• Knighthood of the Ladies


    Blason Notre-Dame des Vœux et des Tables de la Loi


    The Role of Ladies's Essential (Essence ... Ciel = Essence ... Heaven."



    La Dame...Y...Est


    Because they are the initiators, early childhood children, to the knowledge of the Ideal Chivalrous and the Christian tradition, and has a traditional treasure tales myths, legends, stories, novels Quest for the Holy Grail, and knights Round Table of King Arthur, songs and arts etc ... that adapts to every age, obviously with all the current initiatives Mothers may suggest the children to follow their heroes.

    The "Ladies of the Orden" traditionally exist and have always existed. These titles are created by family ties. They are the mothers, the Wives of Knights.

    And if the sons have received Chivalry is because Mother gave the education provided by them and recall of chivalrous values, the desire to receive it.

    If married Knights can make that commitment, that is it is not opposed to the spirit of their wives. Otherwise, the wedding, first engagement, will prohibit another commitment for them.

    So a married Knight is in perfect harmony of mind with his bride as she did makes only one with her husband in the spirit of the Orden. A single Knight who wants to get married, will marry a woman sharing his ideal. It's logical or he will leave the Orden himself.

    So, everything goes without saying : the "Ladies" of the Orden, it is the mothers, the wives, and the family becomes a family affiliated to Orden. The progeny will also bring new elements, this is tradition.

    Each Lady of the Orden reign [on "Sovereignty"] independently on the family unit, she is the soul of its "Home" that becomes the venue for meetings, exchanges, teaching all members of the Orden ... this is the perfect crucible ... for chivalric initiation after probation of new Knights.

    These are also the ladies that ensure the proper functioning of receptions, welcoming all, mutual aid and perfect coordination with their Husbands serving the Orden and the common ideal.


    So the ladies are the catalysts that coordinate the smooth running and life of Orden ...


    Le Saint Qui Aime El  Aimant


    It is their honor !





    La chevalerie des Dames







          La chevalerie des Dames







    Banneret de sable au visage de femme chevelé d’or




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