following extracts in which he reveals how he had acquired an extraordinary awareness on both a global human reality, through his contact with Higher Civilizations.

    "I have to keep this newspaper in secret and in the utmost secrecy. It concerns my Antarctic flight 19 February 1947. A time will come when the rationality of human beings will dissolve into nothingness, where the inevitability of the Truth will then be accepted. I do not have the freedom to disseminate the following documentation; Perhaps she did never see the light; however, I must do my duty: the report here with the hope that one day everyone can read it, in a world where selfishness and greed of some human beings will not be able to put the light under a bushel .dropoff window

    (...) On stretches of ice and snow below us, we notice yellowish discoloration linear drawings. The cruising speed is slowed to a better examination of these colorful configurations. One also notes of violet and pink colors.

    (...) Both the magnetic compass as the gyro start rotating and oscillating; it is not possible to maintain our way with the instruments. We note the direction the sun compass; everything still seems to be in order. Controls seem slow to respond and function; however, we do not report to freezing indication.

    (...) 29 minutes flight have passed since the first registration mountains. No, it is not a hallucination: A small mountain stands there; ever before, we had noticed.

    "Beyond the mountains, a valley seems to be shaped by a small river - or stream - flowing to the central part. No green valley should be here, below us! Certainly, there is something strange and abnormal here! We should fly as snow and ice! On the left, the mountain slopes are adorned with large forests. Our navigation instruments oscillate like crazy.

    I limit the altitude at 1,400 feet, then I execute a turn at low altitude, 180 ° to the right in order to better examine the valley below. Foam and fine grass give it a green color. Here, the light seems different. I can no longer see the sun. I turn again, this time on the left, to make a second round. We see a huge animal that looks like an elephant! No! It is a mammoth! This is incredible! Yet it is indeed the case! We descend to 1,000 feet above sea level; I use the binoculars to better observe the animal. I can confirm that it is indeed an animal similar to a mammoth.

      (...) We meet other green hills. The outside temperature gauge mark 24 degrees centigrade. We are on track. Now, flight instruments seem to react normally. I remain puzzled about their reactions. I try to contact the base. The radio does not work!

    (...) "The surrounding landscape seems leveled and normal. Before us, we spot a city ... !!! This is impossible!

    The plane seems lightweight and float. The controls refuse to respond! My God !!! To our right and our left, devices of a strange kind escorting us. They approach: something throbs of these devices. Now they are close enough to allow us to see their coat of arms. This is a strange symbol. Where are we? What has happened? Once again, I pull the levers decisively. The controls do not respond! We are firmly secured by a sort of invisible steel vise.


    Blue at Capel


    D'azur au Capel d'acier


    (...) Our radio crackles: A voice comes to us, speaking in English with a German accent, or rather Nordic! The message is:

    "Welcome to our territory, Admiral. We will land exactly by seven minutes. Relax, Admiral, you are in good hands. "

    I realize that the engines of our aircraft are off. The unit is a strange control; Now, it turns itself.

    (...) We get another radio message. We are about to begin the landing procedure; quickly, the plane vibrates slightly; it starts to go down, as supported by a huge and invisible elevator.

    (...) On foot, some men approach the unit. They are great; their hair is blond. In the distance, a large city sparkles; it vibrates the colors of the rainbow sky. I do not know what will happen now. However, I did not notice any trace of weapons on those approaching us. I hear a voice, calling me by my name, ordered me to open the door. I am running.

    After these notes, taken from his "Diary" Admiral also notes what happened next:

    (...) "From there, I describe the events by calling on my memory. Facts graze the imagination; their description could be required to be within the madness if they had not actually occurred. Once extracted from the device, my mechanic and I were greeted cordial manner. Then we were on board a small transport aircraft similar to a platform, but without wheels! He led us at high speed towards the glittering city. As we approach the town appeared made of crystal. In no time, we came to a large building, of a kind never seen before. It seemed out of Frank Lloyd Wright drawings or, perhaps more accurately, a scene Buck Regers!

    A hot drink to the unknown flavor was offered to us. It was delicious. About 10 minutes later, two of our amazing guests entered our cabin. They invited me to follow them. I had no choice but to obey. I let my mechanic radios. We walked up to what seemed to me a lift. We went down for a few moments, then the elevator stopped; the door slid silently up. We went along a corridor lit by a pink light that seemed to emanate from the walls! One of the beings dwell waved us in front of a large door, surmounted by a sign that I was not able to read. The large door disappeared without noise. I was invited to move me. One of the guests said:

    "Have no fear, Admiral, you'll have a talk with the Master."

