• Knighthood of the Trades





    Tradition [that is to say the know, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ancients Ancestors and Elders] that the Orden of Chivalry vehicle, not just a "Know-Being" but also a "Know-How" astonishment ahead of his time, particularly in the areas of arts and technical sciences.

    For illustrated "the Illustrious ... Title", it would be enough to develop the epic of "Rear Guard" of the Order of the Poor Knights and companions in arms of Christ [the Templars], which remains a model for military innovation, and political and religious synarchy and in the application of economic progress, and organization and social protection, and implementation of modern techniques in conjunction with the Masters of works, of their era [Scholars or brothers or Companions of the Trades]


    Cross of Bethlehem


    Croix de Bethléem



    ... As some of their followers under the banner of the Order of Christ, like the famous explorers and navigators discoverers of new worlds Christophorus Columbus or Cristobal Colon [Columbus 1451/1506] and Fernão de Magalhães [Ferdinand Magellan in 1480 / 1521] [cf. Emile Theodore Léon Gautier, Chivalry (1884) and A. Gautier Walter Chivalry and secret aspects of history: Edition of the Round Table in 1966].



    This spirit of "vanguard" of Sciences we find it outlined in the heraldic system of "blazons" that are obviously much more than emblems, signs of recognition or family or property marks.

    Indeed, we already know that the armorials are cards of "Being" sky charts, but also images Treaties [the Mutus Liber] of the "Royal Art" so dear to Fucanelli, for whom the "Operative Great Work" is the synthesis of various jewels and the famous "Precious Stone of Philosopher" that is [according Fucanelli in his "Philosopher Mansions"]:


    "... A Crystalline Body ...".


    Yet, the Chivalrous Tradition is very prolific in terms of history and legends of gems and other precious stones [the Sword Excalibur is removed from a stone by King Arthur and Santo Graal also meant "carved" in Pierre Front (of the crown) of the Great Bearer and diffusor of Light].


    Starting with the Blazon [not forgetting the rings and head ornaments mirrors necklaces swords, helmets, baldric, belts, harnesses, saddles, crowns, scepters, chalices the "Sphinx" stained glass the famous Rhumphae "] whose colors [metals and enamels] come directly from the" Stains "of" Scels metal ".

    For example from the beginning :

    • Sable [black] is connected to lead [or Saturn]
    • Azure [blue] to tin [or Jupiter]
    • Gold [gold or yellow] to gold [or Sun]
    • Gules [red] to iron [or Mars]
    • Vert [green] to copper [or Venus]
    • Purpure [purple] to mercury [or Mercury]
    • Argent [silver or white] to silver [or Moon].

    In sum: 7 planets, 7 metals: 7 colors that refer to the seven crystal systems bases or "meshes" that develop according crystal lattices 14 [or 14 Stations of the Sun cristalin].

    Thus each network heraldry diffraction of light suggests the use of a specific monochromator



    Monochromator type Czerny-turner


    The figure shows a block diagram of a type monochromator "Czerny-turner". The polychromatic light beam coming from the source (A) through an entry slot (B). The slot is located at the focal bridge of a curved mirror (the collimator (C), a generally spherical mirror), so that all the rays reflected by the mirror are parallel. The amount of light energy available for use depends on a part of the energy of the beam from the light source passing through the slot, and secondly of the "width" of the diverging beam which is reflected on the mirror .

    The parallel polychromatic beam is then dispersed by the prism or diffracted by the grating or the crystal (D) is then collected by another mirror (E) which focuses the output on the slot (F). In the case of the prism or of the network, different wavelengths are separated at the outlet slot (if the beam is in the visible, the different colors are separated), each coming from a different point of the slot. In the case of a crystal, a single wavelength diffracted according to the value of the incident angle (Bragg's law).

    The light beam from the gap (G) is thus no longer consists of only a single wavelength (and a small proportion of the neighboring wavelengths). D of a rotation (prism crystal or network) results in a displacement of the beam at the mirror E and the outlet slot F, which selects the desired wavelength by centering on the slot. (source Wikipedia)

    The diffraction gratings electromagnetic waves are now the source of high-energy weapons [for example laser rays] and holographic projections, and soon capes of invisibility.

    Which joined the prodigies and other "magical" weapons abound especially in the stories of the Quest of Knights of the Round Table.

    As if the Ancients Ancestors and Elders of the Orden of Chivalry, had the near-science monochromatic filters and prisms forming crystals as three dimensional diffraction gratings of light and electromagnetic waves.


    Order of Christ



    Ordre du Christ



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