• Invitation to Travel


    Nature is a temple in which living pillars 

    Sometimes give voice to confused words; 

    Man passes there through forests of symbols 

    Which look at him with understanding eyes.

    [Charles Baudelaire . Les Fleurs du Mal / Flowers of Evil (Flowers of "Soul")]


    Les Fleurs de l'Âme

    Les Fleurs de l'Âme


    Les Fleurs de l'Âme



    The shield, bucklers, oblong and other banner now invite us to follow them according to the order of the three axes of the poles, times and spaces.

    This open up up resonances we Induces portal to what unites us ... to the primary source of life.

    Accompany them, following signage of coats of arms; and as Ulysses and his companions in arms, we will make a beautiful and great trip...