    I entered. My eyes slowly adapted themselves to the wonderful color that seemed to completely fill the room. So I began to perceive my surroundings. Which met my eyes was the extraordinary vision of my life. She was too beautiful to be described. It was wonderful. I do not think that there are human terms able to describe accurately in every detail.

    My thoughts were interrupted by a gently warm and melodious voice:

    "Welcome to our territory, Admiral!"

    I saw a man with delicate features, wearing on his face the signs of aging. He was sitting at a large table. He invited me to sit on a chair. As soon as I sat down, he unites the ends of his fingers, then smiled. He spoke again gently:

    "We have let you enter here because you are of noble character, and because you are well known in the world of the surface, Admiral!"

    "World of the surface"! I remained breathless!

    Yes - said the Master with a smile - you are on the territory of the Aryans: the world flooded the Earth. I will not delay your time mission; safely, you will be escorted when you return to the surface, and even a little further. Now, Admiral, I will let you know the reason for your call here. Our interest began immediately after the explosion of the first atomic bombs dropped by your race, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. In this worrying time we sent our flying machines, the "Flugelrads" on your surface world to investigate what your race had done. Clearly, this is an old story, Admiral; However, let me continue. You see, ever, we intervened before the time in wars and cruelties of your race. Yet now we are forced to do so, since you have to handle a type of energy, atomic, that is not made for humans. Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world. They do not get worried. You have been chosen to be witness here that our world exists. You see, our culture and science have thousands of years ahead of yours, Admiral. "



    The Aureole

    (L'Or...Eole = The Gold...Eole)



    I interrupted

    "But what has all this to do with me, Lord!"

    The eyes of the Master seemed to deeply penetrate my mind after I studied a little, he replied:

    "Your race has reached the point of no return, because some among you destroy your entire world rather than relinquish power as they know it ...

    I nodded. The Master continued:

    "Since 1945, we have tried to contact your race, our efforts have been met with hostility: we shot our Flugelrads. Yes, they were even continued with aggression and animosity by your fighter planes. Also, can I tell you, my son, a great storm on the horizon of your world: a black fury that will not run for years. Your weapons will not be used in any way to your defense; Your science will guarantee any security. This storm will rage as long as any flower of your culture has not been trampled dispersed throughout human creation into chaos. For your race, the recent war was only the prelude to what is yet to occur. Here, we can realize more clearly every hour ... Do you think I'm wrong? "
    "Non I answered - this has already occurred in the past; the dark years will come; they will last five hundred years. ""

    "Yes, my son - said the Master - the dark years to come for your race will cover the Earth like a blanket. However, I think some will survive the storm, I know nothing! We see in the distant future, the ruins of your race, the emergence of a new world in search of his lost legendary treasures; they will be safe, my son here in our possession. When the time comes, we will move forward again to help your culture and your race to live. "

    "So may have you learned the futility of war and its struggles ... Therefore, a part of your culture and your science will be returned so that your race can resume its evolution. You, my son, you must return to the World of Surface, bearer of this message ... "

    These last words seemed to have concluded our interview. For a moment I felt like a dream ... But I knew it was good of reality. For some strange reason I bowed slightly; I do not know if it was out of respect or humility. Suddenly, I realized that the two amazing hosts who had brought me here were again at my side

    "This way, Admiral," showed me one of them

    Before leaving, I turned back once again; I looked at the Master. A sweet smile loomed over her delicate old face.

    "Farewell, my son," he said, sketching a very sweet gesture of her frail hand in a gesture of peace.

    Thus ended our meeting. We went slowly through the front door of the room where the Master was held, then we went back into the elevator. The door silently lowered; once the elevator rose.

    One of my hosts spoke again:

    "Now we need to hurry, Admiral; Indeed, the Master does not want to further delay your program; you must return from your race with His message. "

    I did not answer. All this was unthinkable. Stopping the lift interrupted my thoughts. I entered the room where radio was still holding my mechanic. Anxiety marked his face. I walked over to him and said,

    "All right, Howie, all is well."

    The two beings made us a sign showing the unit to standby. We went out to quickly regain our aircraft. The engines were idling; we embarked immediately. A state of emergency was hovering in the atmosphere. As soon as the door closed, an invisible force plane transported upward to an altitude of 2,700 feet. Two of their devices escorted us to a safe distance. They took us sailing on the way back. I must emphasize that the speedometer showed nothing, although we moved at high speed. "

    (...) We received a radio message:

    "Now we're going to leave you, Admiral; your controls are free.

    Wiedersehen !!!. "


    The Round Dance of the Battle-axes


    La Ronde des Haches


    One moment, we followed the gaze Flugelrads, until they disappear in a blue sky glacier. The plane seemed caught by a rising current. Immediately, we resumed our control, we were silent for a while; each of us {two} was immersed in his own thoughts.

    (...) Again, we flew over stretches of ice and snow, about 27 minutes from our base. We sent a radio message. One answered us. We told normal ... normal. The base camp expressed great relief when contact was again restored.

    (...) We landed gently on the base. I had a mission to accomplish.

    (...) March 11, 1947. I just had an interview with the General Staff of the Pentagon. I fully reported my discovery and the message of the Master. Everything has been carefully recorded. The President was briefed. For hours (6 hours and 39 minutes exactly), I was subject to question. Top Security Forces, assisted by a medical team led a very thorough examination. What a nightmare !!! The forces of National Security of the United States of America placed me under strict control. He was reminded that I had as a military obligation to obey orders.


    The last note


    (...) Last rating: 30 December 1956. All the years that have elapsed since 1947 have not been good ... Hence my last note in the diary.

    I conclude by saying that, in all these years, I have scrupulously kept this under the seal of secrecy, as he was commanded. I had to do it against my moral integrity principles.

    Now I feel great night approaching; this secret will not die with me; like any truth, he will triumph! This is the only hope for mankind. I saw the Truth; It has strengthened my mind giving me freedom! I have done my duty with respect to the monstrous military industrial complex. The long night begins to fall; however, there will be an epilogue. Following the example of the long Antarctic night ends, the resplendent Sun of Truth will rise again, and those belonging to the darkness perish in His Light ...

    Because I've seen "this land beyond the Pole, the center of the Great Unknown '." ... [View openyoureyes.over-blog.ch/article-la-terre-creuse-le-journal-de-l -amiral -... and detailed Sources Wilkipedia]


    ... Access to "Land of the Creuse Middle Kingdom" or passing through "a kingdom of Unknown Land"? [the "Cones" ancient and modern Volcanic are also the "artifacts" of the visible "Passage tunnels" between the "Parallel Universe"]


    The Malström


    Le Maelstrom


    ... "In all these scenarios," [same metaphorical or allegorical]

    ... This is akin to greatly reveals the Tradition of the Orden of Chivalry, which is particularly clear and precise regarding its mission:

    "Keep, Protect and Defend" Earth [the Holy Land of the Holy Kingdom] against all threats of "Powers" "Internal or External" and hostile to the Planet!



    D'argent aux bâtons de bourgogne





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    (L'Arme = The Weapon)




    Knight [Completed] of Orden leads to both Combat Secular and Regular, in this "World" [visible] and in the "Other World" [invisible] [this is the true nobility Sword and Gown] :


    The Mercy


    La Miséricorde


     Saint Bernard of Clairvaux points out in his prologue to the Knights :

    "The nature of the Double Combat is against" flesh and blood "... but also against" beings of wicked spirits "[spread on the land as in heaven]

    ... A new kind of militia was born, say, on earth, in the same country as the Rising Sun came to visit from the heavens, so that even where it dispersed, his powerful arm ... [dark princes, the sword of the brave militia soon shall destroy the satellites, I mean children of infidelity. It will buy back the people of God, and will push for us the horn of salvation in the house of David his son (Luke. I, passim). Yes, it is a militia of a new kind, unknown to the past centuries to combat relentlessly double battle against flesh and blood, against the spirits of wickedness spread in the air ...] "... [Book Saint Bernard Knights of the Temple Praise their New Militia]


    The Rotunda of Temple


    La Rotonde du Temple


    [also recall that the commitment of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary of Jerusalem goes beyond Death]


     Cross Teutonic                              Flared Cross of Sable


     Croix Teutonique    

    Croix pattée de sable




    ... And that "... In Globe" All Other Worlds [Totality of the plurality of worlds "Manned"].

    For, indeed, Tradition Chivalrous reveals the existence of the "World" of "Infra World" and "Supra World" which occur in all dimensions of the "Khronos" of the "Kairos" and "Kosmos" and accessed via the "Arcs in Heaven."

    This is the representation Heraldic Coat:

    the "All" on the "All of Everything"



    Écusson de gueules sur le tout d’or ; le tout sur le tout d’argent.

    The Knight is committed in the three forms of war that correspond to each of the "Multiple" Spheres of the Universe, they:

    ... Small Holy War

    [commitment to Silver Sword Apprentice Knight Physics on map]

    ... Great Holy War

    [commitment to Golden Sword Knight Companion on the Semantic Map]

    ... And Holy War

    [commitment to the Sword of Gueules (the Gueules = Red Heraldry) Master Knight Theurgical on the map]


    D’azur à trois épées posées en Chrisme, la première en barre aiguisée en pointe d’argent, la deuxième en bande aiguisée en chef d’or brochant ; et la troisième posée en pal aiguisée en chef de gueules ; sur-brochant.




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    Cross of St. Andrew


    La Croix de Saint André



    The Procession of the Holy Grail


    "Perceval or the story [or Count = Companion] Grail"


    (after Chretien de Troyes twelfth century)

    A woman who lost her husband and two of her son hiding in a forest [the Waste Forest] with her last child "Perceval"

    (or "Peredur" that would come from parator "(the one) who ensures that puts in order that restores" Philippe Jouët, Celtic Dawn in mythology, epic and traditions, Yoran Embanner Fouesnant 2007 , p.261)

      ... And tries to preserve and protect it, to raise him away from civilization, in complete ignorance of the world and of Chivalry, which it considers too deadly.

    Despite all the precautions of his Mother, spring, Percival meets one day for the first time, a group of knights in shining armor it takes to "Angels" 

    It is very curious, and amount of questions, each more naive than each other. He is so excited that he immediately left the shelter and his mother despite the pleas of it that did not want to lose him.

    He went to the court of King Arthur where a girl predicted a great future.

    Perceval encounters a prudhomme [his Godfather in Chivalry] which not only offers him hospitality, but also continuing education that his mother gave him to be worthy of his condition, and initiates the use of arms, and the fact Chevalier :

    "With this sword that I give you, I give you the Order of Knight who suffers no meanness"

    [This first sword symbolizes the Orden of Chivalry in its Secular form]

    After many adventures and adventure one evening he was looking for a house, Perceval is received by the "Fisher King" who offered him hospitality for the night;

    Perceval and the Fisher King receives an Extraordinary Sword (there are only three identical copies)

    [Evocation of the Three Knights "Pres ... Destiny" to the High Quest for the Grail: Gilead, Perceval and Bors]


              O L'AIDE DIEV                        CRVX CHRYSTI                        PENOS PENAC  

    D’argent à la croix de gueules    De pourpre semé de croisettes d'or   D'hermine aux trois bandes de gueules

                    GALAAD                                  PERCEVAL                                BOHORT 


    [This second sword symbolizes the Orden of Chivalry in its regular or Religious form]

      Valets [servants] the scarlet dress, and introducing a large square room in the center of which lies, half lying on a bed, a man dressed in sable [breakdowns or furs are the traditional attributes of the kingship]

      While Perceval talks to him, he witnesses a strange sight: a servant holding a "Lance" shining whiteness advances :

      "At the tip of the iron spear dripped a drop of blood to the hand and the valet ran this ruddy drop"

    Two other servants follow with Candlestick Or. Then comes a beautiful girl richly adorned. She wears a "holy grail" of pure gold decorated with Gems.

    Chrétien de Troyes points :

      "He then came a great clarity the candles lost theirs as the stars when the Sun or the Moon rises"

    Another girl carries a tray abacus or Silver.

    The strange procession goes from one room to another while we prepare a splendid supper. In each dish, the procession returns to the Grail without assistants seem to care. Shocked and intrigued against by Perceval asks :

      "Who is the Holy Grail of Service? "But a prisoner of his education and good meeting" who orders him to think before you speak and not to ask intrusive questions "

    "He dares to ask"

    After the meal, the squire, a mysterious evil seems gnaw, is wearing his room by four servants.

    [four servants are the four "Barons" or "bannerets" surrounding the "Flag" King]

    Perceval falls asleep in his turn. At dawn, waking up, he found the empty castle. Powered by invisible hands, the drawbridge is lowered before him.

    Perceval hit the road, but he is determined to solve the mystery and especially to one day find the Grail.

      Perceval continues its Queste but abandoned religion and is dedicated exclusively to the Knighthood and became a talented Chevalier.

    Until the day Friday where he met pilgrims who remind her duties as a Christian, he decided to repent of their sins, and goes to a hermit to confess that ultimately proves to be his uncle and father King Fisherman;

    and he also told him what the Grail:

    "The Host which feeds the Fisher King"


    Du chef au St Esprit, du cœur à la Ste Ostie d’argent, de la pointe au St Calice d’or chargé de 5 pierres de pourpre de sinople de gueules d'azur et de sable, au  champ cianné


    And by revealing its origin, Perceval becoming aware of his lineage and his "homework" in continuity "Lessons of his Mother and his Godfather in Chivalry."

    The hermit advised :

    "Love God, believe in God and love"

    "Prudhomme and Prudefemme honors"

    "If a girl calls you for help, a widow or an orphan, Help it"

    To do penance, Perceval's two days in the hermit until Easter, and from soul in peace from the Fisher King.

    The "Continuations" to "Perceval or the story of the Grail" (Chretien de Troyes) tells us: a girl hideous reproaches Perceval his silence in the Fisher King;

    "Your Silence us was a great misfortune, we had to ask the question"

    and she accuses of all evils, "the king is" Méhaigne "[injured] and the land is barren and gaste, crops will not grow, and women can not give birth and lose their husbands, the kingdom became completely sterile, as king and kingdom are closely related; All these evils come from you here. "

    [This is to heal the wounded king (between the hips and legs) and restore fertility to the land.] [Source: Quest Perceval Catholic and Free]

      Therefore, Perceval's goal is to solve the mystery of the Grail.

      ... No punishment he will spare time until he finally knows what man eats the Grail, what is this bleeding lance and also know why it bleeds ... [Wikipedia source and summary Elisabeth Kennel]


    The Answer is in the "Quest for ... Lion"


    The Quest for Adventurous Perceval is first of its own identity.

    Perceval is perfect but the naive innocence is also its strength [The origin of the Grail by Stephanie Vincent]

    This is what allows him to excel by delivering "While Question" and to free himself from his family and personal chains [certainties convictions beliefs] while judgment and balance; reach maturity autonomy and independence for its ...


    "Personal Alarm" [Father ... Sonne El ...]


      Then it's his commitment to the free Orden of Chivalry [that will connect it to the Liber Mundi], and the release of the group of his century, and its societal barriers, and give it access to the "Kingdom of King Arthur" with delivery of its first sword in his Adoubement the Orden of Chivalry Secular ...


    is ... 'Awakening Functional "[Function ... El]


      Finally, with the awareness of his parentage ...

    [Filem his / Fisher King is actually his "Parent" (or similar)]

    it is his detachment of-way of the world that remains to be done ...


    "Wonder of the Impersonal" [the One ... Father ... Sonne El ...]


    ... With the College of the Order of Service Pontificate, integrating Orden of Chivalry Regular or Religious ...

    and thus contribute to the restoration and integration of the "world" to the "Universe" of "Alive"


    This explains the "abacus Silver"

    [Plain Silver Waiting Table of the ECU]

    Which advises us to "Cut and Slice" over the two "Swords illuminating"

    the "Detachment" and "Discernment"

    ... And the "Holy Lance" ...

    ... Invites us ["A ... Quickly"] to "drill" the mist and fog of our human pale gleams, to allow filtering and receive in the "Sacred Chalice of our Heart"

    [the "Heart of the Heart" (The Patch), which is in the "abyss" of the Shield of Arms]

    the "Light Burning" [the "Blood Vermilion" Life]

    and thus reflect ...

    the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ

    which is :

    "The Way, the Truth, the Life and the Victory"


    At the "... Looks like Lance" Perceval, we can find the "gap" that leads to the "World to the Other" and "Other Worlds".

    "Perce ... Val", is it not the one who cracked the secret of the Valley? [The Secret of the Sacred Vase].

    He who knew obey the counsel of the mysterious "Fisher King", in which he visits the castle of the Grail:

      "Climb along this breach, he said, which is carved into the rock, and when you arrive there, you will see before you, in a valley, a house where I live ..."

    "In the rock, symbol of density, a gap opens up: this is the Way. Do you even lift ...

    [Source: Quest Perceval Catholic and Free]


    D’azur à deux épées posées en sautoir, l’une en barre d’argent aiguisée en pointe et l’autre en bande d’or aiguisée en chef brochant, à la lance de gueules en pal sur-brochant


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